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  1. Hauler

    Honda Guys

    Not without replacing exhaust seats and I opted not to do that. The valves looked good and none of them were bent but the seats were hammered. I leaked it down when I got it home before disassembly and I got the same results you did. It fooled me, I did`nt think the motor would run very well at all with the valves leaking that bad. You were right.
  2. Hauler

    Honda Guys

    Anyone have a pair of j35a4 cylinder heads? They don't have to perfect, I'm going to have a valve job done on them for a new build. Randy (928)503-3215
  3. Hauler

    Honda Guys

    Anyone have a recommendation for a machine shop to do a valve job on J35 honda heads. San Diego or Phoenix Thanks
  4. What is a conservative estimate of crank H.P. for a turbo engine your building on 91 pump gas & A.E.M ecu?
  5. Mendeola 4:86 10" ring&pinon. $225.00 Honda 3.5 P.S. pump w/ pulley-mount-adjuster& belt. $75.00 Hi-Torque Starter #104. $145.00 SOLD S.T.U. 8.50X15" razor front tires. $120.00/pr. SOLD Douglas 15"X15" Aluminum non-beadlock wheels. $120.00/pr. SOLD 2-1/2" Springs for 2.0 Shocks 1pr. 14"×2-1/2" 450lb Black 1pr. 12 "x2-1/2" 400lb Black 1pr. 14"× 2-1/2" 150lb Red 1pr. 12"× 2-1/2" 200lb Red 1pr. 10"× 2-1/2" 200lb Silver 1pr. 8"× 2-1/2" 325lb Blue $50.00/ pair Randy. Yuma, az. (928)503-3215
  6. Hauler

    Honda Guys

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a OBD2 code reader with live data and data logging capabilities? I will be using it primarily for Honda 3.5 J4.
  7. I have one, brand new never used. Randy (928) 503- 3215

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