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  1. Most are light or atmospheric conditions, many are camera issues due the CCD technology and the way interpolation happens in the algorithm. Many newer IR and high speed cameras get messed up from magnetic field issues around the earth due to being very sensitive (its constantly changing) That being said I saw one in the wee hours driving from LV to LA almost 20 years - it was real and I still cannot explain it But ultimately Fermi is probably right .... https://www.livescience.com/fermi-paradox
  2. Not that I endorse most stuff being made in China, but @NIKAL It's pure economics - you don't need to Defend RG on this one - There is No way without alot more and very hard to secure (costly) investment $$ behind him he would be able to produce large volume without the buy-in of a large China-government backed (all big corp in China are Gov backed) The economic are that China wants in every manufacturing sector that the West spends money on... His partner and their subs (his subs but they own the $ relationship 100% - its how they work - or the $$ terms would kill RG) will make it possible for him to come to market ( once he figures it all out) with a better product for far less investment and time, and have some measure of QC along the way (final assy) While I am ashamed of it, and it did not end particularly well for me, I did a similar deal with a large Chinese manufacturer - they bankrolled my product line. In the end they copied it, I sued them, they counter sued and lawyers made $$. I hope and think it will work out better for Robbie. His "personal brand" is strong enough to overcome that I think - if he ships soon ...
  3. HiSuin has some factory sponsored racers on their website - A higher- end offering from them (knockoff) seems legit
  4. They seem to be going after the RZR - I am sure even though they build it - the SPEED will be next ...
  5. Congrats on the awesome ride - great choice - Are you going to work up some wrap designs for yourself
  6. Should I be considering buying a Hisun Car instead of a SPEED, whats going to be the difference in the two cars? Same plant, same manufacturing technology?
  7. simple answer is as big as you can, but make sure you use a thermostat - too cold oil is as bad as to hot - maybe worse .. setrab has a pretty good sizing tool http://www.setrabusa.com/products/oilcoolers/engine/index.html 99%of the time I run Setrabs - never saw one blow out like Derale, CBRs seem very nice as well this is my Setrab go to for anything under 1400HP \iFP948M22 But its a good idea to run a high volume/High pressure oil pump as you will have a pressure drop and some restriction I have seen people run two - but every time I pull a main bearing on one of those engines - they show signs of starvation - just too much back pressure The one thing people almost never consider is that oil has mass/weight and what orientation you place the cooler in is very important if you launch hard - you can starve the engine is only momentarily but that hard on the bearings Ask any serious drag racer they will tell you they run higher pressure just because the weight of the fuel on hard acceleration will push the fuel back into the tank - Oil acts the same I use this thermostat ior the Earls Version on all LS's except aftermarket blocks like Dart and RHS - cheap insurance https://www.improvedracing.com/low-profile-oil-cooler-thermostat-for-ls-engines.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwio6XBhCMARIsAC0u9aGXMsKmFCTDK4Uc3w2xy2kfozeiE6EbjtsQJoNndQmnSPVgbF0YsfYaAq-0EALw_wcB
  8. A little more modern than the 1960's ford version ... the 427 SOHC
  9. Its good to hear James Lin designed the harness. I give RG credit for bringing in good expertise on the design side of the car (him included) It works really well if the designer does initial QA and builds a QA plan going forward.
  10. I keep looking at moving to Yuma - Close to the dunes, close to the river, and easy albeit "too warm" lifestyle Not a fan of people running through your yard at night after crossing thou ...
  11. I did not say it was a scam - Reposted something someone posted on a forum c- sorry about that But yeah - its emotional - I want them to win (Speed). But I feel Supply chain is mostly an excuse - Be honest and just say "Its gonna be a while" - Not "we are building 50 cars in April and" When I talked to Robbie at the SSSS he was as always super nice but basically said the cars there were his final pre-production run. The old saying "Bad news doesn't get better over time". I get what @NIKAL is saying about multiple CMs - thats always what I do - its pretty common - keeps them all honest and lets you chose the best at what they do the other old saying is ":fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me". I just want some Speed cars out there and want to buy one

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