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  1. Nic

    2 Seat LS1 DD Buggy Works Sand Car

    Nice car. I don’t think I have ever seen a car with bypass in front and not rear?
  2. Nope this isn’t mike330r’s old car.
  3. Mtx thunderform sub enclosure for a 2000-2006 Chevy Silverado crew cab. Fits 2 10’s. Obviously this is a stock photo I pulled off mtx website. But it look the same as mine. 250 obo
  4. Nic

    Lets see those SCU's

    It’s for sale
  5. Nic

    Brother is in the market for a car

    Has he seen this one it’s a smokin deal in my opinion
  6. Nic

    Updated amplified car

    Looks so much better. A curved windshield would finish off the car
  7. Nic

    2005 Chevy 2500 duramax

    Bump for a price reduction to 19,999
  8. Nic

    FOR SALE- Sand Cars Unlimited Turbo $35kobo

    I owned virtually the same car for over 10 years and put quite a few miles on it with nothing but smiles. This car is a duners dream car.
  9. You would be surprised. I wouldn’t want to tow it through the mountains but certainly to and from storage I wouldn’t even stress.
  10. Nic

    Looking for a Garage Epoxy Floor guy/Co

    Give stugots a shot at it. He is extremely good and has all kinds of awesome products.
  11. Nic

    Jeep employees

    Thanks man. EL148019 is the last 8 of the vin. Current mileage is 92589
  12. Nic

    Jeep employees

    Is anyone on here a Jeep employee? I am looking at buying a 2014 JK and would like to know the dealership service/repair history.
  13. Nic

    2015 RZR XP1000 H.O. SOLD!!!!

    Clean car
  14. Nic

    2005 Chevy 2500 duramax

    I have done the tranny filters both internal(once) and spin on(multiple times). The water pump and thermostats were changed. I haven’t had any need to go internal on the trans, transfer case or engine it has always performed as it is supposed to. I did go through the steering about 20k miles ago. I can’t stand sloppy steering. No lift blocks the rear is a deaver spring pack with airbags. Rides much better. No more unhappy wife on the 10 going to Glamis. Lol. Lots of regular fluid changes.

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