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  1. My money would’ve been put on the ship for the winn fid you seethe size of that sucker!
  2. Yes I do have that bracket!, in great shape and chrome ... it’s in the picture on the right next to the radiator guard ,how about 30 bucks ? Thanks Steve
  3. There is eight series of my life I won’t get back !. Police officers and detectives don’t act that way !, they arrest first and ask questions later and what a crappy ending!!!.....
  4. That is gorgeous!!!......... the wife wants sum side gates but I’m still digging the holes for the pillars
  5. Man wish I was getting sum of that prevailing wage!!!..... great pic thanks!
  6. Yes we are !, an love me sum Hank!!...
  7. I thought it was called hunker down in place, As for the sensitive type people I wish they would get it first so we could say told you so!!!....
  8. Funny shit on reddit in the funny section
  9. This is the noodle, pasta, Italian ,rice section at my Stater brothers!!!!
  10. I’m packin and got the Wet wipes!!!..... but Robert does have a great idea with the Ed’s pizza......
  11. Let see ... tonight Dominos Sunday Taco Bell Monday tastee goodie Tuesday of course Del taco Wednesday Dürer Wienerschnitzel Thursday Mickey D’s Friday NorthWoods inn Rinse and repeat ,no problem here!!!!!

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