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  1. hauler

    Mendeola shifter

    I have what your looking for. PM sent
  2. hauler

    WTB- Gear One 930 Mid-Boards

    I' m looking for a set of 930 Gear One Mid-Boards 4 piston. I Think the part # is G1-2650. If some has just one and/or parts for one, I would be interested. Thanks Randy (928) 503-3215
  3. After you measure it, give me a call. Thanks Randy (928) 503-3215
  4. How wide is the rear door opening and where are you located?
  5. hauler

    WTB -Gear One grease cap

    I'm in Yuma
  6. hauler

    WTB -Gear One grease cap

    Want to buy gear one combo hub grease cap. See pictures call Randy (928)503-3215 Thanks
  7. hauler

    Sand Tires for sale

  8. hauler

    Sand Tires for sale

    14.50 x 17 Dune Sport 2 sand tires in perfect condition. Bought for a project that never was not finished. $650.00. (928) 503-3215 Randy
  9. hauler

    17" set of (4) Wide 5 Wheels, Paddle Tires & Razors

    I have a pair of 14.50 x 17 dune sport paddles in perfect condition. $600.00 firm Randy (928) 503-3215
  10. Want to buy Sand Tires Unlimited 8.50x15 Triple Razor tires Randy (928) 503-3215
  11. Want to buy Sandtires Unlimited 8.50x15 triple razor front tires. Must be in very good condition. Randy (928) 503-3215
  12. Howe Power Steering Rack & Pinon with integrated control valve & Filtered reservoir. Comes with Sweet power steering pump and reusable cut to length hoses. This system is in excellent condition, tight, no leaks and very little use. $1450.00 Randy (928) 503-3215
  13. hauler


    If you still have the turning brake, i'll take it. Randy (928) 503-3215
  14. hauler

    Honda Gurus

    complete full rebuild, everything you mentioned and new pistons, cams are original.

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