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  1. Have you looked at Corona Powersports ATV Outlet? I know they had a Kawasaki quad last week.(909) 261-3130
  2. If you do get some from Walmart confirm the box or jug hasn't been opened. A lot of times they have been returned with water instead of the proper fluid.

    Fab Skills!

    It's looking good I need to re-evaluate my personnel BBQ.
  4. My uncle always said it looked like Ray Charles welded that.
  5. Damn I would have tagged along with you guys if I had known. Just took my shocks to be done.
  6. I get a phone call on Friday from our dump truck driver. He says I’m pulling the trailer and it’s wanting to fishtail a lot you need to check it out on Monday. This is what I see this morning.
  7. Here’s a link to some. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/tires-and-wheels/tusk-sand-lite-rear-tire-p
  8. The rims and tires are actually a lot lighter than I thought they would be. The backs are as light as my Scats on my car and they’re 30” on a 7”Wide rim.
  9. I stopped by Chaparral on Saturday and checked those tires out. They said they would work good on my X3 and it's only 172HP. I'm curious what real world experience would be.
  10. Got the grandson on the 70 with me. First he didn’t want to get on till we convinced him I was having fun. Once he got on and we went around the front yard a while and up and down the street he didn’t want to get off.
  11. Wrapping up some stuff at our Fontana yard. Taking the grandson to a Zoo Boo in Santa Ana. And after that I haven’t been informed by my wife. Everyone have a safe weekend.

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