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  1. Rich42Glamis

    wanted 4/5 seat sandrail cash in hand

    I gotta nice Funco for a little more... Worth it...
  2. Rich42Glamis

    E-85 Available In Temecula Area

    For those of you that are running "Green" you can now purchase E-85 at the Chevron station located at Clinton Keith and the 15 FWY east side in Wildomar... I got mine for $3.29 / gallon for all of you still on race gas...
  3. Rich42Glamis

    New Rail Build

    Lookin good Lardog... Can't wait to see it in a couple weeks... The 3.5 looks bigger in this car... NICE...
  4. Rich42Glamis

    I Need Some Advice

    Hey Doc! I got your solution... Buy a Funco and lead the pack... LOL I never have sand in my floors... C-ya in a couple weeks...
  5. Rich42Glamis

    New Rail Build

    Nice work Lardog... Can't wait to see it in the dunes this season... I know it will smell like $$$... It already looks like a million bucks... See you at the SSSS...
  6. Rich42Glamis

    Funco Big 5 Gen 2 Honda 3.5 Motor Swap

    Try 0000 steel wool... doesn't scratch and will clean them up nice before you polish them... works on windshields too for overspray but don't use it on paint... Rich42
  7. Rich42Glamis

    Funco Big 5 Gen 2 Honda 3.5 Motor Swap

    Here's a link to my Gen II conversion from a Type 4 to a Subaru... http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index....=funco+build+up Feel free to use some of my ideas... and I bolted everthing in... 3 trips out and no major design issues... Rich
  8. Rich42Glamis

    I Had To Cut My Motor Cage To Fit My Air Filter

    Bore a hole thru the air filter and use a S#!T load of silicon... Of course, the bar will have to be removable...
  9. Rich42Glamis

    2.5l Subie

    how about non turbo no race gas? I should also add that I would not own a V8 car. I like the low center of gravity of the Subaru and light weight. Lighter handles better and is easier on parts. Some day I'll build a big turbo 2.5l or go to a turbo Subie 6. Yes I can't stomp on the gas in 3rd gear at idle and hit the rev limiter with 4 people in the car. But when the boost comes on its way fun and makes up for the low end grunt that I'm missing. Frankly I'm used to it so I'm not missing it, if that make sense. Search for the Funco Gen II thread. Somebody recently converted from VW to n/a Subaru with an 091. That will give you some feed back on n/a. You will be running straight super n/a. You can run low boost on pump gas as well, its all how the motor was setup and tuning. Here's a link to my build... http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index....howtopic=206589 Gen II Funco about 1800lbs... I like the power now but can't wait to see what it does now that Outfront has tuned it.. I was down about 25-30 poinies... 2.5L with ACLS @ 200hp N/A runs on 91... 7000rpm redline with an 091 trans... 1st trip is October 14th weekend... I will update after that...
  10. Rich42Glamis

    *** Funco Gen Ii Build Up... ***

    Dyno done @ Outfront on Friday... Had some fuel delivery adjustment issues, but when John was done workin his magic, I had 200hp... Started around 115hp to the rear wheels and ended up with 130+... The car feels much more responsive and I can't wait to get out to the dunes and feel the difference... 1st trip October 14th-17th... Thanks again John... More pix from cage... complete and ready to go...
  11. Rich42Glamis

    Atc 70 Gathering

    Sounds like fun...
  12. Rich42Glamis

    New Two Seat Build Project

  13. Rich42Glamis

    New Old School Style Build

    Nice work... I especially like the stance of this car...

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