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  1. Im due to replace two 6v GC2 batteries. This sounds like a great update. How about temperature though?? Most toy haulers have battery compartments that are either outside on the tongue of the trailer OR inside of a compartment with no floor... so essentially this batteries will exposed to ambient temps. In the high desert that means COLD NIGHTS. Would hate for my heater to quite because the battery is too cold. I just found website I plan to read later that compares my exact setup. cool! https://battlebornbatteries.com/comparison-one-battle-born-lifepo4-battery-two-6v-gc2-batteries-series/
  2. it is agonizingly slow. 56k days. roughly 45 seconds for a click to register
  3. Go bigger with the cement. DG is great at first when compacted well and or even glued but don't count on walking on it like cement with out upkeep
  4. Mission control (wife) and I are talking about it hahah! I am right down the damn street from you too!
  5. I literally just spent 800 dollars on a 4 x 8 plastic shed 2 days ago! Its on the truck from chicago right now... dangit!!!
  6. 1slomofo


    He charged me 10 bucks a linear foot for wash, power polish, and wax seal.
  7. 1slomofo


    Gotta hit up Ormond Hendricks @ extremedetailing 760-900-8095 Found him on Desert Whips - had about 100 referrals.....so I had him do my 5th wheel. - can do everything all the way up to ceramic coating if you want.
  8. Nice truck for sure.. Good luck.. Selling. Can't wait to see this new jeep.
  9. I noticed Harbor Freight has a whole selection of LED bars and PODS now in store. No idea on performance though
  10. 11 foot 6 inches... made to squeeze into a 12' garage Mosebilt... no idea what they are doing these days.
  11. Turn on the AC - something to pull electricity from the generator would be a load.
  12. I don't believe I have camped with anyone that has the same setup. I agree with the cable or Intercom. I am leaning towards intercom since the connection itself (audibly - besides volume) is crystal clear, with no crackling or skips (like a damaged cable might sound like). Rugged sure makes it spendy to troubleshoot. 70 bucks for a cable and 600 for the intercom - hopefully they will return it okay!
  13. I am running the same Yaesu 2900 radio and the 660plus intercom. I use Rugged RM-50R and Yaesu Mobile Radio Jumper https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=53_48&products_id=96 to connect them together. Functionality wise it works fine. HOWEVER - my issue is the incoming signal from the radio (the signal coming out of the radio that runs into the intercom rather) is WAY TO LOW (even at 100% volume on the radio) to be very useful when riding. Rugged said it must be the radio... so I bought a new one... same issue.
  14. going to have to go check those out at berts! looks good to me.

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