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  1. Before the big crash of 2021 there was a large thread discussing house thermostats. We are updating some things around the house and the thermostat is on that list. I don't the best most wiz bag tech one, but would like one that is programmable, works like advertised and isn't hard to use. What are you guys happy with?
  2. D-n-Tyke

    Highway Star

    Oh the awesome Eagle station. Some real winners there. Even bigger winners in the canyon between the station and the freeway.
  3. Sounds like you need to invite John (Outback)out for a visit. I hear he has experience with this issue.
  4. That has been hanging in my office since 2010. Just left it open to the Chummin's centerfold since Jan 1 2011.
  5. If you don't have any luck anywhere else you can go up for the one you posted. Just tell them, after you show them the money, that you will be assembling the bike infront of him before paying and leaving. If everything is there in the box he shouldn't have an issue with it. Assembly is usually just putting the handle bars, front tire and peddles on.
  6. I was wondering if something was broke on his bike, shift or brake lever maybe, during that scuffle. I was waiting for them to give an update on why he was out and they never did.

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