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  1. X-3... But I sure miss the shout box at the top of the page!, that you can follow along with all the BS of the Day...!
  2. That means no more maple bacon bars anymore !!!! Nowthat’s real pain there..,
  3. I think Jack Reacher in that red Chevelle had a couple good parts in the car chase. Love the part where he stepped out of the moving car ,walks across the street and blends in with the bus stop crowd ...
  4. I think you bruise better when you crash!, those doctors and nurses don’t know how to make bruises!!... Good to see you’re up and about sir
  5. And real real real Old stuff !;) I just thought you were running down Slappy Out in the dunes and putting a gun to his head and emptying out his pockets ! hahaa how am I gonna find camp with out that Rootbeer barrel old Dodge Trk in the Washes????? Con grats on the new wheels
  6. I think it’s about over for the side-by-side’s, that parents cannot get a grip on parenting!, may God rest the little girls soul!..
  7. New side-by-side !,new truck!!!, what the hell is going on here at GD.....?
  8. Well Robert how is today going for you?, how is the old peashooter doooooooing?
  9. Even back in the old days I was a bare minimalist, Friday night and Saturday night Glamis beach store pizza and subs. Saturday morning Sunday morning vendors row breakfast burrito. As the season goes along I’ll fix things on the bikes or the toybox We get through the three day weekend, so I see no change in the future!, my next stop is retirement Ville!!!!!!
  10. Screw the vett !,look at that fine old piece of machinery in the foreground .....
  11. Hang tough Robert hopefully the scary part is over and you can get back to normal
  12. Yes !... when I sit my FAT ass down in a bleacher seat !, I think of THEM !!!! Or let’s call them to see if they buy grandstand trailers !!!! WTF Op ?....
  13. Our next-door neighbor is a mobile Grandstand company!, that has tons of them in their back lot, let me get a picture of one of their trucks and I’ll get you a phone number.....

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