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  1. Thanks for the links THD. Now to get sheep to actually think with their own mind instead of just drinking the koolaid* *That does not mean anyone that has gotten the vax is a koolaid drinker. I just want people to be able to do research, if they want to, and make up their own mind on what is going into their body. Not be forced (mandated) into getting it. If you made the decision to get it , great. If you decided not to get it great. But in both of those options YOU made the decision.
  2. This is the first I have heard of this. Do you a link to there recommendations and about their top scientists resigning. I would love to be able to point some in my family to this, non bias link. Thanks.
  3. There is debate on whether or not you will qualify for unemployment if you lose your job based on not getting the shot.
  4. Thanks Lord of Dunes. I will give Roger a call. Thanks for the advice Sausage450r. I will steer clear of them.
  5. So the water pump in my 2002 Chevy finally decided to start marking it's territory (leaking pretty good out the weep hole). I am trying to find a good diesel tech in East County that can give me a quote to change out the water pump. I can do it myself but am pretty swamped right now so if the price is right I will let someone else do it. Anyone got a mechanic they trust with their diesel?
  6. He rebuild my motor about 3-1/2 4 years ago. Yep, same procedure. Separate form sent/given to his wife.
  7. Make sure YOU keep a copy of that 2 yr extended warranty paperwork safe and in a handy place where you know where it is. He says he does not keep records and requires you to bring in your copy for proof of the warranty. I some how lost my copy (not sure how I think we have every receipt ever brought into this house in the last 19yrs in a file cabinet) so I was SOL as far as the warranty extension. I will say that he was nice enough to look at the issue on my WJ and attempt to diagnose it for no charge.
  8. Anyone have a old set of wheels and tires (nothing over-sized) taking up room in their garage/yard they may want to get rid of? Looking for a set of 8-Lug wheels with a 8-6.5" bolt pattern. Have a new project that I just need a set of temporary rollers. Anyone got an old set of take offs or anything they what to get out of their way?
  9. Those Empires went thru the same thing, as you say history repeats itself, but how did they fair, and where are those Empires now? I thi k that is the point trying to be made.
  10. That is my normal spot. They are booked for the next 2 weeks though, that's my problem.
  11. DOH! Yep for my car. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Yeah, I already went and bought a can of R134a from Autozone with the hose/gauge. My only thing is I think it might be something other than the charge so don't want to over charge the system (pretty easy since with these can/hose/gauge things you only see the low pressure side. I will give Kirk's a call no Monday. Always hear great things about them but then forget about them when I need to get work done.
  12. A/C just isn't blowing as cold as it used to so want to get a quick tune-up/check done on it. My normal spot off 67 is slammed so can't get in there. Anyone have a shop in East County (El Cajon/Lakeside/Santee) that is trust worthy and doesn't charge an arm and a leg.
  13. Not trying to start a debate on this or that, nor turn this into a political discussion just trying to do my own reading/research. As someone still on the fence of whether or not to get "The Shot" I would like to do some real reading on the shots. Where are some good places to read up on them and their pluses and minuses that are just bias shout chambers. What sources have you guys used to base your decisions to get it or not. Not looking for "my sister's brother's friend told me". If they would give FDA approval to the vaccine it would make the choice a whole lot easier. I really don't like that the manufactures can not be held liable.
  14. Why is everyone so worried about this. They will only censor stuff to benefit us, our freedom and our future. (I really hope you all can read the sarcasm in that statement)

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