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  1. hit up superstar70 or fullthrottleflores they both work at weekend life style and should be able to assist...
  2. may need another one as future grandchild looks strong in the future...
  3. There is one in Ehrenberg out of the way "River Ratz Recreational Vehicle & Boat Storage" address: 49148 Parker Poston Hwy Ehrenberg, AZ 85334 web link: http://riverratzstorage.com/8.html The other one that is located in Blythe is A-lootastorage web link: http://www.a-lottastorage.com/self-storage...he-ca-92225.php Hope these two help the web site lists you view the storage grounds..
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Sounds like a good spot, close to the river to kill some time with the feet in the water if its hot. Keep us posted...
  6. awesome job the journey is half the battle, now that the doors are open its time. Just a reminder the first beer is on all the newbies
  7. can not wait to see/ride this in the dunes
  8. Bustin-bs


    Reach out to Wheelbar (KBROWN), if I recall correctly he was researching on the hottest "brightest" light build to use with the act-70. Don't recall the out come...

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