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  1. Close enough to Wednesday...
  2. Those two aren’t crying, no sorrow ,only anger !....just goes to show there just looking for money.... Their stupidity shows real well on camera like it always does!!! F them!!!!
  3. Aren’t you supposed to be jumping in the ocean or laying on the sand and burning to a crisp or something!!!
  4. So sorry to miss this year. We will be outta town... BIG big thanks to all who has served and GD for the greatest event in the sand .
  5. Comfy wife! comfy life !, you better check yourself and don’t forget the air conditioning.... Love the old 70s body
  6. It’s great to have Zonies in camp for New Year’s because it’s fun to watch them party at the wrong time.... Bammmm!
  7. Bump, I haven’t used the stuff I picked up last time in your housing track, that’s some big stuff!, but easy off the 210- Mountain Ave. to pick up:)
  8. I would probably set it for high peak hours and for the rolling stupid black out, so I don’t ruin stuff in my fridge...
  9. Really sick of paying the big price all summer long and thinking of going this route.... little over 2 grand
  10. There is a whole lot of great sand rails out there and also a ton of newer quads..
  11. X-2....Fly into into San Diego, And rent an RV and trailer. Hit the local Walmart for sleeping bag and food plus beer and you’re on your way!!!...
  12. You sure can pick out the Fat Americans!!!....
  13. Just like the Kawasaki 400 quad it’s all borrowed shit!, just plain being lazy....

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