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  1. To send us off for the weekend!, Your friend and Ours !!!!!! Mr D O T........
  2. ES JUAN ES PUTO! NO ES JUAN !.. ES NACHO !!!!! Sea ????
  3. With today’s TV shows that have zombies The Walking Dead,the living dead, the dead zone And the fact that it’s already happening on the streets of our cities!.
  4. They can’t pave it ever!, I would give it one season of flash floods to wipe it out and then they’ll close off the road so nobody can get back to their camping spots.......
  5. An old License plate cut up and a couple pop rivets with some silicone would probably do the job!...
  6. It’s all fun and games till Sum bloody get hurt!!!.... don’t they know the RzR catch fire Easy....
  7. Was he still out there when you left today?
  8. I have had Marco stuff since 1983 and still got my original toolbox but the air tools are long gone and a few sockets left...
  9. Will take a guess at that!,because my wife had one ,mercury Bobcat
  10. My wife’s company has one and I can’t even get a damm ride on the Thing!!!!..... glad everyone’s ok ....!
  11. X-2 Mike is a great leader!....and You !
  12. I rode in one like 10 years ago !.... don’t they call them cars now ???? Bunch of Trench diggers!!!!
  13. Ok thanks !, I have seen them Advertised and have thought about adding it to my A/C

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