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  1. the sled guys arent bashing it. getting 350 out of it with tune and pipe
  2. assuming every other mfg has 1% ? fail. If yamaha has only has 4%, what does john deere have? kubota? lol Yea math fails some that round up. My penis is 17" if I measure my the top of my butt crack
  3. wouldve been cooler if he didnt set his beer down first
  4. most of those mfgs dont even have 1% market share. Hell Yamaha only has 4%. If you compare by category, Polaris wins, if you compare by all sales, Polaris wins. that link shows polaris with 40% market share in 2018, closest competitor is like 12%.
  5. in case you use yahoo. https://www.statista.com/statistics/438113/global-side-by-side-atv-market-share/
  6. this is actually true at least through 2016, probably 2017 too
  7. that sucks. I was more pointing out that I dont see a mount on the cage. I guess that doesnt mean they didnt have one though
  8. I dont see an extinguisher on this rzr. Also, almost all of these fires are not from equipment failure, but rather user error. And the fact that theres so many RZRs is that they outsell all other UTVs combined. not that they dont burn...
  9. Just bed Damage. frame was perfect. bent the bracket for my air bags a tad. I actually think this wasnt a failure, but designed to do this.
  10. THE Industries. Was the lightest on the market at the time, has replaceable cheek pads to get it tighter
  11. I got my kiddo a carbon downhill full face helmet for mountain biking. incredibly light so he didnt bobble head as much. An adult XS. He actually still wears it at 9
  12. truck def would have gone over if the rails didnt fail. Not sure if its designed that way or not. 21k reese hitch. We actually drove the truck home 200 miles after this accident.
  13. they wont total the trailer. Probably the truck though. Heres mine leaving durango a few years ago. Came up to the hill into ignacio and a super duty was on the wrong side of the road, got back on his side, then came all the way over to my shoulder. Ditched it in the steep shoulder, stayed offroad for 163ft according to state police. Got the truck back on the blacktop, but the 20k hitch snapped the pins and layed over. Kid, fiancee, dog all in the truck. Driver hit his brakes then drove off. We all walked away. 2nd trip. No ticket on my part. Driver behind me saw the whole thing and opted to try and stop 60mph oncoming traffic, than chase down the ahole. Never believed in PTSD... × Pasted as rich text. Paste as plain text ins
  14. what about the extreme 32" ?

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