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  1. 2turbofords

    Amber 6' led whips

    Two hd safeglow whips Amber led and still in plastic, 6' tall, 175$ for both, half price of new...
  2. 2turbofords


    U ever sell this sweet bicycle?
  3. 2turbofords

    2003 Yamaha warrior 350 4 stroke

    Last chance to own a classic,it's going bye bye this weekend at the off road swap meet. Looks and runs like new, new battery And gas this week pink in hand currently registered and in my name only.1700$??
  4. 2turbofords

    Rhino wheels and tires

    Last bump before they hit the swap meet this coming Saturday. .
  5. 2turbofords

    35x15 Baja pros used pair

    Still available, but will be gone Saturday at the off road swap meet
  6. 2turbofords

    Sheet Metal fab shops where & who ?

    Crb Fab in San Marcos is awesome
  7. 2turbofords

    Oversized aluminum water/fuel tank

    Couple more pics maybe? Thanks
  8. 2turbofords

    WTB-Quad for Teen

    I have a clean Yamaha warrior for sale here on the board, looks and runs like new, will look for the ad link
  9. 2turbofords

    Wheel size suggestions

    All BTR wheels are heavy and work good In the dirt. Unless u have tons of hp they are way too heavy for the sand. One BTR wheel 12" wide weighs the same as all 4 of my Douglas beadlock wheels combined. We swapped rims between my dad and my buggies cause he has a v-8 and I have a v-6 it did make a big difference on my car without the four BTR wheels weighting it down .
  10. 2turbofords

    Pay to Play

    Always wanted to try this, to have a rental trailer dropped off in a good spot and show up with truck and trailer and have a gayranteed spot rather than driving up and down gecko staring at little spots hoping I can fit!
  11. 2turbofords

    Disc Brake kits? (Which one)

    Grey area, or pro x
  12. 2turbofords

    curt leduc swap meet -- anyone going?

    This Saturday the 23rd it's at a new location this year again. Spotlight 29 casino. Sunday everything is gone ..I will be there awake and selling ng from 12 noon sat till Sunday morning say hi!!
  13. 2turbofords

    It's Saturday 2/16/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Freezing our butts off camping in Julian, kiddos loving all the snow!!
  14. 2turbofords

    New 4 seat build

    shift Rod does not have to be straight, but will need some u joints if too much angle. U could raise it 2" to minimize the angle and shorten up the shifter if u want it lower. Fwiw I used to run a Jamar push button box type shifter and the shifter handle was only 6" long including the knob on top And it worked fine.
  15. 2turbofords

    Welder needed wash 15

    Joe Fab??? sorry I am not in the dunes or I would help u out, seem to be the only guy that drags a welder to camp anymore...

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