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  1. 2010 28' Haulmark trailer 9' tall ceilings, 6 foot tongue, AC, 50 amp power. 12k 8014203173
  2. 2012 Extreme double throw down. The car was torn down in 14 to have the radius roof and doors added. The owner was 6'5'' 300+lb he couldn't get in the car It's 90% finished but needs (Graphics and interior) to make it your own or run it like it is. 70K trades + cash?? Boxed suspension New powder coat New CBM LS 425 with 5.3 Whipple 0 hrs S4D polished Fresh CV's 36" STU Sunroof Tilt steering wheel New twisted Seats Shocks rebuilt with new valving Sway bar 3'' kings back 2.5 front Rugged Radios Grearone center-board hubs Gearone 4 piston front Extra seats, paddles, dirt tires, mis parts wiring alternators all goes The trailer is also available 28'' haulmark 9' ceilings with ac, 120v wiring, new tires 78K for both Chevy 801-420-3173
  3. Whats your altitude? assuming your in Canada its high Im at 4500' I have a lot of experience with building ls engines for sand cars from stockers on up to full blown stroker motors.. Most guys that play on the west coast have never Duned at high altitudes so be careful on what you hear its not that their wrong but what give a car 100Hp at sea level is 25Hp for you maybe! I have found that the biggest bang for the buck is a low boost supercharger 6 psi you can find used all day for an ls2 you'll actually see real Hp gains for your hard earned $$$$..
  4. It's off the spine at sand mountain utah.. The picture is really cool but it's only about 15' of air and 110 ' is the same jump in the multi shot picture of the car
  5. Heading to saint anthony Friday..
  6. Yes it is..... it is humanly impossible to make a better video.
  7. I'm looking to do a 425 stroker or adding a super charger to my stock ls3. my question is have any of you had or seen problem with the stock bottom end not holding up to boost. I'm only looking for 6lb of boost all the street guys say its safe and are seeing 550hp+ to the ground, but we drive are cars allot harder any opinions would be great thanks... Chevy
  8. The crazy thing is i wasn't pushing it to hard when that happened... I think the lug nuts came lose from the stub axle
  9. let's just say red bull should hit me up this year for their new years eve jump WOW!!!, did you measure the distance?
  10. GAT DAAAYUUUUUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There should be an award givin for that shiat! Here you go... THANK YOU!!!

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