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  1. If it's for a stock truck its hard to beat LKQ - they are all over the west (actually US) and will usually ship from any branch very inexpensively (usually $150 before the gas price increase) I have put their engines in a couple Silverados with no issues and they give you a cert - so you can keep with truck in case their is future DMV or smog issues I should note engine prices have gone up - you are looking at 2000-2500 now https://www.lkqonline.com/?ref=g-ppc&ref=g-ppc&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqKuKBhCxARIsACf4XuGzw2EhApxAfyN-yQ7tWbn7zdDZrZQBzAFZvLVmn49WLMlxARfxyCAaAr4XEALw_wcB
  2. I wasted a couple hours of Sean's time Friday night... I learned a little about SxS gearboxes too - that was very interesting ... thanks again @Sean@Weddle for all the support
  3. My fix is to put the Locktite in the threads of the flange rather than on the bolt it fixes the problem I am scared of the Hammer trick - I have seen cracked stub axles in Mendeolas - I am sure I would hit it too hard
  4. I promised myself I was going to stay out of the pre-production vs Production mess these cars were ... but.. and I am sure I will regret this... I build things - I am not the best fabricator on this board, but also am a successful classically trained product manager, and I have brought to market a few $1B run rate products and some for Apple under Steve's direct eye and I can tell you Nothing left Apple if it was not awesome on fit and finish, and I have done my share of smoke and mirror demos on Hardware and software along the way to get the "ramp" paid for or get investors. These cars are NOT pre-production in the sense of the word. Pre Production means these were done by hand or highly supervised on the same production line that regular production is done on using all the same components and all the components passed QC and went through production validation where the cars were assembled and disassembled at least 10x each with time studies and modifications to production procedures written and updated - that is the only way anything gets to large scale production. and also why it takes 3-5 years for these types of products to come to market (not the second or third, but the first line) These were "design validation prototypes" at best. They were likely hand assembled and I am sure done in a severe hurry and not using any best practices or production methodology (ISO). Sometimes if you don't do time studies or just don't have parts in time - you crunch and just throw things together - well you do that once then you get fired or go out of business. And if RG had real production execs there no one had the B@LLs to tell RG these cannot be shown. I have done that a few times in my career - its not easy They also have a lot of outsourced parts that like doors and latches obviously were not QC'd coming in Somehow I doubt RG's team had an optical comparator and a number of go/no go fixtures set up Yet when they built these. In most developments the stages are concept, prototype, design validation, product validation, pre-production, production validation, and finally production. They go by different names at different companies, but each stage has a boundary condition that must be met before proceeding to the next development stage. Along the way you build many protypes and development mules and "show cars or concept cars" to show the public and investors. This is the way its normally done for a reason When you "cowboy" the development IRL you usually never deliver a finished product that scales into production. Unless a bunch of people responsible get fired over the showing of those cars - this project is doomed to reach large scale production Speed has a lot riding on this being a good showing, and anyone without blinders on saw a bunch of crap with pretty screens rolled out - They are FAR from a finished product The guys are Polaris and Canned Ham were probably high five-ing all weekend I have stepped into many of those projects and got paid a lot of money to Un-F them. All the problems people are discussing with Polaris ad Canned ham "happen" after something goes into production and every year you iterate the product until its correct or replaced. even with lots of hands on testing you miss things and you can't test every application and while something holds up well jumping with 4 150Lb people out in 4 300Lb people and things change ... Compromises are made and no matter the best intentions you ship an MVP (minimal viable product) out the door because reworks cost time and money, they can be fixed over time and we all know customers will still buy the product even if they bitch and moan about it. Anyone that has owned and RV knows that for sure. I could go on for many pages on what I would find if I did a consulting gig for RG, but the bottomline is the concept of the car is great, it is not a dream it can be reality, but large scale production is not likely until they fix their internal short comings and maybe hire some professional product people . Its why Tesla has a bunch of Ford and GM people working there - Elon is not stupid... We all have limitations - So in the end did showing these Disappointing example help or hurt the brand? what do you think? Rant over ...
  5. I have found thats usually from either "a liberal application" of locktite used on the bolts and seeping between the CV and the flange or grease making a nice tight vacuum seal. I have used just about every solvent there is and nothing worked to loosen them I have had them so Tight I had to tap two of the holes to 9/16 (or 1/2 if they are 7/16 and put a 3./8 flat plate bolted across them with a Nut welded to the plate and a hole behind it then thread in a bolt and literally pressed the cv off the cup using the bolt If you use too much heat you will be replacing the seal on the stub axles in the trans I hope someone has a really good fix I never found - always open to a better way
  6. I talked to RG at the show right after the Unveiling - he was very nice. I will reserve saying anything about the "rush job pre production cars" People were freaking out about the doors not closing correctly - otherwise the faithful were loving the cars No way I would call them SxS's they are/will be in a class of their own IMO
  7. As others have said - Lender if used, insurance coverage and cost, and of course resale value will suffer especially over time
  8. My entire group has been going to G for 20+ years - we never heard of Sunset until last season, but then again we stay away from big SxS gatherings
  9. All loss is bad, but COVID so unpredictable - sorry for your loss, RIP Duner ...
  10. Its the reason I like to buy 2nd or 3rd year single owner well maintained (anal retentive) RV's -= they work out all the kinks before you get it - they get to do the 12 visits to the dealer in Year one and then once its perfect they sell it with low miles Maybe of the WW second owners don't even know thew walls sagged =or the front caps pulled off - all they was fixed and they get a get RV
  11. We would always put up signs like this in the restrooms and "people" in the office would reprint them with little "explanations" on the bottom like this
  12. Everyone is apparently having trouble getting consistent supply. The place I bought my RV told me he is seeing the same model units come in with different brands of everything from sinks and faucets to refrig and AC. If he gets 3 coaches or Toy haulers in they likely will have all different brand components. I am sure that alone may cause issues in the future (untested)
  13. Rule of thumb is 30% More for SAME POWER based on the "math" as others have stated. However with a boosted car you can up the timing and the Boost ands still be "safe" and if you are smart you will take advantage of it SO - Most people see it closer to 50% because they tune to take advantage of the superior cooling effect of E85. On the Holley systems I have done, I use a Flex Fuel Sensor and it "automagically" adjusted the Boost and timing based on the amount of Ethanol in the fuel - this means as Grease Monkey said you can "test" the fuel and "most" propel stations around here are consistent between E85 and E80 , but I hear some stations can be E70. But this does not affect the amount used. Bottomline Race to E85 - no changes ~30% more used Practical take advantage of the benefits of E85 ~50% more used

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