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  1. Be careful next time u park under a light pole, had to fix this last Friday in a popular shopping center. 14 ' pole and two shoebox lights luckily diddnt hit anything. I guess 30 years and some sprinkler overspray couod be deadly.
  2. Wine bottle and a good old cork, can usually get 2-3 runs out of the same bottle and cork, till we eventually loose the cork. No drill bits required, just builds pressure until the top pops off.
  3. 2turbofords


    Not much help on the 110 questions but I'm Interested in one of the crf 50s for my 5 year old, pm me or lemme know when u are ready to sell.
  4. 3" backspacing, good condition ready to run. Has rm2 on beadlock ring, but unsure of wheel make 100.00 gd price
  5. Kind of gets boring after the second day unless you pick a destination for each ride, like the artesian,well pumpkin patch, trestle 2, mini dunes etc. We can do laps around camp and end up at shell Reef, taking a different path every time. Stacking rocks and watching the bikes. This was Valentine's/ Presidents weekend with the family in ocatillo
  6. Make sure you carry a fire extinguisher at all times, I heard about these sxs models spontaneously combusting.
  7. it's a privately owned, luxury coach car, my brother-in-law is a caretaker for one that was built almost 100 years ago. .They pass through glamis at least once a month on the back of the cargo train. The one he rides on even has a back porch where you can sit on the back and have a smoke outside. Crazy expensive way to travel in luxury but if you have the money I guess why not.
  8. They sell them brand new and kar tech, shaved or unshaved however you prefer your women, I mean tires...
  9. Aftermarket turbo kit oil lines is most common cause of the fires I have seen. Others have had an on going leak and the owner just keeps going on rides. I'm sure when the belt shreads it can cause a fire eventually since most run coverless for ease of replacement. Can't understand carrying gas over the exhaust system on any vehicle without heat shields.
  10. the engine sound is everything! Makes me miss the old nitro cars, but one of the guys I run with, got a little on board Bluetooth speaker( made by associated) for his electric truck, set it up to sound just like a trophy truck with downshifting when u slow and backfiring everything! it's unreal how loud it is at the park. I wanted to add that I have Traxxas trucks also a rustler, and a slash and they are very durable. Didn't want to sound anti Traxxas earlier, they get my money also, just don't think the udr is their best product. .
  11. They're super fast but tend to break quite often on big jumps, I don't own one myself but drive with guys that do every weekend. The super Baja Rey made by losi is far superior imo, 4wd, four link rear with a arm front also with similar speeds and quite a bit bigger than the udr (20lbs!) . Check out the comparison videos on YouTube. SBR comes Rtr with radio and it's almost the same price as the udr. Batteries can get expensive but you can buy a pair of matching batteries with charger in a package.
  12. Did you have a bender for sale

    1. 2turbofords


      Yes, jd squared only have 1.5" die located in fallbrook ca

    2. Dustin P

      Dustin P

      How much?

      I also need 1 inch and 1,25 dies. 

  13. make sure you get one that has straps or clips or something that run underneath the car, otherwise it will be in the next camp on a windy morning covering someone else's ride.
  14. I can't tell you how many of my groups cars have shocks with little or no nitrogen charge, went to a buddies house last night and his rear shocks only had 55 PSI in them on each side! I charged them and told him to keep an eye out for leaking, but told him to expect a totally different ride. Zero loss gauge and a nitro bottle should be in every group. I check my shocks every couple trips just to keep an eye on condition of shock seals etc .

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