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  1. it's the only Photoshop they can do in the hood. IDs and graduation photos are their specialty man!
  2. Went to the local rc swap meet today, tons of airplanes for sale. Sold some wheels n tires and a few small items, but picked up 29" brushless RC boat excited to try it out!
  3. Looking good! Gotta chop my turn brake handle also, I knocked the car out of second gear a couple times last year trying to be a hotshot and use the turn brake being a goof
  4. Just make sure to take a step towards the officer as he's walking towards the back of your rig, extend your arm, and it'll work every time
  5. I believe you'll have to put something back on because the adhesive is almost impossible to remove and doesn't come clean, I have tried every chemical I can find and it's still won't come off. it looks clean but is soon as the motorhome gets dusty you can see all the adhesive residue again. I'm going to have a black vinyl wrap go over it to hide it.
  6. Dang must be nice to worry about Tig welding skid pan tabs j/k... u can always mig them and then grind them down smooth? once you paint them nobody's ever going to see a Tig weld under the car.
  7. Hankooks we're falling apart on 2011 f350 dually pickup, on the Inside after 25k miles. My tire guy said they look good to the untrained eye,but once dismounted holy cow I got lucky.
  8. Nice work! New motor? Thought this one your running now was the unicorn u have been building all along? What is the current redline that u have seen for RPMs?
  9. Get a new frame from cycle salvage? You could even cut the front clip off and just replace it ?
  10. Sumitomo, great riding tire same load rating
  11. You can always cut the peddle and make it 1" or more longer to increase the leverage you're applying without changing any other parts.
  12. What's your price on just the 3.0 by 16 bypass pair?
  13. FYI all those little brass nipples just pull right out if they use some vice grips in a little heat. I went ahead and removed them completely and welded little plugs inside each hole.
  14. Gonna need a bigger trailer...again

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