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  1. renatboost

    First Sandcar

    Great story......five years, that isn't so bad!
  2. I have the Shield .40 as my EDC! Love it! The Shield 9mm is outstanding as well depending on caliber you want. I have both Shields, .40 & 9mm. Either way, this is one nice small single stack carry. I tried the XDs and preferred the Shield much more! Great IWB carry, big difference coming from FS 10shot magazine. The new Ruger LC9s, striker fired is very nice and a much improved trigger over the old LC9. A bit smaller than Shield and very comfortable in a Sticky holster with shorts. Check out the Glock42 as recommended above. IMHO you'll either love it or hate it! I don't own any Glocks, just don't like grip angle and they feel a bit off in my hands. Good luck!
  3. renatboost

    Rocking Out In San Diego

    I know you've been to my house a couple of times, July 3rd show wasn't far from it! We had a group of about 18 go! Great show! Had two extra tickets in VIP from the casino! Though about posting them up on the site. I know you would have been all over it!
  4. renatboost

    Is Shooting A Sport Or A Hobby?

    So a Fat Guy sitting at the range can't be an Athelete in Sport Shooting? All the athletes were busy with their pints and throwing darts!
  5. renatboost

    Is Shooting A Sport Or A Hobby?

    It's a learned skill that you do in a hobby, for fun, hunting, job or competition. Had this debate at the local pub the other nite! I shoot quite often so I spoke up. If it's a sport, are shooters athletes? Athletes can shoot! I'd say it's an outdoor sport although I classify most things done outside for recreation as a sport! Very broad use of the word sport!
  6. renatboost

    Uconn Or Kentucky?

    Guard play advantage makes the difference in my opinion....... most times! Have to give it to UConn. Their guards have played great all game every game in this tournament.
  7. renatboost

    Oven Jerky

    Quick tip..... With London Broil or bottom round, my favorites for jerky, slice meat thin while it is thawing. Easy to cut while it is somewhat frozen., as thin as you want.
  8. renatboost

    Pool Variable Speed Pump/ Salt System

    A quality salt system should last more than two years. I love mine! Variable speed pump worth it.....IMO!
  9. renatboost

    Heavy Equipment Broker

    Tyler Imus916-205-3371 He has hookups, Ed Hunt in Sacramento but has equipment all over Tyler does financing
  10. renatboost

    Springfield Xd 9mm

    Looking to get mine next week. Can you pm me? What did you pay Compact?
  11. renatboost

    How Not To Commit Fraud..........

    Awesome! Stupid.....never ceases to amaze me!
  12. renatboost

    Sportsman® Wv850 H.o. Terrainarmor

    Polaris Sportsman are solid machines! I've had a few and will buy Polaris again. Wonder how this tire would do at the duck club?
  13. renatboost

    Canelo Vs Mayweather

    Isn't it $41 Million plus proceeds. Should be over $50 Million total payday!
  14. Was told the same thing from a friend in the medical field. Had it looked at and the next week removed! I appreciated it! Hope you said it with a smile!
  15. Not sure how to imbed, thanks in advance for the help!

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