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  1. Well if nothing else I should be able to bump myself up to 10,000 looks 😂 How about $6300?? Starting to trip over it in the shop
  2. Ah Jim you're gonna miss us by about 2 weeks - we are there July 28 - August 3rd. Would have been great to see you again!! The finance thing does make the SXS easier to purchase for sure but someone has to be looking for something different than everyone. For those that have big sandcars and would like their kid to have a mini -me version $6500 is cheap in comparison.
  3. I do think location is hurting it - if it were somewhere people could easily stop by and look it would probably already have a new home.
  4. Thanks Yeah it’s sad how fast kids grown up and out of toys. We were only able to get one season out of it as my son took a huge growth spurt. Was hoping for a couple as it’s a great little Rail built by a solid name brand company. Also wish the first number of when I purchased it was a $6
  5. So 8k looks and I still have it. Is it price? Did I just buy this thing terribly as we were super psyched when we got it. Big baller for big kid and lots of fun for shorter adult. Is it the location? Thoughts??!!
  6. If I didn't already have the Tatum that would be an option!
  7. That Revo is Bad A$$! Hes got an RS1 for now that he loves but would be a good future rail🤔
  8. They built me two Amazing cars!

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