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  1. Except the Feds are a little more interested in guns then weed. Gun control is a hot bed of debate in Washington and I don’t see the gun control supporters just letting this happen. Whether they can do anything about iit we shall see. Some interesting areas of the Constitution will be at issue with state power versus federal power, Commerce clause , public safety/general welfare and some other stuff. I am sure there are several states waiting to see how this works out.
  2. Interesting approach. Good luck, as I see a rash of federal authorities heading to the state to start charging people with violating federal gun laws. As long as the Federal gun laws are deemed constitutional, the state can't circumvent them. I foresee it being wrapped up in the Federal court system for years. It is not as cut and dry as the Missouri legislatures think.
  3. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

    From the videos I think 1st gear is much lower than in the Yamaha. Here is a video of found of a Honda Talon and XP1000. Seems like they are pretty close. You can hear the Talon shifting pretty quick in sport auto mode.
  4. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

    The dealer told me a 4 seater was being released at the end of the summer. Who knows if he was yanking my chain. The Talon is for sure set up much better to make a 4 seat version than the Yamaha YXZ. This car will be every bit as capable as the Polaris XP1000 and Wildcat XX. My only concern is how it will handle putting a bigger tire on it. I feel it needs at least a 30" tire and a 31" tire would be even better.
  5. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

    I saw that Alba threw the Talon on their dyno. 85hp to the wheels, which is not bad at all. Throw a turbo on it and it might be a runner for the dunes.
  6. Sand Shark

    WTB 32x10x15" desert tires for UTV

    What is your budget.? You might be able to pick new tires. Rocky Mountain Atv had good pricing on tires.
  7. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

    My friend had a TRD supercharger on his Tacoma. He sold that truck with almost 300,000 miles and the truck just as good as when he bought it. I don't think TRD offers a supercharger option for the new new Tacoma. I guess it makes sense to have it a bolt on option. They can keep the manufacturing of the motor and car focused by only offering it without the turbo. I sure hope the motor has all the good stuff inside so throwing a turbo on it does not kill it.
  8. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

    It would have to be a CARB approved system. Yamaha offers a bolt on turbo kit for the YXZ you can get in CA.
  9. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

    I would rather have them offer it from the factory. I wonder how much this turbo system will cost and the hp increase. When I was at the Honda dealer he said a turbo model was coming. I guess this is what he was talking about.
  10. Sand Shark

    Glamis Video the Pepper last Rzr Video

    OMF beadlocks on those wheels? They look nice. Those tires work well just a little on the heavy side.
  11. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

    LOL! Yes all the 900s are just ashes. The 900 was faster, more hp, more nimble, the suspension was good and you did not have to beg the aftermarket to make products for it. The Wildcat had the suspension numbers and that was it. I liked the Wildcat X, just glad I changed my mind at the dealer and ended up with the XP1000.
  12. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

    How many 5 year old Polaris and Can Am's do I ride with? My buddy is still rocking 2 XP900s, my other friend is rocking a Can Am Commander (8 years old), Have a few with the original Can Am Maverick, ride with my old XP1000 with over 6000 miles on it, ride with several 4+ year old XP1000s. Been to Baja where there were several XP900s and XP1000s. Out in the desert I am surrounded with varying aged Polaris XPs. There is one turbo Wildcat that rides with us every once in awhile in the dunes. That car has issues AC related and others due to turbo issues. It will be gone before next season. We have one Wildcat X that is left and gone through at least one motor and he would ditch the car if he could to get an X3. Just head to your local desert or trails and there plenty of older Polaris XPs still out there. Can Am was not really big out here until the X3 was released. I rarely say them out on the trails or in the desert. I think your reading too much into RG and Textron/AC. He had no one knocking on his door from Polaris or Can Am. Polaris already went down that road with him back in 2010ish. Neither Can Am or Polaris needs RG to sell vehicles. They are top of the food chain in the turbo sport SXS market. Then AC needed RG to help them design a reliable platform that removed the stigma associated with the original Wildcat and Wildcat X. Yes I know you don't think there are issues or a stigma, but a majority of the SXS public were of the opinion AC was poor quality and not reliable. He was approached or he approached AC at the time about designing a new sport SXS. He is only there because they gave him control on the design and his name gives them some credibility in the off-road world. If AC/Textron took the design control from him, RG would of bailed. He is in it to make money and promote his brand. You every see him in a Wildcat XX that does not say Speedcat? Right now the Wildcat XX (turbo or non-turbo) is a dud in desert racing. All that design does nothing when you can't finish races. I have high expectations for the platform as it is well designed and a ton of potential. The travel on his 72" wide Speedcat is in the 20" plus range. He limited travel on the 64" because that is all they could probably get out of it before the axles started popping out. The travel numbers are just numbers and don't mean a thing if the shock set up is dog poop. Blowing belts is not an issue on the newer sport SXSs, if you know how to control your right foot. All of the newer SXSs get plenty of air flow to keep the belt temps cool. It does not surprise me Shock Therapy was able to pre-run and not blow a belt.
  13. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

    The life of a Wildcat is not long unless you like wrenching on them. The frame of the Wildcat far exceeds everything else surrounding it. How do I know just look at the many Wildcats I have ridden with over the last 5+ years. Bifle used the Wildcat because he could get the Z1 motors from AC. Not because it was necessarily the best platform. There was a lot more work into making the Z1 swap in the Wildcat. He did create Pace Offroad which does sell a lot of upgrade parts for the Wildcat. Guess what trans and diffs he used? Yep, the Polaris 900 stuff, then the 1000 and Now I would think he uses the Polaris stuff off the turbo. As you can see he now uses the Polaris platform for his drag/play car and Z1 swaps, if anyone still does them. Robby Gordon is only involved with AC/Textron because he signed a contract to help develop the Wildcat XX with his business partner. He also has exclusive rights to suspension on the Wildcat XX due to patents. He has his Speedcat company which makes all the long travel suspension and host of other stuff. He also builds Speedcats and race Speedcat/Wildcat XXs. So far in the desert the Wildcat XX has been a major disappointment. Him racing them is nothing more than a marketing tool for his Speedcat products and to allow his kid to get some racing experience. The only reason RG is not with Polaris is because he burned that bridge a long time ago. He was part of the development of the old 800 four seater - There was a RG edition. If Can Am come up to RG and offered him money he would be driving one. By the way your suspension figures are off on the Honda Talon - the 68" wide model has 17.7" of wheel travel up from and 20" in the rear. Which exceeds the Wildcat XX numbers in the rear and pretty close in the front.
  14. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

    Saying the Honda is under powered is comical, when you champion the most under powered sport SXS to hit the market. Yes the 900XP had it's short comings, but it was still a better car then the Wildcat. The Wildcat X that was much better in the power dept and clutching.
  15. Sand Shark

    Glamis Video the Pepper last Rzr Video

    Nice video too!

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