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  1. Hi everyone! Yes, we are still hard at it. We aren't real active on social media as we have a large customer base that buys us out as fast as we can produce. Best contact is text 928-486-4043 or email joel@fortrockfarms.com. I spoke with a couple gd.com members last week but I didn't catch board names. We have 3 large steers going in Monday April 8th to be done as ground beef and just ordered our first 200 meat bird chicks which puts chicken availability mid June on the first batch. We'll be doing bulk orders on beef and pork through October but there is typically a wait time once you're on the list. Hit me with questions, i'll try to log on more often here.
  2. Load the little Yeti with beers and Patron, a couple burritos and hop in the Ranger and go slow to go feed cows and check waters.
  3. As time goes on, we tweak and dial our program. Better suppliers, buying feed in bulk and a kiss from Mother Nature by way of a really wet winter followed by the best grasses anyone here has seen since 1993 has left us with favorable pricing while still hitting our goal margins. Our feed bill was a 1/3 of what it was last year per steer. I've got 8 Black Angus steers left for this round that will be priced at $7.95lb, down from last years $9.25lb. These are grain finished on brewers mash from a small micro-brewery in Northern Arizona and are geared more toward flavor and marbling and the grill enthusiast. I've got grass finished available for the same price for our super healthy and cross fit customers but these 8 are for the families that want the fat and flavor without the hormones, steroids and antibiotics. Delivery to Southern California is available when we have a full load for $75.00 per customer just to help cover the trip costs with first deliveries being in July. Delivery to Phoenix available as well. These are the last ones we'll be delivering until late fall. PM me with questions or call/text anytime 928-486-4043 Thanks guys and gals, Joel & Amy http://fortrockfarms.com/index.html
  4. Thanks for the post ABC. You summed it up pretty well. Pretty big leap of faith on our part- best thing we ever did for our health and brought us even closer (which I really didn't think was possible). Slaughter- pro only. Meat for re-sale the way we are doing it must be processed by a USDA inspected facility. Our investment is too large at this point and the stakes too high to mess around with the food police. Besides, custom butchering takes a lifetime to perfect and I really enjoy putting my efforts toward production of these tasty treats. There's only so much time in the day. Fees, compliance and the food police- It took almost a year to research, understand and jump through the necessary hoops. Fees are not the issue, the expense comes in time lost navigating the compliance issues. Want to legally own livestock for slaughter/resale? Every single steer is visually inspected by the state brand inspector onsite. Want to slaughter for resale? Better make the USDA happy with your choices through the entire process. Want to transport your own meat commercially and have your insurance company cover it? Better learn AG laws from DOT restrictions to legalities of crossing state lines. And that's just beef. Heck we even needed a special license just to sell eggs direct to customers. I could go on for hours but I'm sure you get what I'm saying. Don't let the distance keep you from purchasing our vittles! Over 1/2 our customers are from Southern California. Many make turn around trips to pick up in Havasu and several have put together pretty slick carpool/rideshare deals to get their orders home. All our contact info is on the website, contact me anytime with questions bud.
  5. Sorry guys, been MIA for awhile. This adventure took on a life of its own and somehow spit out a business that we had been dreaming about for years. Lots of stuff going on up here so I hope to find time to update this thread before I get lost in Spring. Thanks for bumping the thread!
  6. If you find a way to get it to us I'd split that with you. Getting it out there is easier than it sounds. Plan a trip to Havasu. Turn around trip or stay the weekend and pick up on Sunday on your way home. Your meat is -5 when you pick it up, then we pack it like a game of Tetris in your coolers. We have had customers pick up in July and make a 6 hour trip home with the coolers in the back of trucks that say the meat was still frozen solid when they got home. A grass finished steer 1/4 will fill one average/large cooler with 65 to 75lbs of beef. Our grain finished steers will need 2 coolers and go up to 110lbs on a 1/4. We have had a few guys pick up 1/4's and halves for friends while they grab their own as well. More than 1/2 our customers are from Southern California so we are used to working with peoples trip schedules. On pick up day we have enough hands to quickly get your coolers packed for you and get you on the road. No dry ice needed. No bags of ice either.
