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  1. AZDooner

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Anybody have success with any of the cheaper turbos? Seems like a Garret will crush the budget. Also, is the oil/water cooled the correct choice for my turbo? I think im going with a gt35.
  2. AZDooner

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Thanks again to all those throwing out suggestions. This is turning out to be quite the puzzle. Juggernaught sounds like a lock for headers. Looks like Mishmoto has some universal intercoolers that will work, and injectors are needed that will have to be modified with my lathe (not sure if i can turn down rubber o-rings yet). Sounds like gt35 turbo might be the way to go, but smaller moght provide more power in the lower rpms making it more linear with the Vtec motor. Aem boost controll will interface with my Aem computer which the tuner guy will set to work with my power curve to provide the appropriate boost. Waste gate and blow off are still question marks in my mind. Brands and types? Any help on my turbo education is greatly appreciated!
  3. AZDooner

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Will all upgrades un injectors require mods? Are there any direct replacements that will work that dont require mods?
  4. AZDooner

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Theres a lot more to an intercooler than i would have figured. Anybody have a suggestion on an over the counter purchase of an air to air cooler? Size suggestions for a 3.5 honda making 350 hp sounds like it would be 6"x6" or equivalent to 36 in sqared surface area.
  5. AZDooner

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Any suggestions for intercoolers?
  6. AZDooner

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Thanks. That clears a bunch up. Bosch 44 fuel pump?
  7. AZDooner

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    How does the AEM boost cotroll work with the turbo system?
  8. AZDooner

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    Are the injectors necessary from the start or can i upgrade down the road? Im shooting for 350 hp. Also, any suggestions about a turbo header ? Id like to mount the turbo at the back of the car. Lots of room there.
  9. AZDooner

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    My buddy just did an ls1 for about 3k. I think i would rather have a turbo. Always wanted a turbo something.
  10. AZDooner

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    I am looking to bump my hp's in my Buggy Works. I have a Honda 3.5 J35-A4 with an AEM Series 2 computer. Any advice i can get on type of turbo, headers, plumbing, intake, would be appreciated. Ive done a bunch of searches on here and found a ton. Hoping to avoid costly mistakes and in the end, trying to go from 270 rwhp to 350 rwhp.
  11. AZDooner

    Wanted front combo brakes

  12. AZDooner

    Wanted front combo brakes

    I have a set of Wilwood brakes, combo hubs, and spindles for a DD/Buggy works. Passenger side spud is broken and brake mounting plate is bent. All other parts are in good shape. Im installing 2" hollows. Otherwise, I would weld on a new spud and run them. Im in North Phoenix.
  13. AZDooner

    Tires Tires Tires!

    Can I get a price on a set of STU Razor Back 8.5x15 and Blaster 33 #1 shipped to 85086?

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