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  1. Sumsand

    mobile dump at glamis

    Don’t we have a crappy sponsor here on GD? ;(
  2. Sumsand

    SX / Motorcross

    Thank you sir!!! I would have missed it
  3. Sumsand

    Ok how is it out there...rain in glamis

    With family and good friends!!!!
  4. Sumsand

    Do You Know How To Tow?

    I can guarantee he is looking for a job site entrance, a K rail repair and probably has a stupid Contractor instruction he’s trying to follow !,he’s not in the number one lane for nothing...... my first job site yesterday morning at 4 AM had on the invoices 10 freeway West bound /Kellogg in Center median. Where the job actually was 10 freeway westbound Kellogg offramp past 57 !....get off ! So been there done that! million times just following instructions!
  5. Sumsand

    My Buddy’s New Dog.........

    Yep let’s put a dingo in a small square-foot trailer!, should be out on the farm chasing cattle !....
  6. Sumsand


    Just plain gorgeous last weekend !!
  7. Sumsand

    Next step up from lt80

    At anything !!!!
  8. Sumsand

    Next step up from lt80

    ^^^^ This is a great bike to step up to!,if not a cheaper price would be a Honda 300ex which is bulletproof and will be able to ride 3 to 5 more years.....
  9. Sumsand

    Plastic welding water tank

    No doubt take it to Scott and while you’re at it upgrade your mounting brackets to a thicker gauge steel so they won’t bend and you’ll have this problem again send me a PM if you’re interested !
  10. Sumsand

    WTB or Rebuild Banshee shocks

    Not to close for you but a good shop!
  11. Sumsand

    Super Bowl criticism here....

    Nope !!, next year I’ll either be at Mammoth Mt or Glamis !.. won’t make this mistake again!....
  12. Sumsand

    So did it rain last night?

    Com on Mr SUN !
  13. Sumsand


  14. Sumsand

    Malcolm Smith injured by golf cart

    The High Sierra radio stations, KIBS-FM and KBOV-AM, are reporting that “On Any Sunday” star Malcolm Smith was injured when he was hit by a golf cart at the famous Furnace Creek Gold course this past weekend. Malcolm was playing in a charity golf event where he was accidentally backed into. He was transported to a hospital in Pahrump, Nevada, but was later moved to Las Vegas to undergo surgery for a broken hip. Malcolm is “Baja Tough” —so he.... oh shit a real life golf cart... just can’t tell them apart these days!!!! Praying for a speedy recovery ...

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