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  1. My guy is pretty good here in Escondido I paid 400 each for open country 37x12.50x20. about 20$ less per tire than orw I can get a price for four mounted if your interested. Golden State tire
  2. There's enough nos in there to... That s 2000 pulled me and I was cruising on a +200 tune in the old diesel... I was impressed but it was not naturally aspirated for sure.
  3. Nice work! I was expecting to see a 75 foot yacht though when I clicked on the title...carry on
  4. I have these three bottles available in Escondido, if anyone is interested pm me
  5. Napa power series micro v for me. I tried the other two and they would squeak first trip out...this Napa one lasted an entire season before it started squeaking. I have a Honda with an adjustable power steering pump mount instead of a factory tensioner.
  6. Umm, I'm done I swear... Did every ridge and valley on the roof this morning and the chimney too
  7. Yes just came out of a restaurant this year
  8. I have a couple large 4-5' tall steel, customer owned bottles, (co2 I think) that I would be willing to part with cheap, or I have 20#,30# aluminum cylinders also that could be exchanged for whatever gas u need. I change gasses all the time at the local welding store when I go in for an exchange the cost difference isn't too much.
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  10. Melted for sure, Can u set it up for each fan to have it's own relay? Two fans on start up draw more than one standard relay can handle. Check your grounds on the fans also. May need to run a heavier wire 10 gauge is good.
  11. I run three of those little 5" ones from kartek, all are convex, especially the one in the overhead position so I can see both kiddos in the back seat, can't see much out the rear of the buggy so I added side mirrors instead.
  12. Kids are getting bigger, and dad's garage is shrinking daily, so gotta move a few...all were purchased new and not left outdoors to rust. Located in sandy eggo ca 16" haro blue color includes everything shown in pic. Has new tires and tubes ready to go 120$ 18" white dk freestyle bike, well built much more heavy duty built bike for serious riders, gyro for barspins, 3 piece cranks, ready to ride, 140$ 18" purple girls haro, new tubes and tires , originally had white tires and my daughter didn't like them! 120 $

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