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  1. Thad (Fabwerx) does. not have a website. Try this number - (818) 438-0791
  2. Looks like a fun trip. The Arizona Peace Trail is on the list. Full face helmet with a pumper set up makes it much nicer.
  3. Give Black Rhino Performance in El Cajon a call or Alba Racing. If you pull the drain plug it will be full of metal chunks. Likely took out the bearings. As long as the cases don't have a hole in them you can rebuild it. The bearing kits are not that expensive.
  4. Sand Shark

    Sxs carnage

    You would be surprised what a skilled driver can do with a less than capable vehicle. The moto is always "drive within your ability" whether in SXS, rail, motorcycle or quad. The inexperience drivers are the ones that often find the limits of a vehicle by driving beyond their ability. Sometimes shit just happens to even skilled drivers. The X3 RS (72" model) in stock form is really good and inspires confidence when driving it in the dunes. Once you get use to driving it you discover it is capable of stuff your previous SXS was not. Now add some well tuned shocks and it takes everything up several notches.
  5. Sand Shark

    Sxs carnage

    Don't ruin the fun of the "sky is falling" panic raised about the lower a-arms.
  6. Sand Shark

    Sxs carnage

    Stupid internet always missing the sarcastic post. LOL! All the boxed aftermarket arms are not gusseted. The tube arms have plenty of cross bracing.
  7. Sand Shark

    Sxs carnage

    The 64” model X3 for sure has less issue with the lower arms. The Can Am that just won King of the Hammers was a 64” model. With that said the 72” model is way more stable and a better set up for the dunes and open desert.
  8. Sand Shark

    Sxs carnage

    Their race car for sure had aftermarket suspension. No way the stock stuff would survive. I rather have the gusset. If I kill the a-arm with a gusset iI hit something really and probably have totalled it.
  9. Sand Shark

    Sxs carnage

    Especially not the 4 seaters that are 2,000lbs or more depending on how many isles at Autozone the owner hit up for accessories. LOL!
  10. Sand Shark

    Sxs carnage

    Jumping is fine as long as you know what your doing.
  11. Sand Shark

    Sxs carnage

    They have aftermarket a-arms using much better materials and thicker material. I ran my stock lower arms for entire dune season and some desert riding with no issues. I hit the front pretty good a few times. I added the Extreme Performance weld on gusset kit for the lower arms. I have over 3500 miles with them and holding strong. I think what happens to people that bend them is they are coming into stuff a lot faster than they think. A turbo SXS is sneaky fast and with the better suspension you don't feel like you are going fast. Especially out on the trails and in the desert. They will cruise at 55- 65mph all day long in the desert. Out in the dunes most are being bent because people are lawn darting them.
  12. Sand Shark

    Sxs carnage

    If you smash into rocks or trees I would agree, but nothing is going to hold up to that. I know there are several racers that run stock ball joints in short course and desert. The big issue is the stock suspension from the showroom is too stiff even when you open the compression adjustments all the way. The X3 tends to bounce off stuff instead of roll over stuff. Especially at speeds of 45mph and under and on square edges and chatter bumps.
  13. Sand Shark

    Sxs carnage

    Looks like the ball joint ripped out of the hub. Those aftermarket lower arms on his X3?
  14. It would be nice to have some dry dunes. I guess the positive is the weather looks to be in the upper 60s and low 70s the rest of the week and some wind tomorrow. Hopefully the wind and decent temps will help dry the dunes some.
  15. It was raining most of the day. A friend sent a picture this morning and it was flooded on the pads at Gecko.

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