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  1. Light pollution and loud music in the dunes!!!!
  2. Certainly does know where to stick it
  3. Not really a highway star but couldn’t help notice the difference in utility trucks from 20-30 years ago!, compared to today and how the size has grown in Widths for today’s utility beds.....
  4. Nice- done deal....
  5. Stay in line you little azzholes. Your bumper against mine will not end well for you.!!!!! Probably the last thing you would want to do is slam the brakes on !,when in fact you should be lifting that front end so that you go up and into their cage.....
  6. It is the worst looking back end you could ever find and the most pathetic wing to add to it.......
  7. Eating Again !!!... long weekend I bet!. We’ve got Logan‘s roadhouse out here by the 15 it looks exactly the same great food though !.....
  8. Huntington Beach looking at all the pretty people !!!! And shopping...
  9. Sumsand

    SX / Motorcross

    Last of the greats !!....
  10. Happy Turkey Day !.... Sum bitches hahaaa

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