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  1. 1 sic max

    Amplified Performance 4 Seat Sand car - Sold

    What's the width and overall length?
  2. 1 sic max

    Gmc Duramax Help.

    If you have a 04.5-05 lly dmax then it sounds like injector harness rubbed through. Right next to alternator.
  3. 1 sic max

    Used Dmax 03-06

    01-04 lb7 have injector problems. 04.5-05 lly some overheat. 06-07 lbz considered the best. That being said I personally have a 05 lly with 110,000 and haven't had any overheating problems.
  4. 1 sic max

    Took A Load Up To Yosemite The Other Day

    A&T dairy in chowchilla. He sold out in 05 and retired. Is that your flamed Pete? Valley west?
  5. 1 sic max

    Took A Load Up To Yosemite The Other Day

    Yeah he used to haul hay to my dads dairy.
  6. 1 sic max

    Took A Load Up To Yosemite The Other Day

    Cool scenery. Do you run squeeze for Jim macedo?
  7. 1 sic max

    Weekend Warrior

    Does the sagging walls happen on the 09 le3305 models? I'm trying to figure out if the smaller 09 ww is worth the extra coin than longer 07 ww cr3705 that I'm also looking at.
  8. 1 sic max

    New Hrt 4 Seat Cage

    could you post a pic from the front. Want to see how wide the spacers make it look. And if you don't mind, how much were the spacers?
  9. 1 sic max

    Used Rhino ?

    Is everything else the same thru all model years? Is the aftermarket parts for earlier years the same for 06/07? Thanks for the help.
  10. 1 sic max

    Used Rhino ?

    so 6200 is to much? post some pics of your rhino if your serious about selling.
  11. 1 sic max

    Used Rhino ?

    I have found a 04 rhino 660 for 6200 obo. Is that a good price? What is normal amount of hours/miles for an 04? Anything specific to look for? Sorry for all the ?s

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