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  1. cmcmotors

    Funco Gen 5

    930 or 934
  2. cmcmotors

    Brown Motorsports stacker trailer v-nose

    Did you just buy these trailer out of Sacramento.
  3. cmcmotors

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    Are the original Tabs not Chrome Molly . I thought Funco cars are 100% built with Chrome Molly
  4. cmcmotors

    Funco gen4 Suby

    Got it ODYSSEY 925 up on end . Thank you everyone . I wonder what battery funco was using back then that fit I've spent a lot of time and I can't find one .
  5. cmcmotors

    Funco gen4 Suby

    So my battery box is 5 inches wide 6-5/8 long that was built from funco . Are you guys welding or building a different bracket to run the odyssey 925
  6. cmcmotors

    Funco gen4 Suby

    Was wondering what battery's guys are running in the funco gen4 with the Subaru with the original funco bracket .
  7. cmcmotors

    Outfront 3.0 6cyl Turbo Subaru

    Stock internals or ??
  8. cmcmotors

    Getting Baja pro tires buffed for sand

    Do you think there about the same weight as the funco farm implements .
  9. cmcmotors

    New 28’ Deck over from New Trend Custom Trailers

    That's a nice setup . What's it weigh and what axles are on it
  10. cmcmotors


    Yes Razor used to sell it but it's been almost 8 years since I've been . I'll search for there #er to see if they still sale it
  11. cmcmotors


    coming from California side there was a little gas station on the right side of highway that sold race fuel little does anyone know if they still sell it . Thank you
  12. cmcmotors

    Race Gas

    Has any one bought VP 110 at the pump at razor road going to dumont dunes . thanks if anyone has any info
  13. cmcmotors


    Any info what do you think of it
  14. WHAT would it take to get a buggy that has no paper work that was built in 2005 . #1 ? will it have to have a CARB motor in it. #2 ? is LISA s mobile registration still around ive call and dont get anything 619-571-8333 any imput thank you . im in "CA"

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