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  1. Just go kick the tires already OB ! you know you want to buy it!! Even has shocks on it that don't make that annoying clicking sound, would be perfect for you! Beautiful car!
  2. Isn't it your wife's, and she lets u use it? JK
  3. I recommend upgrading to the steel clamp nuts. They are a little bit better than the aluminum, cheap insurance imo. Most likely you Will not need the washer with the steel nuts.
  4. I have used the king and link pin shims for vw type spindles, get the larger size for 7/8" pins. May need to massage the I'd with an air grinder or Dremel to get it to slide on easily.
  5. Here is mine, it's a honda. I like one on the pedal also.
  6. MTN dew, alcohol has not agreed with me since last year. Cheers!
  7. Anyone want to trade two 15x7 BTR beadlock wheels with polished rings for a pair of 15x4" BTR wheels? Mine have all brand new grade 8 bolts and washers . Would like to have all four the same with a matching spare all same wheel. Located in Escondido area 92026. I can have the tires mounted and dismounted for you if needed at no cost to you also. Thanks
  8. I was thinking head gasket issue also, have you checked the pressure at the coolant tank or cap with engine running? If the pressure just keeps building or no pressure at all it may help narrow things down. If I remember, The water pump for a Northstar has its own little belt on the back of one cyl head I think it is driven off the cam? and the little pullies are plastic and the belt is very small, u may have a slippage issue there also?
  9. Other than needing some longer axles, it's pretty straightforward. Take a few notes on the engine angle with the car level it's usually tilted upwards 5-7 degrees for more ground clearance, also measure the space between the oil pan and skidplate so u can make it the same later. The nose cone Mount should be the same but the one towards the back bellhousing will need to be installed new, get a thick one at least 1/4" and make sure you put the tabs in front of the plate, so you can slide the trans out later without having to remove the brackets. Mount the trans as low as you can to minimize that angle on the CVS, but just high enough so your oil pan isn't resting on the skid pan if you ever hit a rock or g out hard. Take some pics
  10. No, but BMX museum is the only other site I visit daily besides gd.com. love that place!
  11. That's me showing them how to shovel, at the neighborhood track, and I'm 39! Always loved building jumps and was usually the first one to try it, diddnt always end we'll! I am 6-3" and 230 this haro is a large size, but I prefer my xl and XXL size in 20" bikes,. this one fits me good, but I Put a longer stem and taller bars to help so I can sit and pedal. The best fit for me is a 24" cruiser because I have been riding 26 MTN bikes the past few years, and got used to the long wheelbase. I have ridden, and a few companies are now building a 22" wheeled BMX and they are friggen sweet also. Gonna buy the DK general Lee in a 22" once I can stop spending money on bringing back the old bikes. This blue gt in the pic is one of my favorite riding 24" I own, and there is one for sale local on Craigslist for only 280 and I paid more than double that when new. I even thought about buying a second one for my boy when he gets bigger!

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