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  1. The biggest ones u can buy right there!! Here is my little home made setup for my Honda, uses two 4" cbm filters.
  2. X2 for performance tube bending if u wanna start building. I bought a used set of headers for my Honda and cut them up and flipped them around till they looked and fit correctly. I then decided to connect them together for a single exit and bought some burns stainless pieces. It's not that difficult to do the first side,but to copy it again on the opposite side is the real work. Take your time and make it fun. Have you looked into outfront Motorsports? They sell and build custom e erything for subaru here in so cal,your not gonna find a bolt on anything for a mid engine set up so custom it is 👌
  3. Do those custom caps use an o ring on the grease side? Also do u typi Ally use aluminum or steel spindle nuts? I bought the steel ones from cnc, but was curious if it's kinda overkill?
  4. Nice, looks good there also! U gonna do a spotlight or something to light it up? I always string Christmas lights from the top of mine down to the ground all the way around and make a giant Christmas tree every year, my neighborhood appreciates it, I think haha
  5. I went to New trend and bought all new sheets for my entire trailer, they were about 50 bucks a sheet if I remember correctly. I was shocked at the difference it made when it was done! I only put screws at the top and the bottom of each panel and spray glued everything else for the clean look
  6. Dang how did I miss this? the interior of my mighty mover trailer frame is absolutely identical to the for sale ad that I posted the question on. a lot of times you don't know the manufacturer of a trailer unless you look at the registration, they are so similar. His add seemed way too cheap for a universal trailer that's why I asked. the nicely painted boogie for sale for 45000 with combo front spindles and single shocks is kind of a joke to me anyways.
  7. I like to use the classic steel braided like you have in the picture, however lately I have been buying the protective hose jacketing from my local Caterpillar tractor dealer and putting it over the hoses anywhere it chafes or makes contact with something else. I'm thinking of making all new fuel lines before my first trip and using the black hose if I can reuse all of my red n blue an ends ? I'm not sure
  8. Re gear if u want the paddles to workout. I went with some eBay special wheels and tires mounted up on Douglas wheels for my kiddo,added 3" of width per tire for maximum stability when turning. these wheels are the same front and rear, same offset same witdth everything all four wheels match. The exhaust and intake upgrade helps a lot also. I am 230 lbs and ride this quad regularly in glamis around camp without paddles
  9. That guy must be desperate! What I would give to have her take a quick look at my junk! Let alone show her friend's, could have been the highlight of his life!
  10. Yes wrong words...never met a decent gay person male or female, but if u go to gay pride And participate celebrating your sexuality and push it on others in public or on me, u get the hate If u speak ebonics,sell drugs or bump rap music all the time,talk loudly enough so the entire room has to listen, if your in the NFL, u should be brought back into slavery. .don't just stare at white people waiting for me to smile so u can start verbally abusing us . u get the hate! curb stomp comes to mind. If u speak only spanish stay home, don't bring your 8 year old to the bank to translate for the teller, don't fly your stupid flag anywhere in this country, don't live in your trash filled overgrown front yard and pretend to be a landscaper sitting next to the car leaking oil everywhere all weekend long while your barking dogs shit and the smell of cheap weed fill the neighborhood. U pretend to have horses as pets and be vaqueros, but I would never let any animal live in conditions like that. I don't care if your legal or not, just live like the rest of us and attempt and blend in or get the hate Most white people suck too, don't get me wrong it's not all about your race color or sexual preference, it's how u present yourself when in public. I also think church and God are the biggest fricken campfire story of them all. Sorry guys I'm an ahole

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