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  1. Awww... Thanks Everyone!! Another year older... but feel another year younger!!
  2. Man I sure did miss this place last season!! It is definitely an experience to say the least!!
  3. I'm pretty speechless I'm sure like many others... 💔 Sending all my love and prayers to Jeanne who will need all the prayers us warriors can give at this time. 🙏
  4. What do you have hard wired to your lights?
  5. Gonna take the trailer out camping with a bunch of friends... should be a great weekend!!
  6. My name is Monica... I've been on GD since 2001 and have had multiple board names... (Mrs. Bear Down, MBD, Musta Been Drunk, Lil'Moni77) I was introduced to GD . com by Bohica... we knew him from Hot Boat forums. My husband at the time jumped online and told me... "Hey were going to Glamis with a bunch of people we don't know... I was skeptical, but what did I have to lose right? I have ridden my whole life growing up and my 1st bike was a Honda 185 3 wheeler... then a Honda 250R... then a 400ex quad. I was on the 400 when I started camping with GD in 13.5. Man what a wild ride that was!! Sooo many families and kids that are all grown up now its unbelievable how long I have known my GD Family. Back then, slept in the back of my Tahoe and took showers on my flatbed trailer... Graduated to a 21' Toy hauler and quickly out grew it and just went for a 40' Weekend Warrior purchased through Head Injury... I have thrown so many GD gatherings it's impossible to remember them all... I moved on to a VW sand rail, then a Long Travel Aceco Sand Rail with a Turbo Subi in it... then the 1st Generation RZR... and a few 70's to play around camp on... Fast forward 20yrs... and I'm still hooked!! Divorced, happily Single... and I have a Toy Hauler, a Truck and a RZR and doing it all on my own!! I love that not only through these boards, but also through social media, I still keep in touch with 80% of the Original Members and Families...

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