  7. Very tempting just to try it out. Not sure what you would get splitting a 1/4 though We do a standard butchers cut. Simply means that it's all stuff you'd find in a grocery store. No tongue, oxtail or weird cuts (unless requested of course). Ribeye T-Bone Porterhouse Sirloin steak London broil 7 bone chuck roast (hands down favorite) tri-tip brisket short ribs tenderloin about 25% ground beef On the 1/4's we split as even as possible since there are only two tri-tips, briskets etc on a whole steer. We have not had anyone upset about the way we split 1/4's. We've had customers get a 1/4 among a group of friends and they split it however works for them. On a half, you get all the great cuts as that is your side of the steer. Your name is scribed on a metal tag that stays with that portion of the carcass until final cut. Final cut takes place one 1/2 at a time so there is no chance of meat getting mixed up etc. Hope this answers some questions guys. I have steers ready to butcher once pre-sold at this point so the wait times are pretty short. Call or text anytime with questions Joel 928-486-4043 or Amy 928-208-0611 for recipes or questions on how to cook ANY cut. You can also visit our website for more info. http://fortrockfarms.com/
  8. Are they sealed at all inside the butcher's paper? If not, is butcher's paper alone enough to stave off freezer burn? Maybe time to invest in a vacuum sealer? -TJ PS- we're going to be eatin' good on RRE You're good at least a year on butcher paper. As Socal mentioned, much longer in most cases. You are right though, vacuum sealer is the ultimate way to go if you have the time and don't mind spending the dough. Real cost is .35 per package if buying bags bulk/wholesale .45 per package if buying from Wal-Mart or Amazon. Even getting in a fast groove would take several hours to do a 1/2 steer. As I was typing this, Amy was pulling a Elk roast out to cook this weekend so I took some pics for you guys. Note the date. This roast is 2 years old, a year past the "use by" date mandated be printed by the food police. Typical double wrap. A little moisture/frost but zero burn. You typically wouldn't open this until it thawed and wouldn't see normal moisture but I figured it was a good time to snap a pic for you fellas. This little piece of heaven will be just as delicious as the day he was harvested
  9. Was great to meet you Jeff! You've got a big adventure ahead. Lots of new cuts to try. Don't forget to call Amy with any questions or tips on recipes.
  10. Our butcher is an absolute pro and incredibly humane. You'd figure he'd be somewhat callous after 20+ years but it's not the case at all. I'll spare you the visual but to sum it up, they go from munching away on their favorite grains or hay to "not" munching away. No stress, lights out, caped and quartered and starting to cool in 15 minutes. Like your wife, I am a huge animal lover. Butcher day is never easy for us and I hope it never is. Knowing that you worked so hard for 18 to 20 months to give that fella the best life you could takes the sting out a little. Knowing that's one less steer that grew out in feed lot conditions helps as well. It's 100% true. Ask any hunter that has had a bad shot and had to track the wounded animal. There is always a taste difference with a stressed animal. Stress followed by death doesn't give the body a chance to process the adrenaline.
  11. I've got a couple guys that do BBQ competitions asking for the cuts they need. Wish I could help, it's just not a good fit for us. Getting families into good meat with bulk purchases is our goal. Having the opportunity to have those expensive cuts for just $9.25lb is part of what makes an investment like this a great value for folks. Selling individual cuts requires the use of a USDA kill floor. This means, pushing a steer into a trailer and transporting it 100 miles to spend its final day in a slaughter pen. You can taste the stress.
  12. I gotta leave that to you guys. The Food Police are no fun to deal with if you are a legitimate business making jerky without a commercial kitchen.
  13. The standard butcher cut we're doing is 1" on the steaks. On a 1/2 or whole steer, you call the shots. 2" is no problem. The way the quarters are split, we need to keep it at the standard butchers cut unless you have someone that wanted the exact same custom process. Right on. I'll look in to it. Incase I missed it what is the rate for 1/4 or 1/2? Either one is $9.25lb. Each quarter is 100ish pounds.
  14. The standard butcher cut we're doing is 1" on the steaks. On a 1/2 or whole steer, you call the shots. 2" is no problem. The way the quarters are split, we need to keep it at the standard butchers cut unless you have someone that wanted the exact same custom process.
  15. About 25% is ground beef. The rest is steaks (porterhouse, tbone, ribeye, tenderloin, sirloin) roasts, ribs, london broil etc. No oddball cuts like tongue or oxtail unless requested. We do a standard butcher cut. Basically, all the stuff you are used to seeing in the grocery store. All our customers have been extremely happy with the cuts we have provided so far but we push for feedback so we can tweak future orders if needed. While we have really simplified the process, it still takes time. You are purchasing a live animal or a portion of (we pair you with someone else on the list to complete the sale if you do not have anyone to split with). We handle all scheduling with your butcher and line up a pick up date that works for everyone involved, including the butcher. It's a lot of e-mails and phone calls to pull it off smoothly. The next delivery is set for mid September to Havasu. Deposit is $100 per 1/4. (i.e. a whole steer is $400 deposit). Once on the list we are in contact pretty often while making sure delivery dates work for everyone. I've got about a 24 hour window to get everyone loaded once the butchers freezer hits Havasu. If it sounds complicated, it is. But from the customers side, we've nailed it every time and is as easy as driving to Havasu, grabbing your goodies and heading home to your freezer. I hope this answered questions from some other folks as well.

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