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  1. The base model at that price is a great deal. As you know you can get more power if you want it.
  2. My Can Am was a love hate relationship in the beginning. I had some issue with limp mode and fighting with Bert's service dept and Can Am to get things fixed. It was a spark plug issue. Other issues I had were my front diff spit some bolts out in November (I was around 4500 miles) and that was fixed under warranty. I had my power steering unit replaced under warranty as well. I am just under 5900 miles on my X3 currently. BRPs tolerances are questionable and a gusset kit to keep the bolt holes from wallowing out is highly recommended. I have not had any frame issues. My friends had some some issues with cracks near the rear swaybar mounts and one ripped his front upper shock mounts out of the frame. The latter prompted me to get a shock tower brace. Maintenance as far as oil changes is messy due to the drain plugs being near a cross member. If the skid plate was not riveted to the frame it would be less mess with the skid plate removed. Other than being a little messy it is not different than changing oil on a RZR. Changing the front diff fluid and Trans fluid is easy and mess free. Getting to the spark plugs does require removing the intercooler, but it really is not that big of deal. You don't have to touch the spark plugs anyway. Once you figure out how to get the front plastics off in one piece it is pretty simple. It is not the easiest SXS to work on and you do have to have some patience, but once you figure things out it is not that bad. Currently there is no other SXS on the market I would own other than the X3. Despite some of the short comings it is the most fun to drive, handles everything very well and it hauls ass. The rotax motor has tons of power and they are super reliable. I had a XP1000 for 4 years before I jumped over to the X3. The base model X3 is a good car and would be a blast in a 2 seater. The beauty of the base model is you can add an intercooler and tune and increase the hp significantly. The price is nice at $18,999 for the 2 seater. If you go the X3 route I would try to swing the 72" wide model. They have a 172hp RS model that has a MSRP of $22,499 or the have a DS (64") 172hp which as a MSRP of $20,999. If you do end up with a X3 I would recommend you get the following: Gusset kit for the front - you do not have to go nuts. I have been running a simple kit from HMF that was $129.00. Shock Tower brace - I run a TMW brace, but there are others that will do the same job. If you get a 72" wide model a gusset kit for the lower arm is advised. My friend welded mine on to the arms. The kit was $69.00 from Extreme Performance. If you want a great break down of the various sport models Shock Therapy did an excellent job.
  3. Did you call Sandcraft direclty? Skat was closed for a little while with the Covid stuff. They have been open since the 18th and playing catch up.
  4. The deals will be there by the end of the year. Right now the deals are not so great with inventory being low.
  5. If you can swing it I would get the live valve. Well worth the extra money.
  6. You will probably hit. I believe if you put the live valve models in the comfort mode the suspension will drop and you can always deflate the tires enough to give you the clearance. I would be concerned with the tight squeeze with only a 7' wide trailer.
  7. Nice work. Do you have the chase lights to a switch so you can turn them off when not needed?
  8. It was busy in the channel on Saturday. Lots of people showed up to see the parade.
  9. That is what the Speed guys were talking about when we talked to them in Glamis. Said they wanted to move the turbo away from the firewall and the motor would be based off the Z1. Z1 motor is reliable and can make some good hp. Who knows at this point what they are really doing with the motor.
  10. I will mess around with it when I get more time. Numbers are helpful when out in the Jawbone/Dove Springs and that entire area at the trails are marked really well.
  11. Just need to get a nice holder for the phone and see how it works. Does is display trail names or numbers?
  12. I just signed up for California. For $20.99 for a year it is worth giving it a try.
  13. I know when I had a bad map card the GPS unit would do weird stuff. Do you have a mapping card in the unit? You can download the Glamis one for free in the FAQ section on the PCI website. The navigation to a way point can suck if you have the line and you go off course. Zooming out helps that situation. Once you figure out the unit it does a really good job.
  14. That is what has been keeping me from getting LeadNav. If I was a racer it is worth it. Onx had a sale this weekend.
  15. How are you liking the OnX? I have it downloaded on my phone and was thinking of adding it to an ipad and using it in conjunction with my current GPS. When I was in Johnson Valley a few weekends ago I was able to use my friend's ipad with Leadnav. It works well. Have you thought of adding a GPS antenna for more accuracy? They are not too pricey.
  16. I have the same unit. I have no issues with it. What problems are you having?
  17. Deposits are nice, but actually delivering the units on time would be much better. Hopefully we have a Sand Show this year and the public will be able to see actual production models by then.
  18. I am pretty sure the motor is based off a Z1.
  19. Lol! It was around 90, but there was a nice breeze.
  20. The ridges were not to bad. I don't mind the whoops, just have to maintain 50+ over them or you can't stay on top of them .
  21. Jason is an excellent tester. If it will break he will find a way to break it.
  22. This was only my 3rd time out there. This trip no ride to Slash X as it was not open. We camp off of Boone Road where King of the Hammers takes place. Pretty cool to see Aftershock and Chocolate Thunder in person. We went through the valley where some of the other rock trails are located. When you see it in person you really appreciate how nuts the King of the Hammer racers really are to do that stuff. Suspension gets a workout out there as everywhere there are sections of 3' - 4' deep whoops for miles.

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