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  1. Is it a 4 seater with center storage . What kind of time and how much fuel have you run though it since you got it . Is there anything bolted to the front enclosure panel that would need new mounts if all the front panels went away
  2. Congrats on the new Funco head quarters . Did you design it to be the shape of a “F” when you look at that first photo it looks that way
  3. If your looking for a “project “ I have a eliminator daytona 19ft jet
  4. Did you just buy these trailer out of Sacramento.
  5. Are the original Tabs not Chrome Molly . I thought Funco cars are 100% built with Chrome Molly
  6. Got it ODYSSEY 925 up on end . Thank you everyone . I wonder what battery funco was using back then that fit I've spent a lot of time and I can't find one .
  7. So my battery box is 5 inches wide 6-5/8 long that was built from funco . Are you guys welding or building a different bracket to run the odyssey 925
  8. Was wondering what battery's guys are running in the funco gen4 with the Subaru with the original funco bracket .
  9. Do you think there about the same weight as the funco farm implements .
  10. Like Richard said blockage of somekind . Mine has always been little spiders like to live in there and build little Webs and it won't fire the igniter

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