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  1. The final numbers might not reach 80K, but that could be due to the measures taken to slow it down. The flip side imagine if we did nothing would the numbers be 4 to 5 times the flu? We will never know one way or the other. The regular flu is different it does not attack your lungs and it does not spread as quickly as Covid-19. If we did nothing how do you know it would not also have a major economic impact?
  2. Some will do it for sure. Cuomo is already doing it and others. Trump does not help with some of his tweets and comments, mostly aimed at Cuomo. At this point our governor has not pointed any fingers and focuses on what we as Californians will do to get the supplies needed and to combat the virus. .
  3. Lots of hospitals were a mess before this. This is the eye opener to all the Governors and local government who rather poor money into stupid projects that due the citizens no good (bullet train in the middle of no where comes to mind) versus spending money on improving the county hospitals and important infrastructure. Going to be interesting to see in the states hit the hardest if their Governors attitudes change on what is important for their citizens. As much as most hate the governor of California I think he is actually doing a good job for once dealing with this situation.
  4. I would say it is apples to apples. It is a stain of the flu that that was super contagious, spreads like wildfire, overloads a healthcare system and is deadly. Seems to be a much better comparison then posting annual death rates of ailments that are no related. Also a history lesson on what happens when you act too late to slow the spread. The city of Philly had a parade and St. Louis locked down the citizens. Guess which city got hammered?
  5. It is not about the annual death numbers of other ailments or diseases. Covid-19 hits fast and if we don't do something to slow it down the healthcare systems get overloaded and can not take care of everyone. Italy is a prime example of what happens when your health care system is overloaded. NY is there as well. We all get that the numbers will eventually show the death percentage is going to fall close to the flu. The Spanish Flu of 1918 would be a good indicator as to why the current measures are being taken to try and slow it down. https://www.history.com/topics/world-war-i/1918-flu-pandemic
  6. Just taking the Covid-19 on a road trip to other states.
  7. NYC is packed with no real space as almost everyone lives in some type of apartment or condo and highly relies on public transportation. They can't get away from each other. It a giant Petri dish for the virus.
  8. The heat will close it down before the BLM does.
  9. Can Am is not high revving motor. 8000-8300 is max RPM and power is made in the 7700-8000 range. The Yamaha is high revving because of the gears. The similar motor in the Wildcat XX with a CVT does not required 10,000rpm to make power. It is in that 7500-8000 range. I will tell that a twin cylinder motor with boost likes to drink a lot more fuel than the Can Am triple. My fuel mileage is far better than my friends that have the Turbo S. Robby posted drawing/renderings of the motor on his Instrgram page. I like the alternator set sup. Al the design on this Speed SXS is well thought out and way a head of what is currently available. He can do that when you are producing far less than Polaris, Can Am , Honda, Yamaha, and Kawi. Going to be interesting to see how many he actually produces once they get the motor CARB certified. Also will be curious to see who parts availability will be with this platform as there is a very limited dealer network.
  10. I had no clue places like that existed until watching the show.
  11. Ask the people of New York if they think all this is stupid or all the medical professionals in New York. Only reason Gecko is closed is because it is considered an improved camping area. BLM closed all improved camping areas nationwide.
  12. If you have not seen it yet go on Facebook at watch Gordon's live video discussing the new Speed SXS. I know it is out of your budget, but some cool stuff.
  13. I have never been asked for proof of insurance if I financed a SXS.
  14. Nicely done on taking out a belt in Glamis. I was impressed my Rhino never blew a belt and the throttle rarely was not pressed to the floor in the dunes. Hopefully your new ride will be one of the turbo model SXSs.
  15. I remember reading something about that.

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