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  1. Those flowers or spikes that are comming out of the middle of the agaves are called a terminal spears...and all the small flowers are going to dry out and re seed and turn in to new agaves. The big flowers on Tim's cactus are argentine giants...bloom lasts about 24-48 hours. They also have a red flower on a cactus called a lobiva, looks just like the white flower. Everything in the desert in going to be blooming the next couple weeks, another good reason to live in Arizona!
  2. My 69 Mach 1 have had this car since I was 15 years old...my 10 year old son thinks he is going to get it when he is 16.
  3. My web site is azrainfall.com...I do just about anything outside, we are mainly in the west valley. Take a look and let me know what you think.
  4. I am a landscape designer on the west side (North Peoria), I can do a design for the backyard and I have a company that will do all installs if he would want to go that route?
  5. This ones a good one too
  6. I live in Plesant Valley where your friend lives..saw all the UTV's out front this weekend. Great ride up to Crown King, there are some good trails right out the back of the niegborhood there, lots of old mines and you always have the Wild Horse for some grub.

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