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  1. Four wheel professional moving Dolly’s 3 or 4
  2. Now the big hills are patrolled by authorities and are so. Crowded . It’s nice to have somewhere else to go that’s not so crowded
  3. Wow that is awesome. These monuments and tributes need to be built out of steel like the swingset that Have survived the test of timeThese monuments and tributes need to be built out of steal . Anyone have pictures of the old plane crash .?
  4. Sorry I have a slight different opinion of this corrupt democratic career politician the truth will come out Someday . I know this is not an appropriate time but the truth must be spoken as reported by the real news . Just do a little history on this man and you will be amazed .
  5. Give Dave call from a X a rental 602 672 6933 on Vendor Row out by the Glamis Beach Store
  6. Check with Dave from Fullerton Sandsports
  7. It was one of the best weekends out in Glamis for a long time perfect weather perfect dunes and awesome group of people thanks to Richard H for leading some great rides and all the rest for a great end of the real season ride 4B9DC90D-9862-4D9E-B3F7-29F22986CBD2.MOV
  8. Here’s some pics from today
  9. Dave with AXA Rentals on Vendor Row has a variety of machines I would call him ASAP 602-672-6933. as machines are reserved long in advance
  10. Glamis Weather our first monsoon of the season
  11. Well between these two upgrades belt blower and razor tech temp gage . I hope I am at the end of my belt issue although 1800 miles on the clutch I hear it’s pretty good considering they’re all dune miles

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