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  1. DEV'S RZR

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Just because it’s not front and center all over the media doesn’t mean they are not doing things to help Glamis by donating units to the ASA for several years now that says a lot about a company’s dedication . So what suggestions do you think they should do to help Glamis .There’s a lot a Honda Tatum’s funcos and several other manufacture of dune buggies that come out to Glamis have they donated to the ASA and what positive things have been done for Glamis and Joe Fab comes to mind as well as donating cars to the ASA for the sole purpose of promoting Glamis .
  2. DEV'S RZR

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    So I believe that you could apply that to any business out in the dunes bottom line is there for a profit to pay the bills keep their stockholders happy so what’s the difference whether it’s a small mom-and-pop vendors or a organization. ..The bigger organization has more money to spend on keeping the dunes open and supporting keeping the dunes clean and open future generations something to consider.
  3. DEV'S RZR

    Textron Earnings Fall on Industrial Weakness

    This thing is one awesome machine I can’t wait for the four seater to get out
  4. DEV'S RZR

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Amazing how people are so hypocritical . Here we have a company that has taken a interest in Glamis and you people slam them just amazes me !!!!!!!!!
  5. DEV'S RZR

    Big Horns or Paddles for Can Am X3 XRS

    I like the STus From Dave Fullerton sand sport I like the wider stance on the sand better for sliding and less digging better floatation
  6. DEV'S RZR


    The wind is your freind it Cleans up the dunes for the rest of us . The best case scenario is the wind blows at night so we have nice fresh dunes in the morning although the sand was very wet this last weekend and could make for some interesting dunes this weekend interesting although the wind blew like hell on Sunday night and Monday and also for people that are going out this weekend be careful on Sand highway as there are ruts where the drainage pipes from the road empty onto Sand highway
  7. DEV'S RZR

    Glamis permit

    All on site vendors who sell the weekly pass are dictated their prices at $50 for the week and 150 for the season . we are working on getting the out-of-state Ohv permits . but we haven’t got them yet.
  8. DEV'S RZR

    Glamis Beach store

    We had a pretty good amount of rain over the weekend so be very careful going down Sand highway as there are ruts
  9. DEV'S RZR

    Glamis Beach store

    This is a three day event Friday Saturday Sunday drawing will be Sunday at 10 AM in the vendor event area come by for the raffle
  10. DEV'S RZR

    My Friend

    Some times it s harder to lose a pet then others sorry for your loss
  11. DEV'S RZR

    2nd Time Newbie

  12. DEV'S RZR

    2nd Time Newbie

    If you go on that weekend it will be crazy all over with camp rzr there
  13. DEV'S RZR

    My Birthday Party, Sad To Say, Cancelled

    I hope everything is ok
  14. DEV'S RZR

    Not dunes but close

    Thanks sharing

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