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  1. I loved it every time Yoshi would try to post new pictures of his mc cars... and everyone just commented on his wife in the background, and ignored the stupid cars. I miss having an entire page of new threads to read, but I got another hour a day of my life back to pull weeds. so many nice cars got built before 2010 and now it's just too easy to buy a used one and then update, bypass, 2" snouts, radius roof, big body etc, rather than starting a build from scratch . I ordered my chassis brand new at the sand sports show in 2005 and picked it up early 2006. I am one of the few guys I know that is still driving the same buggy. to this day still haven't painted it cause i never stop changing stuff
  2. Still good, but now it's just a few topics a day, but it's summer And hopefully the boat pics of tan milfs will get posted...
  3. New beetles are cool, I have seen some companies make an LS swap for them even. These are a few of my favorites
  4. Genius is fine, low and slow is best. 925 is a hard battery to kill, mine are still going strong from 2014 in the buggy.
  5. can't tell you guys how many impellers I've had to change on Fourth of July weekend in my life from people who are not ever prepared as well as me!! Brandon I'm sorry I never called you back , ha but thanks again for your help!! I owe you a cold one for every phone call you've ever taken from me! Thanks
  6. I'm not gonna make it up to pick up any sticks after all, south sandy eggo people will have to find another ride, bummer and sorry guys
  7. If it's only a sand car 63 would be fine but 83 would be enough to stand on at the hill or drags for a picture or whatever. My kids and I sit on the roof to get a better view, but if my car was painted maybe I would care? the desert guys typically use a thicker roof in case they roll over onto sharp sticks large boulders or any other object that could penetrate into the cab.
  8. I got a double finally! The subie was flying, but the Porsche was closing fast.
  9. Guy parks his Benz in front of a construction site entrance so it's not too close to the other cars... Ha ha got covered in dirt/ dust somehow...
  10. Sounds good guys, I will let u know when I'm heading up.
  11. Xrp, Earl's, possible to have them custom anodized also I have a guy here in Escondido if u go that route fwiw he used to do all the blue ends and reservoirs etc for Fox before they switched over to Black.
  12. One day next week hopefully, waiting on transmission shop to finish my truck at the moment, 9 days in already, getting sad not having my office to drive around
  13. How many sticks u thinking about getting? I was thinking of heading up and picking up 100$ worth, and could bring some south for u.

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