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  1. Thanks everyone. We spent the day with family.
  2. Very nice read now I understand what you were telling me.
  3. You might want to add more information on this thread. And you might want to edit your other ad. And if that is the price I will take it
  4. Went to my grandsons 5th birthday party The first present he opened was a T-shirt that said he was going to be a older brother. That was the first great news I’ve gotten in a couple months. Sunday we’re going over to my parents house and help get stuff ready for a yard sale. Everyone have a safe weekend.
  5. Yes get a attorney and it more to cover your butt.
  6. It’s funny you say that. JD gave me another engine and I’m already looking at some frames with suspicion.
  7. thanks @POULE43 and @JD Miester I’ve got a grin from ear to ear. Picked this up and it hasn’t been started for years. I pulled the seat off and the fuel tank. I removed the carburetor and cleaned it out. I cleaned out the fuel tank and reinstalled everything. It actually tried to fire up on the first half ass pull. The second pull and it fired right up. Took a little video and sent it out. I put the seat back on and started driving around the neighborhood. Took it up the street to the dirt lots and all I can say is I was a giggling idiot. And I figured out 20psi in the tires are a tad to high
  8. I think @matt86m is in the process of having one built now. Maybe he will chime in.
  9. Umm these are called SXS’s
  10. Congratulations @matt86m for being the DOTM very well deserved.
  11. This could be true be cause I didn’t vote. But I did click on it to see the results.

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