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  1. you don't even. go to Glamis !!!!!!
  2. Yep this is the club of enablers and addictions here
  3. The s is awesome and the dynemix system is awesome too .
  4. I'm very happy with the razors I have had over the years . They have really come along way .The POLARIS S. HAS A AWESOME DYNAMIX RIDE TECHNOLOGIE
  5. this is such a fun place for the summer time dune fix and camping on the beach cool too .. we have some great memories there
  6. what he said life has been great .. my biggest reward is helping people .
  7. take your street legal vehicle over there to avoid a ticket or have your vehicle impounded
  8. this has to do with the railroad and the CHP
  9. the bottom line is who is going to legally responsible / liable no one wants to be responsible
  10. 41355932-0925-446B-9DF1-89DBC49C2D3B.MOV
  11. This is going to be a very lengthy and costly project where is the money going to come from to pay to man this crossing and who is going to be liable. Liability insurance ? No one wants to be responsible as the liability insurance for this crossing would me very costly . They are just throwing a bone to pacify the people

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