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  1. Well unfortunately we have the start of spring break and a lot of people from Arizona are in the dunes well let’s just say more than normal
  2. Rain in Glamis again got lots of rain yesterday gonna be another wet weekend . we’re just starting to get really awesome dunes again .
  3. The Glamis beach store has them but they are on site prices which are 50 on site
  4. It was a very cool event and it was great talking to all the people so many great stories and memories they sharedIt was a very cool event and it was great talking to all the people so many great stories and memories they shared
  5. Glamis has been awesome and to be apart of this fantastic group called Glamisdunes.com has taken Glamis to the next level for me .. the compound was the icing on the cake . I’ve meet some of the greatest people on earth in this group . I would say the next level in life . The people were always willing to help a duner out No questions asked . the organized parties and get-togethers at the compound really made this place very special. I have made some lifelong friends to this day maybe they don’t come out anymore but we still keep in contact hoping someday they’ll re-join the Glamis Family . being part of some very special events meant a lot to me and again taking it to the next level . To top it all off to be in my favorite place on earth with the love of my life doesn’t get any better than that . being a part of the Glamis Beach store crew has really been the next level of Glamis for me . Who knows what the next chapter in life will be but I can say I’ve had many awesome memories of Glamis . and the best is yet to come as I’m glad to be apart of it all .
  6. Yes he did had to be life flighted out also one of the other guys was injured as well they were trying to do a threesome jump is what I was told
  7. 269DB24A-60CE-46BC-9C68-CFD3149B21CE.MOV 30D78FB2-A7B4-48BF-952E-1B3DA9D33458.MOV 0FED2913-1C63-4A4A-9195-C0F091F5A0AA.MOV
  8. A13D766C-AECB-418E-AB40-0D8D6EC82AED.MOV
  9. 6C08E7FB-860E-451E-B408-0B3BC250174D.MOV
  10. here’s a few pics I took that weekend D7BA1455-E6D2-4513-B2E4-191B41B7157A.MOV 72041AD1-FE24-4028-B0FE-D03A8F3CFE4B.MOV
  11. And what were the Democrats doing tying up governments hands on an impeachment trial that they could do nothing about

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