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  1. It stopped the disc from hitting the nerve and causing leg pain and foot numbness. However it is still an impaired disc and just removing the disc dont fix it, just stops the pain. So more impact, work, life etc still can have an impact on it. I have been a carpenter for nearly 30 years now and bent over lifting for much of it, add to it I am a dirt biker, snowmobiler, duner etc and life takes its toll. So I have had issues with it since it was injured the first time and now have other disc issues above and below it. However I have just dealt with it. If it is one disc that is the issue, try and surgery and see how he feels. If it dont get better look into disc replacement for it. It was not available when mine happened or I would have done that a long time ago.
  2. I had a micro discectomy roughly 15 years ago. Just removed the part of the disc causing the pain. It worked but I still have back issues. However It is the least intrusive method of getting the disc off the nerve and don’t affect the remaining part of the disc..
  3. Jscc

    Pbs s4

    I can appreciate that and will refrain myself. I truly appreciate your efforts and believe that because you are attempting to make these transaxles better, that they in fact will be better.
  4. Jscc

    Pbs s4

    Sean I understand you guys are making headway on them, and I along with most others applaud your efforts! However I still think it’s disingenuous to say the S4 case or trans is a better one then a PBS. History proves it to be incorrect. And from what I’ve seen the new cases are not much better. I hope I am incorrect and what I’ve seen is a anomaly.. for everyone sake.
  5. Jscc

    Pbs s4

    I believe PBS still has a stronger housing then the S4, and is just proven to be a better tansaxle then the S4 throughout its history. Ive seen numerous S4 failures chasing my PBS transaxle around to see this fact for myself. Then look up the history of failures on this site alone and you will see how few housing failures the PBS has endured, specially in relation to the S4. I hope you are able to fix the S4 housing issues and finally get them worthy of being on the same playing field as a PBS since they are not stocking them anymore. But from what I have seen, there is still work to do..
  6. Jscc

    Glamis Sunsets

    The sunsets in glamis are incredible!
  7. Yes sir. Jets just like in a carburetor. Natural gas jets are larger as it takes more of it to equal the same btu as propane. Your home furnace is the same way. There may be a few other parts but typically there will be conversion kits to move one to the other.
  8. Natural gas is by far the cheapest fuel to use and run. If you have natural gas at your home it is the fuel you should be using for your generator. If you are worried about something other then the power went out (earthquake etc) that takes out the natural gas lines, then by all means use something else. For the majority of users that want backup power, if they have natural gas at there home they should pipe into it for generator use. It is cheaper and dont run out...
  9. Generac auto transfer switch, Generac whole home generator and youd never know the power is down besides the hum of the generator. They will run off natural gas or propane depending on what you have at your home. We do 3-4 a year on our homes as we live in a rural setting and the power goes out often. Cost is high up front but once done they will increase the value of your home as it stays there when/if you sell it... http://www.generac.com/all-products/generators/home-backup-generators#?cat=6&cat=214&cat=217&cat=249
  10. If you have the height just do both doors 14’ tall. Put your sewer clean out right next to the door you’ll use for parking the rv so you can “clean out” as you are pulling in. Run water to that point as well. Install led high bays for lights. Air lines in wall and stubbed throughought shop. Lean to’s down the sides for more covered space. Av wiring as you are doing the electrical. I did a 8x8 ohd in the back of mine and it works good to open it and the big doors to get cross ventilation when I running an engine in the shop or cleaning. Insulate it well.
  11. Diesel. If Ram is out of the question which I don’t blame you but the ecodiesel is legit, Ford has the only gas engines out worth owning and towing with. We just traded in our Eco boost but it towed almost daily 7500 lbs for 130,000 miles and ran like a champ. They are worth looking at. I still buy the diesel.... so much so I own a few. But I tow a lot...
  12. It looks like they solve the large thermal mass problem with the typical ICF. I would be curious about cost comparisons to the wall cavity I stated above.
  13. ICF forms have equal insulation on both sides of the concrete negating thermal mass. Which for you is a good thing as once it warms up it'll stay warm longer. So if thermal mass is the selling point to you make sure you are getting it for the reasons you think you are. There are multiple ways to address thermal bridging and making a wall efficient. Zip makes a r-12 insulated panel that replaces the exterior sheeting. That along with a 2x6 wall can give you an r-36 wall cavity or more if you used closed cell foam. It will address the thermal bridging, cost less and be as efficient. As for roof structure, give yourself as large as an energy heal truss or rafter as you can. I suggest 18". Be certain any roll blocks are placed to the exterior portion of the wall. Then do at minimum a foam air seal on all ceiling penetrations. Cap it with a r-60+ blow in. Triple pane windows, long overhangs to keep the sun off the wall etc will all aid in keeping a home cool. I dont deal with hot climate roofs so any advice I could give would just be conjecture... However while I like metal roofs for many reasons, they are noisy.
  14. Hit up Tahiti Nui in Hanalei for a world famous Mai Tai!

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