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  1. Sand Shark

    GPS reccomendation

    You made a wise choice. The Magellan TRX7 is a great GPS unit and super easy to use. Also you can download trails/maps of routes from the website. I have a Lowrance Elite 5ti which works great, just have to remember to insert the right SDMI card or you get a very basic map.
  2. Sand Shark

    Need advice on SxS belt heat sensors

    He is talking about an ice chest and beverage breaks when the belt breaks. LOL!
  3. Sand Shark

    Need advice on SxS belt heat sensors

    Yes, your right foot helps a lot with belt life. Knowing when to layoff the throttle and use the dunes to keep your momentum will go a long way on belt life. Unfortunately, the original Maverick clutch set up is not the greatest. They had an updated cover to get more airflow in there. The right clutch set up will help. Are you going through a lot of belts?
  4. Sand Shark

    RZR 1000 4xp Turbo vs XP 4 Turbo S

    They sell cages that are welded. https://www.cagewrx.com/
  5. Sand Shark

    Need advice on SxS belt heat sensors

    The infrared type belt temp gauge set ups would be best as they allegedly give you the temps of the belt. People still blow belts even with a gauge to monitor temps. I don't run a temp gauge as I do not want to drive based on temps. I try to use my right foot as my gauge. It has worked pretty well. 1 blown belt on my XP1000 at 2500+ miles and took out my first belt on my X3 keeping it pegged across a dry lake bed at over 90mph (I knew that belt was not going to last, but was just having to much fun to let off the gas). On the Maverick getting as much airflow into the clutches and getting the clutches dialed in with a kit would go a lot longer way toward belt life.
  6. Sand Shark

    Rzr Ride Pics And Stuff

    I made it with gas still in the tank. I think it took 7.5 gallons when I got back to camp and the X3 holds 10.5 gallons. It was not a super fast ride on the way to Slash X. On the way back there were only 4 of us so we picked up the pace. My kid drove at least 100 of those miles. I put the X3 in ecomode when he drives to tame down the throttle response. You are not really in the boost a lot cruising between 35 - 60mph. Another X3 that was with us that has a bigger tune used more gas. I know his gas light was flashing before we got back to camp.
  7. Sand Shark

    Anyone up for a trip May 8th thru May 11th?

    What trailer did you end up getting?
  8. Sand Shark

    Anyone up for a trip May 8th thru May 11th?

    Finally going to drive the sandrail? I wish I could join you, but I am done with Glamis until October.
  9. Sand Shark

    YXZ Shock re-valve

    If you are going to spend the time to re-valve the shocks might as well get the correct spring rates and set up the car for true dual rate. I would call Weller Racing and pick there brain on what you are trying to accomplish. They are very knowledgeable on the YXZ suspension. Maybe they will sell you their shim stacks and spring package. Their spring package is not super expensive. https://www.wellerracing.com/YXZ1000R-WR-Edition-Dual-Rate-Spring-Kits_p_3604.html
  10. Sand Shark

    Movie set in G this weekend

    Right next to the movie people watching them film and save spaces. LOL! I know a few people working on the movie.
  11. Sand Shark

    Rzr Ride Pics And Stuff

    Went out to Johnson Valley for Easter weekend. Never camped there before. Camped near where King of the Hammers happens. Lots of cool trails and riding out there. Did a nice 118 mile ride on Saturday from Johnson Valley to Slash X and Sunday morning did a shorter ride checking out the more technical stuff. I will be back for sure.
  12. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

    Not sure. One was green and the other was red. They were just cruising near Means dry lake bed.
  13. Sand Shark

    Honda Talon

    Saw a few Talons cruising around Johnson Valley last weekend. Would of liked to see how they do on the slower technical stuff around there. That King of the Hammers course is nuts when they get into those canyons and rock crawling sections.
  14. Sand Shark

    Towing with Gas powered truck

    Too bad Ford did not still put the V10 in the Super Duty trucks. The gas mileage sucks, but they will sing all day at 4,000 RPM and tow just fine. The reality is Ford should stick the Ecoboost motor they use in the F150 in the super duties. It would has a lot of hp and torque. Plus the torque kicks in lower in the RPM range and the engine is not screaming at you the entire time you are towing. The people that think a 3/4 ton needs a V8 or diesel motor would freak out if Ford did it. The Hemi motors suck ass for towing. You will not make it very far without a fuel stop. The Chevy gasser tows fine. I use to tow a 24' Toyhauler with a F150 Ecoboost and prior to that a V8 F150. The Ecoboost was so much better towing.
  15. I went from a XP1000 with ShockTherapy set up to a X3 RS. I had my X3 shocks done by Ed "Poundsand" - The Suspension Guy. A world of difference in power and handling between the XP1000 and X3. I run a 32" Sandcraft Skat set up on my X3. 10-12psi for the 32" scat set up seems to be the sweet spot The turbo cars are sneaky fast and as you have found out you are going to hit stuff a lot faster than you did in your RZR. Also with the front swaybar on the X3 it transitions much different. It will snap you over the transitions, especially at slower speeds. I ran my X3 with a front swaybar (stock one and Eibach). I disconnected my swaybar shortly after getting my shock work done and I wont go back to a front swaybar. Disconnecting the front sway bar will smooth out those transitions and take the snap feel you get when running the front sway bar. You will get a little more body roll once it is disconnected, but you can mover your crossover rings down a little to engage the lower spring sooner to help. Try taking a ride without the front swaybar and see how you like it. It might take a few rides, but I think you will like it. When you run the front swaybar you will break the front sway bar links and stock swaybar at some point. The stock links snap easily (I broke 2 and everyone in the group I ride with has also broken them). The stock links have a 10mm bolt and Can Am makes the hole in the a-arm 12mm as well as the swaybar. The bolts have too much play and snap. The stock sway bars also break near the mounting points.

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