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  1. Sorry it took so long to respond. I was at the RV show all day. Ill PM you my #. Give me a call we can set up a time for you to come by.
  2. Brand new in box tailgate for 1973-76 Chevy truck. Paid $250. First $75 takes it
  3. Do you have any of the tow bars ect to hook up to the back of an RV?
  4. Ok all. Thank you for the responses. I found the issue and I hope this topic can serve to prevent someone else from having to go through the same thing I did. As most of you are aware on a RV there is a transfer switch that switches shore to gen power. Mine was located behind the main electrical panel. ( Thanks fleetwood). This was not the issue.......... However what many may not know and what it took me hours of troubleshooting to find out is that there is a SECOND transfer switch for the front air conditioning system. It is called the Transfer Delay Relay (TDR) This relay sole purpose is to switch the front AC unit from shore to gen power. Fleetwood in there wisdom tucked this relay out of site in a box under the refrigerator. Yes you read that correctly. It was barely accessible. I found it by literally tracing wires using a wire toner. This relay comes in on generator power and feeds the front AC unit only. The rear unit is directly fed off of the generator CB then to the main electrical panel. Basically two independent systems front AC and rear AC. The normly open contact on the Transfer Delay Relay (TDR) was bad. The front AC unit worked fine on shore power because it was using a normally closed contact to feed the unit when the relay was out. Soon as the generator is fired up the rig transfers to gen power, the TDR pulls in closing the n.o. contact to feed the front AC. Cleaned up the contact. All good
  5. New to us RV about a year ago. Up until the last trip the front AC worked on the generator. Only thing that makes sence would be some sort of relay that prevents the running of both units. I have opened every nook and cranny, removed the control panel to look and even traced wires under the rig and found nothing. I know this. The rear unit is separate from the front. It has it's own circuit breaker off the generator and it's own CB at the electrical panel. I have downloaded wiring diagrams and according to them the rig does not care where is gets its 120v power to supply the rigs panel. The gen supplies 120v to everything including the front AC units circuit breaker. I have checked the transfer relay from shore to gen power so that that shore power and gen power can never come on at the same time. That's is also working correctly. Isnt RV ownership great!
  6. Yes I have verified the voltages. I am not trying to run both AC units at the same time. just the front unit alone
  7. I have a 2003 Pace Arrow 34w with dual air conditioners. When plugged into shore power the front or rear AC units both work perfectly fine however when I am on generator pwr the front unit will not come on. Not even the fan comes on. I have checked the transfer switch and it is transferring power to the rig via the generator. The rear unit works perfect on gen pwr. I have verified that both breakers on the generator (5500 Onan Gold series) are not tripped and are in working order. When on generator pwr the rest of the rig is fine and the 30 amp main panel is all 120v. including all the other breakers in the panel. When on gen power the 20amp breaker to the front unit is 120v but still the AC will not come on. If I shut off the gen and plug into shore power the front unit comes alive and works fine. Im pretty good electrically but this ones got me stumped. Any help on where to look next would be greatly appreciated.
  8. sea eagle 285 raft. mint condition. used once. can be set up for fishing or white water. complete with oars, bags and pump $550 909-239-1870
  9. Nice to hear from you ESCO! Good to know you havent experienced and issues with your rig. Many haven't but many have. I love the 8.1 and Allison Trans combo but I feel like the possible brake issue and the lack of a real fix will make me look for other options.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. The more research I do the more concerns I have. 1000's of complaints and posts online. I have also been speaking with a friend who had a comete failure of his workhorse brake system. Brakes, rotors, overheated and cracked. The ABS sensor melted and the brake fliud boiled. All this became an out of pocket expense. It appears most of the issues are due to low use or high humidity witch causes the calipers to stick. Unfortunately even during the recall period that Workhorse was still in business they were replacing the calipers with a flawed caliper so even if the recall was performed there is no guarantee the brakes will not fail. Today if you have an issue the only thing that will be paid for is the calipers period. Cracked rotors, smoked brake pads ect will not be covered. I've looked into a complete 73mm caliper and rotor replacement witch is available but your are looking at $3500 installed. Hard to tell an owner of a rig they are selling to knock off $3500 to cover a brake issue they feel was corrected or was never a problem to begin with.
  11. I'm looking at purchasing a 2004 32ft class A motor home with the Chevy workhorse chassis. As I'm researching the rig I have found a lot of people who have experienced brake issues with the calipers and bosch brake pads sticking and heating up the rotors to the point where they crack. There is an active recall but it has gotten to the point where Chevy no longer claims it's their issue and in most cases will not pay for the fix. Has anyone here experienced this issue or gone through the recall with your rig? Ive also read many accounts where Chevy just replaced the same bad parts as original just to satisfy the recall. I really like the rig but I am having some doubts now if I want to jump into a rig with possible brake issues and the expense it may take to remedy the problem if there actually is a fix. Thanks for any info in advance
  12. I was more concerned if it was built out of mild steel or chromo... Common Mac everyone knows the more impotant question is what color to paint the side panels!

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