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  1. If I load it this way I can use a smaller trailer
  2. Scu did mine years ago. I would call and ask Don.
  3. Ours did. I would think you would want to double check to be sure. We were very fortunate that it was covered. Apparently most don’t and it is quite pricey.
  4. Nic


    Best of texting or calling. I don’t think he is on here often
  5. Bolanderflagpole.com is who I order them from. Good people to work with. Ask for Larry Sr.
  6. Nic

    Rubicon trail ?’s

    Thanks for all the tips. Was a great trip. Only regret is we didn’t spend more time on the trail. We had a couple minor issues but nothing that couldn’t be resolved and everybody finished the trail. The scenery was epic. The trail was challenging and we will be back another time.
  7. Nic

    Rubicon trail ?’s

    Got any pics? was there still snow on or near the trail?
  8. I know a lot of you guys are jeepers as well. We are going to do the rubicon trail soon and I was wondering if anybody had any good tips? we plan on staying one night at buck island lake and one night at rubicon springs.
  9. Had the dewalt for years then got the ridgid and switched it out to the Milwaukee about 9 years ago and haven’t looked back. They have been very durable and really took care of me on repairs the couple times I have needed any
  10. Where did you order from?
  11. Nic


    Placentia ca 92870
  12. Nic


    Packard drill press. Works like it should $100 Sold
  13. Nic


    I fell victim to this. Years ago I bought a used truck from a dealer. Ran the car fax and it came up clean. When I went to sell it years later it showed an accident that happened prior to my purchase. I lost value because of it.

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