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  1. amigosnano

    Banshee Bogging Down

    Clean your carbs first. Quickest and most inexpensive problem solver. After that I would check for air leaks. Maybe your base gasket, or your intake gaskets. If it just died like that, your jets are prolly clogged. That sand will get into everything. Clean your carbs thoughly. Use compressed air to clean. I also use dental tools to clean out ports and such.
  2. amigosnano

    Wanted Honda Atc 70 Thread.

    Bohica, stonehedge Buena Park.......I will get a pic today.
  3. amigosnano

    Wanted Honda Atc 70 Thread.

    FOR SALE: 1983 ATC70..........$550.00obo...........SELLING FOR A FRIEND. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. amigosnano

    Anyone on the board a Chevy Salesman?

    yeah i'm probably gonna have to order it. But I have a special GM coupon that is going to take off thousands off of the thousands. Its a great deal but still a big dent in the wallet. Clyde is the man! No matter what anyone says about you, your alright. Thanks again.
  5. amigosnano

    Anyone on the board a Chevy Salesman?

  6. I'm looking to get into a new Chevy crewcab. I was just wondering if anyone on the board could hook a brother up. I would rather be helped by someone I kind of know rather than walk onto a lot and get bull$hitted by a sales guy I don't know. Not that anyone on here doesn't bull$hit, but I could get lucky.
  7. amigosnano


    I have 3 running cars smog exempt. and they are all gas hogs.
  8. amigosnano


    I have an X - Ring chain. read about it here. http://www.wardsweb.org/busa/hayabusa_chain.html
  9. amigosnano


    Rotate your tires. Rotate them often. The tires might be wearing bad. This happens on a lot of off-road tires. Make sure you have the right amount of air in each tire. The bigger the tire the harder they are to maintain.
  10. amigosnano

    Clutch Gone?

    thanks, I might start on it this weekend.
  11. amigosnano

    Clutch Gone?

    i can still go thru all the gears just with no clutch. the bike runs awesome. i rode it all the way back to camp in 3th gear from olds. even bit the dust once!.....oops....at first the clutch spring was stuck. and then we took a screwdriver and a hammer to it and it came loose. then put the cable back on and there is no tension at all. even with the screw on the perch all the way out. i can move the spring with my finger. its way too loose.
  12. amigosnano

    Slappy's Caption Contest...

    Have You Gotten Stuck in aLately?
  13. amigosnano

    Clutch Gone?

    97 banshee, just rebuilt top & bottom I was racin' at olds last saturday kickin some good arse and my clutch stopped working. I got no clutch movement at all. My cable is new and perfectly fine. I took the cable off and checked it. I know alittle about the bikes and re-did my own top end before. Is this a job for a shop or can a semi mechanical person get in there and replace/repair a clutch? :?:

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