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  1. Very sad sending prayers for a speedy recoveryVery sad sending prayers for a speedy recovery
  2. Well between the blower in the temp gauge has really made a significant difference in my belt life as now I can watch my belt temps and drive accordingly
  3. Back in the three wheeler days used to be an average of 30 to 50 people would die in a season pretty amazing you can understand why they outlawed them . looks like fun I’ll have to dust the cobwebs off mine
  4. Well I know Dave from a XA rentals have can am and the Polaris razors so you could at least try those two out in Glamis .
  5. This is a free weekend . come clean up trash get a chance to win some prizes get a free hotdog or hamburger . come make Glamis clean again although Dave from AXA rentals black bag project volunteers has really made a significant contribution to keeping our dunes clean . make sure to stop by the Glamis Beach store and pick up your info pack we have local maps and informational magazines
  6. sorry I missed you . so when's the next trip ? we have something special planned for memorial day weekend keep that trip in mind A14CDB0B-400A-40CB-AE14-FB4CBB6464C2.mov
  7. One thing that has been noted that the frond ends on the Can Am x3 are very weak and need to be upgraded . Any front end repairs are a major job . The hole front end has to be taken apart to do any replacement repairs . This is what I have seen first hand at Joe fabs shop in Glami
  8. very sad prayers for a speedy recovery
  9. Wow me too I’ll check them this weekend. Anybody going out for Martin Luther King/cleanup weekend
  10. !The razor 4 S with the dynamic system is awesome it’s amazing if you can swing the cash that’s the Way to go in my humble opinion C5D14874-76BA-4CE3-A4CE-C40B9A78D1E3.MOV
  11. there was a couple accidents this last weekend one motorcycle face planted on Sand-highway going way too fast . please people be careful
  12. Awesome pictures thanks for sharing .
  13. Yeah well he said those things look like brand new Glwts
  14. No his name is Johnny and it’s J and M towing who has the snow cat

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