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  1. I walked in and bought a car from Carmax with no appt just 6 months ago, did something change?
  2. I also carry spare bearing and the tool to replace, they are packed with each trailer. Sucks to be stranded with no cell service.
  3. More unions need to step up and battle this mandate. Everyone in an Union needs to write their Union rep and complain and demand that they fight this. Southwest Airlines Pilots filed a lawsuit against the Mandate. I am stoked for Jeff and fighting this.
  4. Bummer, we camp South during Tday and always stop by a couple of times, kids love playing some Volleyball. Maybe they should lease it out?
  5. You should always let the turbo cool a bit before shut down. I always let me car idle for a minute or two when we stop, most people I know that have turbos do so. it can't hurt
  6. And guess what you can't legally take a cat off another car and put on yours, even if it is the same model. The state makes you buy brand new. All while they are being stolen every night..............Buddy got is MOHO ones stolen from his storage the other night. Such a racket
  7. Gruden screwed up, you can't recover from what he put into the emails. A player called him a used car salesman, pretty accurate description in my eyes.
  8. This annoys me so much. Took my Moho in and they treated me like I have never even driven the moho before. I hate service writers and techs that think they know everything...........In most cases, I don't have the tools or interest in doing the job.
  9. That is what I thought, surprised they went the injector route.
  10. You said it was white smoke right, not white blueish stinky smoke?
  11. That Pearson site isn't locating all the stations anymore, there were other stations that were on that website a few years ago and now they are not listed, weird. And yes these stations still carry E85. The prices have slowly been rising, sucks. When I first switched over is was under $2.00 a gallon. As long as it is near regular 87 octane, I won't cry much.
  12. Don't worry, Newscum will be running for President soon and then the whole country can live in our misery
  13. Mine broke when I got married, I have spent many long days and nights trying to get it to work.
  14. Golf carts (not SxS) are part of this new law as well. I live in a golf cart community..................people aren't going to like this.............no idea how they would enforce any of this (other than not allow business to sell). I see a future business in NV and AZ supplying all of these items?? It doesn't really affect me, but if I had a gardening business, I would be pissed. I already have a electric blower (2 of them)
  15. There is nothing true anymore, this thread proves that you can't stand on one side without the other side ridiculing. Such a sad state this board is becoming. Similar to Facebook. People of this board used to not treat each other like this............ He asked for a source, I spent ten seconds and posted it and you riducule.......so lame. Virtually every source is skewed now.
  16. Sorry, I just googled and that came up..............NYtimes does suck, but a source is a source. Easy to find these numbers
  17. See Covid Breakthrough Hospitalization and Death Rates by State - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  18. These are certainly the side effects of getting the jab or any flu shot. That sucks, my Dr asked me personally if I had this is the past before I got my shot, luckily I hadn't. Thank you for sharing a real life experience
  19. I am vaxxed, and I have many friends (and this board) tell me I am stupid, "sheep", and so on. The bullying is coming from both sides. I agree with everything above. Nobody can see the middle anymore, thus the other side is always wrong and called names. I call that bullying. I suggest the people that are anti covid vaxx, go stand outside the Hospital and ask the people that are finally getting out of the covid ward and ask them what their thoughts are about the vaccine. I bet 75% or more have changed their opinion. I talked to my friend, 53 yrs old healthy, never has had a medical issue in his life, the whole family got covid, nobody vaccinated, he ended up in a Ambulance and ICU. Spent 7 days there trying to get healthy, he was anti vaxxed...................guess what he has changed his mind 100%. FYI, He told me I was stupid, he apologized to me. My MIL got Covid in December last year, she still can't leave San Diego because her lungs are damage and she can't breathe without O2 above 3,000 ft. Motorhome is going on the market and planning on never camping again. I know 5 acquaintances that have died from Covid, none vaccinated. I currently don't know anyone that is vaccinated that has died from Covid. That being said, I made an educated decision on what is out there (information), my real life experiences, and what my Doctor recommended about the vaccine. I got the vax, but I am anti Mandate. And I have said this before, I bet 70% that are being mandated and don't want the vaccine are saying no on principle, "being told what to do". Mandates are not the way to force things on people.
  20. Because it truly isn't a vaccine, it is just a flu shot for the most part. Vaccines remove the chance to ever get the disease or virus again (99% chance of not). Flu shots do not eliminate the chance and because viruses constantly change..... you still have a chance of getting the flu even though you have had the flu shot. FYI, most of the symptoms people get after the Covid shot are the same as the Flu shot.......I know people that have been mandated for the flu shot as well.
  21. This is the next step, at some point you wont be able to go to the dentist without vaccinations.............sad reality right now
  22. I have been waiting 12 months to pull the trigger, just can't do it with these prices. Annoying the hell out of me.
  23. I applaud the people that are willing to walk away from being financially secure to being on unemployment. You are better than me, I am not that person. I have values, but not to the point of downsizing everything in my life (and my families) to the bare minimum for the sake of taking a glorified flu shot. FYI, I am against mandates, it isn't the way to raise kids or get the public to adhere to your wishes. But if my career/job said I needed it, I would get it.
  24. FYI, the state of California has a record on whether you have been vaccinated or not. I would bet your insurance company might as well. Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record (ca.gov)
  25. The early percentages of people being fired from not being vaccinated are pretty low, seeing anywhere from 3-5% of the workers for these businesses. What I have read, companies have been able to backfill most positions with vaccinated with little effort. This sucks, the unvaxxed don't have much of a voice or numbers to fight this. If you work in a company larger than 100 people, the mandate is coming. Sad reality with mandates. Supreme court ruled 100 plus years ago on vaccines, basically saying mandates are legal. That being said a lot has changed since 1905. But trying to wait until it can get back in front of the Supreme Court could be a very long time. I hate mandates

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