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  1. Adopted Wash

    After Ssss Party!

    Can I have the address. I pm you 3 times. Lol. Love you Sis. Not looking foreward to set up nor clean up :nag:
  2. Adopted Wash

    Havasu Ne One

    one more day yay
  3. Adopted Wash

    Havasu Ne One

    well im am gonna be there the 16th to the 24th or 25th so let me kno if you wanna go riding we will all have to get together we have like 5 or 10 ppl who will be ridding and maybe a couple rangers or rhino so hit me up. my sis pinkyfz450 will be there too so heres my cell 714 316 9909 give me a call ne time out there. i will riding everyday. and then hitting up the bar at night either the club or the naked turtle or bak to the house for coctails and we will be doing some fishing too. hope to hear from you all the more the merrier.
  4. Adopted Wash

    Fourth Annual Veteran's Day Gathering

    u still want pics of us military in our uniform
  5. Adopted Wash

    4th Annual Veteran's Day Gathering Info

    hey should i wear my uniform for the flag raising
  6. Adopted Wash

    Havasu Ne One

    havasu for thanksgiving this year. glamis is getting to crazy so the fam and friends are going to havasu
  7. Adopted Wash

    September Night Ride

    hey im gonna ride out with my sis pinky
  8. Adopted Wash

    Yzgirl4 (30)

    happy b day
  9. Adopted Wash

    New Mx Park In Riverside, Ca

  10. Adopted Wash

    Yamaha's Replacment For The Blaster

    thats freakin awesome
  11. Adopted Wash

    Hybrid Blaster

    dude thats wffin awesome

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