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  1. The information provided to you about the X3 is not accurate. On the 72" wide model it would be wise to add a gusset to the lower a-arm to keep it from bending ($70.00, plus cost of welding it on). Gusset kits for front end range from $100 - $300. That is all that is needed. The stock shocks for most people will be perfectly fine. The shocks are a want, not a need especially in the sand. Stock cage does not need to be replaced. I only replaced mine because I got a deal on a weld it yourself Cagewrx cage. A basic tune from Dynojet with the tuner is $350.00.
  2. I was out in Glamis over Vets weekend and had an issue with the front diff on my X3. After 4300 miles it decided to give birth to the bolts that hold the ring gear in place. It happened as we were coming from China Wall back to Wash 13. Thankfully we were almost back to camp in the smaller dunes when it happen. I was able to drive it back to camp and on the trailer. I dropped it off at Jetworld Powersports, which is not too far from where I live. I have been going to this dealer for a while for repairs, parts and oils. I have other friends that have been using them for a very long time. They did the power steering unit fix for me and when I had my XP1000 they replaced my wiring harness that went bad. I talked to the service manager and dropped it off Tuesday late afternoon and he ordered the part that day. The new front diff has arrived and now waiting for my aftermarket warranty to give the thumbs up for the work. I should be back together and ready for my Thanksgivings trip. I thought the bolts backing out of the ring gear holder was an issue with the 2017 models, but I guess it happens on 2018 models as well.
  3. 32s might require a clutch kit for your Turbo XP. All depends on how much you want to spend on a set up. As you like to run in 2wd I would go with a set up that has a ribbed tire to help with steering. When you go to a 32" set up you will need to run a 15" wheel for almost all the set ups. You have the Sandcraft Destroyers, Extreme Tires (can run a 14" wheel) and Skat Trak for set up that use Skat paddles. I would go with a 10 paddle set up. Sancraft front tires have a center rib which helps with steering. Also Sandcraft makes a 31" version of their tire. The STU Black bird is a 31" tire, but would work. The new set us that is pretty intriguing is the System 3 SS360 tires. Their 32" set up actually measures under 32", but the tread pattern is such that it puts minimal strain on the drive train and the float well. You could run that set up in 2wd even though the front tires have the same tread pattern as the rears.
  4. The OEM clutches will last a long time if take the cover off after a weekend trip and blow them off with an air compressor. They get very dusty. STM clutches are not worth the money unless you just doing drag racing and hill shooting. STM clutches are more maintenance than the OEM stuff.
  5. If would not be racing in Baja without the fans doing crazy things. Better videos are Robby Gordon's truck with that wicked motor doing over 100 in the whoops.
  6. After every weekend trip you should pull the cover and blow the clutches out. You will be shocked show much dust comes out of them.
  7. What was toast about the clutch? The Can Am clutches can be rebuilt. I would just replace the parts that are worn and you will be fine. No need to go to some super expensive aftermarket set up that will not last.
  8. Mine has the stainless sliders and our friends 2018 that he bought several months before mine did not have them. As Mega stated just remove the clutch cover and looks are your primary. Very easy to see if the stainless sliders are there.
  9. Don't be shy make me an offer. Great quad for a kid .
  10. The dirt too. Sand is the only hp killer. I know on the Teyrx once the speed limiter (50mph) was removed they would hit 60-63 in the dirt. I am not sure why Kawi set the speed limiter at 68 and not set it to 75mph. The Kawi will be great for the trails and desert. Just needs a little more power for the sand. That motor will be working a lot to keep it moving at decent pace in the dunes.
  11. That Kawi will only see 68mph in the dunes going down a large dune pegged. The speed limiter is only going to be an issue playing in the big dunes where you have room to really get on it. But with the Kawi coming in at 1900lbs I doubt you will ever hit the speed limiter in the big dunes. There was a video of the Kawi making a max speed run and it takes it a while to get to 68mph on asphalt. Once the ECU is cracked and the speed limiter removed I am sure it will hit upper 70s as the top speed.
  12. Those are slow as expected with how much they weigh and the hp they have. Probably in the 30mph range. My XP1000 would hit in the 40s going up Olds. My X3 I am in the mid to upper 50s. Still much better than the 13-17mph my Rhino would do when it could make it up Olds. The whoops at the bottom of Olds are brutal without getting a run at them.
  13. I think the new Kawi is one of the better looking SXSs out there.

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