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  1. DEV'S RZR

    Spring break

    Yeah what he said
  2. DEV'S RZR

    Do you guys like pics?

    You can do it
  3. DEV'S RZR

    Spring break

    Have a safe trip
  4. DEV'S RZR

    Spring break

  5. DEV'S RZR

    Spring break

    Spring break so when dose everyone’s spring break . Ours is April 15th to the 19th
  6. DEV'S RZR

    Do you guys like pics?

    Yeah what he said
  7. DEV'S RZR

    Father and son dune trip (video) 3-14/16

    Nice job
  8. DEV'S RZR

    Honda Talon

    In all my years of side by sides I still like my Polaris razors.. the dynex system is awesome and the technology has really moved the Barr a notch or 10
  9. DEV'S RZR

    Honda Talon

    Honda’s market is not the sand market nor Polaris more units sell back east . As far as the sand market just look at what running in the sand says a lot .they all have there weak points . I would rather change belt in the sand in 5 minutes and and be back out duning . Each year the units get better . You just have to make up your minde if want to play the waiting
  10. are we doing summer rides this year? 2019 

    1. DEV'S RZR

      DEV'S RZR

      Yes sir Memorial Day will be the first official weekend but will most likely have one or two before 

  11. DEV'S RZR

    A few pics from Olds Saturday.

    Yep the real season will be starting soon
  12. DEV'S RZR

    Honda Talon

    Good info here HONDA is in the game now should be real now
  13. DEV'S RZR

    A few pics from Olds Saturday.

  14. DEV'S RZR

    A few pics from Olds Saturday.

    more rain DFE1FC14-200C-43FB-9FD0-B3E31069A772.MOV

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