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  1. After you measure it, give me a call. Thanks Randy (928) 503-3215
  2. How wide is the rear door opening and where are you located?
  3. hauler

    Honda Gurus

    complete full rebuild, everything you mentioned and new pistons, cams are original.
  4. hauler

    Honda Gurus

    I have a Honda 3.5 j4 brand new rebuild, anything special to do on initial start up and break in. Thanks
  5. Anybody have a part # or length of the belt to run from damper to alternator only. Thanks Randy
  6. The car is looking very good, who did the exhaust. Thanks
  7. This is for you Honda 3.5 engine guys, which Hi-Torque starter are you using to bolt up to a Mendeola 2d. Thanks
  8. Thanks, I'll give them a call. Anyone else have a recommendation.
  9. I have a SBC Brodix Aluminum Cylinder that needs small crack repaired and seat replaced. Anyone have any recommendations. I'm looking for a very high quality shop to do the work. I'm in Yuma so Phoenix, San Diego, or L.A. are ok. Thanks
  10. hauler

    E-85 Guys

    TTT Anybody have any ideas about this problem with E-85
  11. hauler

    E-85 Guys

    I have a dry sump system. Each valve cover has a -6 filtered vent and the valley has a -12 line appox. 18" long that runs to top of dry sump tank. From the top of the dry sump tank there is a -8 line appox. 12" to filtered breather can with a petcock on the bottom to drain condensation. When draining it has just a few spots of oil in the condensation water. Thanks for the help
  12. hauler

    E-85 Guys

    Are any of you having a problem with black sticky soft carbon build up in intake runners and hard carbon build up on valves an pistons. The plugs and headers have a very light color with no build up. I'm using new california E-85 that tested E-86. Thanks

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