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  1. No problem. Sorry I wasn’t in yet. Had dad duty to get kids ready.
  2. No problem just let me know. Perhaps he can pick up for a few of you guys.
  3. I’m back in town. Let me know if anyone wants to pick up a couple of pieces. For the SD peps. I can see what it would cost to ship to one location with one of our local delivery company’s we use.
  4. No problem. Just let me know. I’m still out of town and will return the 8th. If you need it sooner I can make arrangements.
  5. I can let my guys know as I won’t be back till the 8th. Monday-Thursday from 7am-4pm. They will pull the pieces off to the side. Let me know.
  6. Hello, I would like to purchase 10 pieces of your angle iron if available.  Please let me know best time to pick up Thanks Chuck, 951 - 529-8838

  7. Ha ha ha. I’ve seen it and it’s very nice. Just little to big at this time. GM good luck on the sale.
  8. I’m around till Tuesday then out of town. If it’s after that I can arrange for the material to be put off to the side and a contact person to pay. we are able to load with a forkflift if you have a trailer or truck rack.
  9. Sure do, was hoping to have a new to me fishing boat this year. Looked at a few, but nothing yet. Can’t wait to get back out in the big blue.
  10. I have no projects scheduled out that way at this time.
  11. Were are you located? I always have truck loads heading east.
  12. No , easy to cut, its mild steel. We cut it all day with porta bands and chop saws
  13. It’s P&O. This is made for use to use in a die and it’s out of tolerance. Paid $26ea plus truck freight from Ohio. Looking at $20k of material.
  14. I have approx 700 pcs of formed angle iron that we cannot use. We have it made for a die and its slightly off but it wouldn't affect 99% of other possible uses. Perfect for the hobby guys, and right size making panel points on roof trusses. We just don't have a use for it.size 1x1x1/8 20' long$5 ea. Located in Ontario CA

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