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  1. Same here, not worth the money, sucked at first no matter the air pressure. Put a topper on it and it is much better. Wouldn't waste the money on one.
  2. I've always had a sand rail and used to bring a 900XP to the sand too, but never used it. Used the XP everywhere else. added a X3 recently and plan on taking this to the dunes with the rail. The Xp was fun in the dunes but just didn't have a enough power. The X3 should be fun in the sand, so we'll see.
  3. I had a 2d that was hooked to a LS3 with 55o RWHP on Danzio's dyno in a 2 seater that weighed 1750lbs and it was fine with 33" tires, would freshen it every 2 years. Needed new tires so went to buy a set and they sold they're last set and talked me into 35 w/ #2 cups. That was a mistake would tear it down every other trip for something. The last couple times I tore it down the support for the bearings were getting oblonged. Had to put it in a mill and sleeve where the bearings went. Finally upgraded to a susquential trans. Much better, no problems yet.
  4. I'm interested in a HD dish, please send me your number. thanks
  5. Been working on heavy equipment for a while, best bang for your buck right now are the Cat 225, 235 or the big dog 245. parts are easy to get after market and the prices are good. These are non emission machines and are at the auctions alot. I bought a John Deere 790 for $8000.00 last year and just need to reseal the final brakes. good machine but on the Deere and the Hitachi the nuts for the cylinder pistons are torqued to huge amount and it take special machine to get them apart so repair can get expensive. Find a machine with a thumb. The pumps on the 200 series Cat have gotten cheap to fix. Don't recommend a Samsong or other off brand, finding parts are hard. There's plenty of these machines out there so it shouldn't be hard to find.
  6. Agricon

    Class C or A

    Class C drives like a car, stable in the wind. Class A leaf spring, more room, white knuckle ride in the wind, Class A bus, air ride, more room rides like a Cadillac, wind doesn't bother it a bit.
  7. You should move the filter between the pump and cooler. All pumps have a hard time pulling threw a filter and can cause cavitation, which will aerate your oil and cause it to foam.
  8. On the dyno stopped leaning down at 460hp at the rear wheels. here's the original flyer when the guy bought the engine.
  9. The car is a Suspension unlimited built by the original owner Larry, but the motor is one the guy bought and brought to Larry and said build me a car. It was used down by Borrego springs. That's what the boost was on John's Dyno down at outfront motorsports.
  10. I'm trying to find out who built these engines back in about 1999-2001, It's a Acura 2.7 that runs 50psi boost with Hilborn mechanical injection, I'm trying ti figure out where he got the brass sleeves that they used between the block and the heads. I've looked everywhere and can't find the material to make new ones.
  11. Has anyone modified the sequential to shift like we do with the drag quads with a override trans for the drags. When we modify the bike trans you shift without a clutch. The shift isso nice. The only drawback is you can only use it for drag racing, if you let off on the power in any gear but hi gear it will bend the shift forks.
  12. It sounds like the big line from the reservoir to the pump is kinking on you or there is a restriction in the hose. That will cause the pump to cavitate and vibrate real bad. If it's not obvious to see when its off have someone rev it up while you watch the hose to see if it's collapsing. Good luck.
  13. Rig a pressure gauge to the output of the pump and see what it says. Disconnect the the CharLynn and put the gauge directly to the pump, start the car and see what pressure you have. Most power steering runs 1250-1500 psi. If that's ok then I would drill the orifice in the output port of the pump to give it a little more flow and that should fix your problem. good luck.
  14. I took the fans off, cleaned the radiator and tried running the fans off the rad, they just don't move much air. Now the fan on my RZR moves more air than these do. When that thing turns on they're loud. So I figure there just done.

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