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  1. 2turbofords

    Mendeola 2D gearing for a 2.5 turbo Subaru

    With a smaller turbo motor you want to stay higher in the RPM and have the gears close together. I would say a 100 mph max at redline in 4th gear. this gear setup will keep you in the boost all the way from 1st to 4th gears. 4.57 ring and pinion 3.44 1st , 2.25 2nd ,1.78 3rd,1.39 4th should put you pretty damn close to 99 mph at 6k rpm and keep u in 3rd gear while duning hard . this is the gears I had set up for my 2.3 turbo Ford motor in a big 2500 lb 4 seater... still works good with my 3.5 Honda motor too, just wish I had a 5th gear for the hard pack stuff
  2. I have had my 24-foot mighty mover since 2006 love that trailer and being able to drive in with the paddles on 98" door is a plus at night. Would love to sell my trailer and move up to a 26-footer like this!
  3. 2turbofords

    Air filter cleaning trick

    I spray simple green on the inside and outside of the filters let it sit for 5 minutes then sprayed off with water. fill a small plastic bucket with some warm water and a little bit of Dawn and then I plunge it in and out of the bucket a few times then rinse with fresh water, air dry then oil and reinstall on car, I have the matching CBM outerwears as well
  4. 2turbofords

    Air filter cleaning trick

    Dawn dish soap or simple Green works similar, that's what I be usin!
  5. 2turbofords

    New or “freshened” 2d?

    the newest version, a little thicker a little heavier a few more ribs and a few extra bolts that go through the center section if I remember correctly. I want to put one in this summer to but thinking of going with a 5-speed for hardpack use.
  6. 2turbofords

    6 year old, bmx bike info

    Here is a picture of my 4 yr old sons 16 inch haro 18 in DK ,and 20 in DK side-by-side for you in comparison
  7. 2turbofords

    Its Saturday 4/20/19 What are you doing this weekend?

    Nice, shipping sucks bucks!
  8. 2turbofords

    Its Saturday 4/20/19 What are you doing this weekend?

    dude how much was the shipping on that? I shipped a set of 16in 2.5 bypasses to the east coast and it cost me almost $200 for low and slow ground delivery!!
  9. 2turbofords

    6 year old, bmx bike info

    18" for sure, look for a haro, dk, or similar they are much harder to find than the 16" bikes. He will be ready for a 2o" ultralight in a year or two.
  10. 2turbofords

    Got back in to RC cars today

    Money!! I bought one of those exact same RC cars at the leduc swap meet, but wasn't able to hold on to it for 24 hrs, needed the money more I guess haha. built the kids a little pump track in the field behind the house and it turned into an RC car track pretty quickly. Congrats
  11. 2turbofords

    Identify this car?🤔

    I would focus more on the rear and the main cage of the car, the front may have been a beam car conversion done after the chassis was manufactured. possibility that it could be a one-off or a garage built chassis as well using other companies parts and geometry
  12. 2turbofords

    WTB Jamar Caliper mounts

    Kartek? I get parts next day from them, may be worth a shot , not too expensive
  13. 2turbofords

    Truck Pictures

    Got some new bumpers...
  14. What we have here is a one year old Miller lite sign, it's over 40 inches tall come and get it fifty bucks? Or best offer
  15. 2turbofords

    It's Saturday 4/13/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Did you get the floating cabin? Neighbors are heading there in a few weeks, and sounds cool. Hope u catch some fish

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