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  1. 1slomofo

    Trailer Tire Blowout

    I'm still rocking the Michelin XPS ribs on the 5th wheel. Coming into my 4th year. Those Sailuns sure looks appealing at that price!!!
  2. 1slomofo

    LED work lights service truck

    I noticed Harbor Freight has a whole selection of LED bars and PODS now in store. No idea on performance though
  3. 1slomofo

    Two Seat Sandcar Length

    11 foot 6 inches... made to squeeze into a 12' garage Mosebilt... no idea what they are doing these days.
  4. 1slomofo

    Handheld radio question

    A bunch on our group just run a Baofeng UV5R ( https://www.amazon.com/BaoFeng-UV-5R-Dual-Radio-Black/dp/B007H4VT7A ) - The same radio rugged sells but in blue. and a cheap helmet kit and it works GREAT! In the high desert a few mile range easy.
  5. 1slomofo

    Cheaper 2000 watt generator options

    that's a good price...
  6. 1slomofo

    Shore Power Issue

    I had an issue that was giving the same problem (mine wasn't a GFCI outlet - just a standard). - for me it was where the electrical wires from the coach terminated in the external plug(the plug that you plug shore power into) One of the legs was loose internally. So when I was plugging in live shore power it would jiggle the loose connection causing it to arch and POP the breaker. I pulled the outlet/socked on the coach and found the loose screw on the terminal. Fixed it right away for me.
  7. 1slomofo

    What Are You Reading These Days?

    I hope you are listening to the audible version with RC bray! - big fan of skippy! I am a commuter so... sitting at 158 books right now since I started this job, some I have listened to multiple times though. I read/listen to everything Craig Alanson, Tom Clancy, Lee Child, Dennis E Taylor, Jeremy Robinson, Andy Weir, Peter Clines, Stephen Moss, John RIngo, John Scalzi, Peter Hamilton, and Lee Strobel, Big fan of countless other space, time scifi future stuff.
  8. 1slomofo

    Rocket launch

    man they have been trying to light this one off since Dec 7th - tough one!
  9. 1slomofo

    Generator maintenance

    Turn on the AC - something to pull electricity from the generator would be a load.
  10. 1slomofo

    Thinking of dumping DTV and

    Working on our 4th year of a no DTV - I do not miss the $165/month So far that's what like $1980/yr?? or $7920 over these past 4 years... whoa that puts it in perspective.
  11. 1slomofo

    Radio connection issue- Yaesu

    I don't believe I have camped with anyone that has the same setup. I agree with the cable or Intercom. I am leaning towards intercom since the connection itself (audibly - besides volume) is crystal clear, with no crackling or skips (like a damaged cable might sound like). Rugged sure makes it spendy to troubleshoot. 70 bucks for a cable and 600 for the intercom - hopefully they will return it okay!
  12. 1slomofo

    Radio connection issue- Yaesu

    I am running the same Yaesu 2900 radio and the 660plus intercom. I use Rugged RM-50R and Yaesu Mobile Radio Jumper https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=53_48&products_id=96 to connect them together. Functionality wise it works fine. HOWEVER - my issue is the incoming signal from the radio (the signal coming out of the radio that runs into the intercom rather) is WAY TO LOW (even at 100% volume on the radio) to be very useful when riding. Rugged said it must be the radio... so I bought a new one... same issue.
  13. 1slomofo

    What would you spend on a helmet?

    meh... No 360 degree HD video recording then no care!
  14. 1slomofo

    Aftermarket seats

    going to have to go check those out at berts! looks good to me.
  15. are ya moving out of state or something? dang.

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