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  1. 310kick

    Sandrails Unlimeted

    Post a picture of the car.
  2. 310kick

    New 4 seat build

    Do you have room to lean the rear shocks in from the top?
  3. 310kick

    *Fixed*2003 F250 Mirror Upgrade Wire Problem

    You can use a test light to probe the wires.
  4. 310kick

    Aluminum work

    Looking good.
  5. 310kick

    New 4 seat build

  6. 310kick

    Chinese Lanterns

    I thought race gas was illegal on BLM land?
  7. 310kick

    California Laws 2019

    I wonder if this applies to motorcycle?
  8. 310kick

    Glamis Christmas Video part 1

    Subscribed sir! #424
  9. 310kick

    Exhaust spark arrestor

    It was at Johnson Valley last year. The week after all of the fires started in Northern California. The ranger said with all of the fires going on they had to enforce it and I completely understand why. He said that if I had a turbo that would be considered a spark arrestor.
  10. 310kick

    Exhaust spark arrestor

    I got a ticket for not having a spark arrestor last year. It cost me around $250 after all the fines that they add on. So after that ordeal I just leave them on.
  11. 310kick

    Extreme Apex vs MT Baja Pro

    The 35’s float good on the sand and don’t throw to much sand when turning.
  12. 310kick

    My new toy 2006 3D Sand Cars/Desert Dynamics

    Would definitely match your dad’s car. Congrats.
  13. 310kick

    930 cage?

    Some would say to do a spark test with a grinder or try using a file.
  14. 310kick

    Rocket launch

    2nd or 3rd time this has been scrubbed.

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