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  1. Did you get the Zbros spring kit?
  2. Best to get the ride height set up with you in the car and your gear, if possible. I found 16 1/2" in the front and 16" in the rear worked well when I had the stock springs. Open up the high and low speed compression settings to the softest. Rebound settings per Fox recommendation work fine. Go out and ride and make adjustments to the high speed compression settings if needed. The stock springs will start to sag and you will find yourself adjusting them.
  3. Can Am must have a huge international following. I want to say 90% of the SXSs entered to race Dakar were a Can Am X3. Now if you go to a SCORE or BITD race it is still a majority being Polaris, buy it is getting closer to a 50/50 split between Can Am X3 and Polaris in the turbo classes.
  4. Sand Shark


    Your service dept and your parts people are great. They took care of my friend that was having issues with his new Turbo S while in were in Glamis between Christmas and New Years. Too bad your sales dept was not so great when I tried to purchase a X3 from you.
  5. Awesome!!! The X3 RS is a lot of fun in the dunes. With that Smart Loc front diff they are super capable on the trails. Especially when you throw some 32” tires on it.
  6. Sand Shark

    MLK 2019 Pics Thread #1

    Nice pictures. It was pretty busy out there for a MLK weekend. The drags were very busy on Saturday.
  7. Sand Shark

    Rzr frame mods ?

    Nice looking cage. Just make some nerf bars/steps and getting in won't be an issue. As I stated in another post, unless you are willing to relocate the radiator and intercooler to the rear, there is not much room to brace up the front ends.
  8. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

  9. Sand Shark

    Rzr frame mods ?

    The Magnum cage is really nice. Having welded shut doors with the extra bracing will make it nice and strong.
  10. CT gusset kit is really nice. TMW makes a nice kit and the Assault Industries kit is nice. If you can weld the Lone Star racing weld on kit is the hot ticket. The extreme performance taco kit is for the lower a-arm where it has that bend. https://www.extremeperformance1.com/shop/can-am-maverick-x3-lower-a-arm-taco-kit/
  11. Only thing to do is get a guesset kit for the front and the taco kit from extremes performance for the lower a-arm. The smart lock is really cool and it comes with a good power steering unit.
  12. This stock retractable harnesseses are comfy and super easy to adjust.
  13. Congrats! You will be much happier with the 72” wide model and the smart lock. That is a smoking deal on that car.

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