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  1. We just combine the stops. Also find nice to get out and stretch and walk a little on long days. First camper we got was because I refused to tow our 5th wheel to Alaska. We bought a used unit and went there. We had both and seemed we always just went with the camper after that, and 5th wheel just sat here at home. Decided after a few years to buy the camper that met all our needs and get rid of the 5th wheel. One nice thing also is insurance is inexpensive and there is no license fees. We have spent up to 3 months at a time in travels in the camper.
  2. Quite a rig! Not sure how excited I would be to take something that nice out to the dunes and fill with dust and sand. This is my simple. When the weekend is over cleaning takes no more than 20 minuets.
  3. Yes, it is. And also add, with a few exceptions, majority of fun and memorable times are outside your camping unit.
  4. Safety item that's a must in class A, rope ladder to throw out a window when front door is crushed and bound from impact.
  5. Yes, money spent! It's not cold feet, it's wisdom and slowing down not making snap decisions.
  6. Thank God, if it was to happen it wasn't while you and family were in it.
  7. You only have a short window of time, maybe 30 min from first posting. Click on them now on your last post, should be there, how I'm adding this.
  8. See the three dots on right side. Click on that but you only have a short window of time to do this, then your locked out. Edit. You can no longer delete either.
  9. Hayabusa cars are scarry fast cars. Remember running sand hwy from pad 5 to Dinner with an Alumacraft and a SCU at times over 100mph.
  10. Know someone looking and will try and get them to contact.
  11. Mid Engine Tatum Spyder Custom Sandcar w Trailer – Str8Up Toy Trader Re did to tag you on this.
  12. Not brand you are looking for, but Mid Engine Tatum Spyder Custom Sandcar w Trailer – Str8Up Toy Trader
  13. Tucson. It is possible to have at Glamis this weekend. 5-25 on.

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