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  1. Anyone can break anything fairly quickly, if you have the balls and desire to do so. I have a friend that can snap a belt in under 5 minutes, if he wants to. Have another friend that will break just about anything he drives. The Talon's design is matched well to the hp, which puts the odds in your favor that it will not break; however, I have seen plenty of pictures of Talons with broken parts and cages.
  2. I think both are pretty reliable. Sure you drive it like an a-hole and you will break stuff. Don't take care of it and there will be issues.
  3. Yep. Can Am is already at 195 and I suspect the new Polaris that is being released next week will be in that hp range. It is an all new look Polaris.
  4. The transmission set up is like nothing on the market. If it holds up it is a glimpse of where the top sport models will be heading. With the 3 big Japanese companies in the sport market it should force Can Am and Polaris to step up the quality control. Polaris and Can Am will continue to push the envelope in the hp department. At this point nothing is a true game changer, just a refinement or a twist. The XP1000 is the model that really propelled the sport market.
  5. Other than you are in BFE and the area has not changed much in 30 years other than some new homes, nothing wrong at all. Good news is you are really close to Johnson Valley.
  6. The set up on the Polaris is both Fox and Polaris' brain child. Fox has been messing with the active suspension for a while. Rob Mac has been running a form of it on his Trophy Truck. It will be interesting to see if the set up on the Honda is different. I would bet that Can Am will have a model in the next year or two with the set up.
  7. It goes into a default suspension setting. So hopefully it does not catapult you.
  8. I was just going with the simple stuff. You are correct it is quite a complicated masterpiece. I have driven my friend's 4 seat Turbo S and there is a screen you can bring up that shows you what each shock is doing, and a bunch of other cool stuff. You can feel the shocks and system doing it's thing. There is a significant difference in feel from the 3 different settings. I also like that the computer knows when all four wheels leave the ground and automatically puts the shocks to the hardest compression setting to help prevent bottoming out. Polaris is pushing the technology and others will follow.
  9. Mortuary's are economy proof - people are dying for the business no matter what. LOL!! I agree that a good majority of the people that are moving out are retiring and those that can not find good work. AZ and other states political landscape has been changing as the people that move there still bring there political beliefs with them. Also as those states populations increase, especially in the bigger cities, the demands of the citizens come with it.
  10. Very nice building. That should give you guys lots of room. Going to be fun preparing for the Sand Show and the move. Won't be stressful at all.
  11. Sister in law moved to Texas when she re-married. She hates it and so does my niece. They live in a nice area outside of San Antonio. Nice place to visit, but I have no desire to leave in that state. If you get away from the Los Angeles and Bay area California does not feel as overpopulated. Have a co-worker that is basically retiring and he is moving from Los Angeles area up to Paseo Robles ares. He is tired of the traffic and congestion. I do not know how anyone lives in the Bay area. Beautiful place, but San Francisco has turned into a shit hole.
  12. Interesting stats. If you have a minimum wage job or slightly above and can get the same wages in a cheaper state why would a person stay.
  13. This is on his Wildcat, not his sandcar. I would guess the Wildcat engineers did not have his type of driving style in mind when they designed the SXS.
  14. Mileage is really not the issue. He averaged around 1,000 miles a year of use. That is nothing. I am at 3700 miles on my X3 and it is not even 2 years old. I had no issues selling my XP1000 with 5500 miles. I have seen other with 10,000 miles on their SXS. If you are buying a 10 year old SXS your budget is on the low end and realistically they want to make sure it looks decent and runs.

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