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  1. Very nice! Congrats!
  2. Ken, gonna start working on build 2 looking for 18" -20 upper and obviously a lower. What you got? PM if needed. Want a bit of sniper! Optics are cool also!
  3. Went out to Campo today. WOW, that was awesome
  4. Sorry for the crappy paint job but I just couldnt wait. Will probably bench this lower soon and replace with something registered. thanks everyone and yes, I'll build a couple more soon after this awesome experience. SDSurfer, that looks like campo? Of course I'm interested in some outside play!
  5. During the golf tourney this year, I was given a custom engraved 80% AR15 lower. Got pretty excited about it and promised myself I would complete it. Other than friends riffles, I've ever owned one but shot them lots while in the USMC. With the help of a few friends MrDune and Bansh, we were able to finish the riffle this week. Really love the classic look of the riffle I used back then, so that was the goal. completed price was under 400.00 lol. First 100 rounds went through it at the range on Fri. Smooth as butter and 0 problems. Can't wait to get outside with it and test some real range. Thanks again everyone who attends the Golf Tourney and the guys for helping to make this happen! Woot woot
  6. Ditto. Was on the road to bad things, woke up one morning and made the choice. there were 3 of us, the other two had tough times, one eventually made his way in medical services and is successful. The other ended up in and out of prison for the last 20 years. He recently figured it out and now runs a place for troubled teens. Happy none of us ended up dead and we are all three free of those demons.
  7. They ran it into the ground and now it needs a major face lift...
  8. I've thought about Macs way and am kind of avoiding it for now. I do use harrys tbough and no complaints yet. With 3 women in the house and them stealing my shit, it got expensive fast with the mach razors. If Harrys doesnt work out then I'm neaded to DE with Mac. I rip a d grip in the shower shaving every direction to get it smooth with no mirrors ect. Trick.... use a little coconut oil as after shave. WOW
  9. 3-5 people. Do a 6pack charter. Get great service and name yout times. Los Gatos is a great boat and crew.
  10. My effing tree costs me big $$$. The roots are messing up the street and sidewalks. The city did the repairs and sent us the bill. My tree is no joke and it does nothing but piss on my wallet.
  11. Great news and thanks for keeping us up to speed!
  12. Loud and cleaaaaaaaaaaar..... SQUIRREL. ...
  13. LateNate on the board is in architecture. Might try to send him a message but i havent seen him around in a long time. A good GC will not be uoset by getting your own plans and like others have said, they can use them ti bid. I recall wanting to add a detached garage a few years back. The city just wanted lot plots with building locations. I drew them up and was approved for going to the next step. Are you sure maybe they want to see this fisrt before spending money? Please double check. They may need to know the % of dwelling to lot size and distances to property lines to say yes or no that can or cant be done

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