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  1. jayduner

    Should I Build A King Sand Car "kit Car"?

    I looked at the site, but I can't see what a total price would be. Do they do a complete turn key assemble your own kit? Any idea on the price?
  2. jayduner

    Rzr S, Must Do Mods?

    Sweat. i love the orange.-s I want one if the rail sales. It will match my KTM's.
  3. jayduner

    Duning In The Empty Quarter

    Even watching smooth sand is bliss!
  4. jayduner

    Need Advice - First Car

    I would say 25-30k can get a nice reliable car with comforts you speak of. As for HP you can get many many with 2D's for the tranny and 2.5 subie ot V8.
  5. jayduner

    Racer Truck Looking For Still Hustlin'

    Glad to see the truck out of camp. I wish I could have made it out for new years.
  6. jayduner

    Purchasing A Car With A 2d?

    2 full season in three years with a stock LS1 and 2D. As many have said it is all about how you drive. I don't run woops hard and I let off the gas and push in the clutch when I get air. If the LS motor is stock they don't seem to have as many issues.
  7. jayduner

    What's The Difference?

    The extreme in the picture is only that way so it will fit in the trailer, but I do know what you mean by cars being set up tall. I have seen many tatums as well as a few extreme's that are set up with lots a pre load and long shocks. My unsertanding is that the car should sit more squatted like Wild Bills. With the suspinsion just over 50% in it allows the wheel to drop down into the hole/obsticle and then come bask up to ride hight. This is the way long travel is to be set up. I have seen many new build take off through the dunes and look like they are on pog sticks.
  8. jayduner

    Lets Play "price That Car"... :)~~~~

    I would say 35k, that way my V8 looks like a great deal and someone will buy mine.....
  9. jayduner

    Creative "macgyver" Fixes In The Field

    Broke an old brake drum on a VW rail. Notched drum with a file, bolted it together with grade 8 bolts, add made it through the rest of the weekend. Also did this with out ever going back to camp.
  10. jayduner

    King Shock Rebuild Orange County

    PM Roaddog. He might do it. He does great work.
  11. jayduner

    Extreme U-joint Axles Vs. Jess's U-joint Axles

    A good two seasons on my car so far with extreme axles and all is fine. LS1/2D. I pull apart and check during the summer and five pumps of grease before each trip.
  12. jayduner

    Calculating Spring Rate

    With the shocks leaning over you will need a higher rate to get the same as someone with the shock straight up and down. If the ride is two soft I would first look at your valving to see if that will help before you change springs. 450/500 does sound stiff, but it might be ok. Do you know what you interanal valving is?
  13. jayduner

    What Goggles U Like ?

    My Oakley Sand Goggles have worked great in the past, but they are 2 years old now and I think I need to replace them. This past week I have been blasted a couple of times and have gotten a fair amount of sand in them.
  14. jayduner

    Polishing Tranny Gears

    I thought you could add a 5th to the 2D as well. Here is a link. http://www.californiaperformance.com/md5s.htm
  15. jayduner

    What Paddles Should I Run?

    What tranny? Most likly 13.00+ or I hink STu make one called ZR-1 that is simmilar size.

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