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  1. that is NOT the tesla pickup truck LOL!! its going to be diffrent looking but thats not even worth talking about. Gotta wait until the 21st!
  2. Plus 1 for this option. Checks a lot of boxes for me. SUPER bright was my main want... Super simple quick mount as well.
  3. He is only going to tow 2 times a year...so gas... he will rent a diesel.
  4. Running a 20amp MPPT https://www.epsolarpv.com/product/61.html I replaced my old PWM charge controller that came with the trailer... It also only ever put out roughly 4-5amps... (like 60 watts?) Panel is clean...I just cleaned it. Doesn't looks damaged...but who knows.
  5. Just did my first trip this weekend with my lithium setup (271AH capacity) my 165 watt factory installed solar panel is only able to push 4-5 amps peak. I can recover about 25 amp hours during the whole day . Our usage with the inverter on all night with fans and heater came out to about 60 amps consumed. Would be awesome to replace my 165watt panel with a 320 watt! That would be just right for us I think.
  6. very cool. enjoyed checking out the new SXS! Smelled of fresh spray paint. haha
  7. I enter into raffles likes this all the time for airplanes and stuff... (never won) but they appear to be legal. - at least no one is stopping them https://wingsofhope.ngo/airplane-raffle/
  8. getting started on rewiring the trailer for a lithium battery and a new charger setup.
  9. Good insight. I think I understand the logic here and I think we are on the same page actually. I have chosen to allow the BMS to do all the cutoff functions (ie: I am not using relays) The BMS I went with has a "separate port". for the charger side. So if I experience a cutoff scenario the battery will indeed be isolated from the inverter via that main 12v line. BUT I should still have a path to my solar charger through the "separate port" on the BMS for recharging... In thinking about this more - I am not sure what would happen if the solar charger is causing an overvolt scenario?? I wonder if the BMS will cut the "Seperate Port " in that case. Here is a picture of a similar(not the same model ) BMS that im using. -The middle copper tab is going to be charger pass through. (ignore that it says "common port")
  10. Well - I ordered 4 x 271aH cells from Alibaba and a 200amp BMS w/balance and high and low volt cutoff. Now I will need to update my prehistoric converter/charger. Probably going to go with a inverter/charger in a 2000watt flavor. (I already have 1000watt inverter that powers about 40% of the plugs in the trailer) but this 2000watt inverter will power everything (except the ac - technically I can run the AC for about 1.2 hours of the batteries but thats just too harsh) Also still need a good Monitor w/ Shunt and a new solar controller that wont make my Lifepo4 cells mad at me.
  11. "I haven't seen you for a minute!" throws me off every time.
  12. 1slomofo


    so is that socket welded in there or did they rely on the springs to hold it in and gamble?
  13. Any update on yore project? im getting ready to pull the trigger on some cells and make a DIY setup to replace my 2 x GC2 6volts. any issue with these lifoPo4 setups cranking up a generator?
  14. Im due to replace two 6v GC2 batteries. This sounds like a great update. How about temperature though?? Most toy haulers have battery compartments that are either outside on the tongue of the trailer OR inside of a compartment with no floor... so essentially this batteries will exposed to ambient temps. In the high desert that means COLD NIGHTS. Would hate for my heater to quite because the battery is too cold. I just found website I plan to read later that compares my exact setup. cool! https://battlebornbatteries.com/comparison-one-battle-born-lifepo4-battery-two-6v-gc2-batteries-series/
  15. it is agonizingly slow. 56k days. roughly 45 seconds for a click to register

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