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  1. I think you would be better off running a 32" sand set up on the Pro XP over a 30" set up. If they are smoking deal, like $500 for the set, then go for it. If you are paying close to $1,000 for them go another route. You would be better off getting the 32" CST Sandblast or Tusk Sand Lite set up if you want to get a reasonably priced tire that performs well. Otherwise hard to beat the Sandcraft Skats for overall dune fun.
  2. I do not believe they have the motor sorted out enough to even start the process. I would be shocked if he gets everything all done and ready to go before the end of the year. The are still designing some stuff which means tooling for the manufacturing is not even final.
  3. Bummer for those waiting. I would think February next year is realistic time frame. They still have to finish the motor and get it CARB approved and testing for the final product.
  4. Probably because there is more business to be had through the various SXS Facebook groups and manufacture specific forums. I am happy with my suspension work and have no problem recommending Ed to others. I have friends that have used Shock Therapy, MTS and UTV Shocks (Tom Morris and Gary Freis). All seem to be satisfied. Like I stated there are way more choices in shock tuners for SXSs these days. Even the guys that tune trophy truck and race desert cars are doing SXS suspension.
  5. I know the story as do many. For a while they were really the only game in town for shock tuning. Now there are many great choices for shock work. My X3 has shocks tuned by "Poundsand". Shock Therapy does provide some good information on UTVs and has some products that no one else makes. So if you need that particular part you are kinda stuck buying from them.
  6. Cops have been busy rolling up on looters and arresting them. Just watched on a live broadcast as they rolled up on a store and the cops chased them. One cop tackled the POS and made sure to land with all his body weight on the POS. LAPD in Van Nuys and in the valley are not messing around.
  7. They may have done that too. Hopefully the National Guard and local police get a more aggressive with the looters. I know the L.A. County sheriff does not mess around.
  8. It is apparently where all the anti-establishment and anti-government groups go to plot.
  9. Simple - Antifa makes the announcement of the time and place. Antifa has no problem taking credit and relishes in it. Other groups that want to do destructive stuff just show up and have at it. No matter they are all pieces of shit.
  10. Thanks for the laugh with the video. I am aware of the various postings about organizing spots. I am also aware Antifa gets the most publicity.
  11. For sure disgruntled wildcat owners. LOL My point is there is likely a mix of groups behind it all.
  12. At this point we don't know which group or groups are behind the looters. Criminals like money and any excuse to do bad things. It does not matter what color - a criminal is a criminal. Not hard for any group to get some young criminals to do stuff.
  13. How do you know they are hired by liberals? Seems like it could be any number anti-government groups that could be trying to bring in the looters.
  14. Some are due to gas cans in the bed, some are probably due to shitty wiring jobs, some is due to no longer wanting to make payments and the rest are a mystery.
  15. If you do not need a 4 seater, try to swing the 2 seat velocity Turbo S.

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