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  1. Congratulations on the new dog, Peggy looks like a sweetheart. The labs are my favorite breed.
  2. I saw this one around Sacramento this weekend while getting groceries.
  3. In Sacramento to spend Thanksgiving and the weekend with the family. Smoking a brisket for tonight.
  4. This was a month ago we finished picking 160 acres of soybeans. Now we will drop the bean head off and put on the corn picker head and keep harvesting.
  5. 67 mustang, my favorite year, my favorite color, and then its a drop top! Really cool!
  6. To old to change and I hope I don't have remember my password.
  7. This thing sounded really great too.
  8. One of our grandsons had his very first dive meet Saturday in Costa Mesa. We are proud of him.
  9. Sunday sunrise, had a great weekend with the family.
  10. In Wichita Kansas for our nephew sons high school graduation party.
  11. Just checking somethings off the honey do list and taking it easy.
  12. Started planting the vegetable garden yesterday, it will take a couple more days to finish the rest of the vegetables. Sunday we are going to take lunch to my 93 year old mother. She is in a nursing home and is room bound. For her special lunch she wants kentucky fried chicken, extra crispy. God love her.
  13. Thanks for all the hard work FNG, glad its back.

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