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  1. Keep us posted Prayers are sent
  2. Very good turn out and great service, I so wish I could have got the Friday off to go with Esco. Thanks for sharing the video
  3. What a wonderful gift to you! Good luck to both of you
  4. Prayers send she is with her Stacy now so sad.
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  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Time passes but we never stop loving and remembering the good times Lacey. I know you are still watching us and thinking what a bunch of crazy people and pups.
  8. I've been around a long time Esco just posts enough for both of us hahah j/k If I say something it matters folk hahha
  9. esco_lady

    Gd Postal

    Just defrost and enjoy with the family, you will want to salt and pepper it, I didn't so it would not upset Tegan's tummy. (that and I don't cook with salt it's added after for pref)
  10. I second this Esco, it was such a relief to have them pick up the boxes of food and then to SummerGirl for meeting them up there and delivering it to Trevor. This place is amazing
  11. esco_lady

    Gd Postal

    I have my cell phone turned on I remembered how to do it hahaha and food is here at work in the freezer ready to come to Jimandmelissa
  12. esco_lady

    Gd Postal

    I IM'd Jim and Melissa with your cell phone Lorrie, once they have confirmed can you let Trevor know? I think she is having surgery today and she's who I'm friends with on FB.
  13. esco_lady

    Gd Postal

    Chummin I don't know how good it will be but we tried to make tasty but not too much Tegan's on meds that mess the tummy. I just hope that the love flavour comes through.

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