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  1. Try SoCal bolt in upland. Not sure if your location.
  2. Our PPP is in different bank account. Our monthly payroll will be disbursed out of that account for the next 2 months. Will see were we end up and the end.
  3. My field crew works out of state 3-4 week stints. The crew in question was working in Lansing MI and they in Illinois. When things started getting bad they wanted to go home. They haven’t worked for 8 weeks and I’m not paying them. They had to file UE, now we are funded by PPP so there UE benies are over and will receive a check from us. I’m going to pay extra to my other crew who continued to work out of town. Not fair to the ones sitting home getting paid to the ones who are working.
  4. Thanks. Ballest point yachts has a couple that I’m somewhat interested. Will see.
  5. Thanks. I check that site out every now and then.
  6. @Grease Monkey can you recommend any good resale brokers? Looking in to 28-30’ still trailerable boat.
  7. We are looking into this. Some of my field guys didn’t want to work, but the other half did. Not fare to the guys working while the others sit home and collect the same wage. So looking at paying them hazard pay.
  8. Cool. Looking forward to updates.
  9. Signed docs today. Union bank came through. Didn’t think it was going to happen.
  10. Walking in to a 1mil sq foot dc center that hasn’t been open in 4 weeks due to covid-19 is erie. This the place would have 1000’s of workers all over and now a ghost town.
  11. Received an email yesterday from union bank that we are accepted, but not confirmed as from SBA due to out of funds. Union bank started a week late and it took them 2weeks for the damn email. F’ them. Our face visit was on 4/8. Crazy.
  12. Today was day 7 from submitting in person, 5 days from email with a reference # to our application. Other than that nothing from Union Bank.
  13. You can add in rent, mortgage, utilities.
  14. I will have to look into that possibility. That help would cover some additional people.
  15. When you sign up there is a calculator to input your monthly expenses (rent, utility’s, payroll including insurance). Then it will compute your estimated loan amount. Anyone entered over 100k is not taken into consideration. If you laid off employees you have a period of time to bring them back and qualify for the loan. If you cannot show the loan was to keep employees on payroll or rent/utilities then the loan is not forgettable. There is too many unknowns with this. Employees can be laid off and obtain UE bennies plus extra money from the state. Probably would benefit them more. Instead of taking on debt and hopefully it’s forgiven or for whatever reason it’s not. Then when this is all done and business back and I can pay it back within the 18-24 months given.

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