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  1. 2turbofords

    It’s Saturday 12/15/18 what’s everybody doing.

    Winter wonderland with the kids!
  2. 2turbofords

    WTB Child Booster- with tabs preffered

    I have a red beard with tabs, it s a preemie seat, fits kids up to 4 years old. I used it inside a regular width prp adult seat. Picture shows it next to a regular sized booster from prp.
  3. 2turbofords

    Incredible customer service

    He's a great guy, hope to meet him one time in the dunes! had two items dropped off at his shop in the past month and he brought them home for me to pick up at my convience no questions asked! Not even a customer and he takes care of it!
  4. 2turbofords

    Fox 2.5 12" bypasses

    I'm looking for a pair of 12 inch travel 2.5 piggyback bypass shocks hopefully with blue ends if possible. The more tubes the better lemme know what u got?
  5. These are 12"x 2.0 shocks. Found out I need 12"x 2.5" (longer )would be willing To trade up plus cash on my end. Two bypass tubes, piggyback ressy, not too pretty but do not leak,fresh rebuilt over the last summer one ressy is new and does not match all the way. 900pair obo
  6. 2turbofords

    Lights dimming

    Alt belt slippage? Tensioner worn or belt too stretched out?
  7. 2turbofords

    Lights dimming

    Did your sunglasses fall down over your eyes in the whoops? Hopefully it's something simple to find, electric Gremlins are horrible!
  8. 2turbofords

    Got Balls?

    Badass, where is this video taken? That's why good mtb hydraulic disc brakes cost almost 1k a pair! I run 4 piston calipers front and rear with 8" scalloped 2 piece rotors, and I wouldn't try it, love my kids too much!
  9. 2turbofords

    WTB front brakes/hubs

    Gone, sorry...I went to 2" hollows
  10. 2turbofords

    PRP Child Booster Seat

    Text sent
  11. 2turbofords

    2018 Summer upgrades on the Desert Dynamics

    Coming out sick! Love mil-spec wiring stuff. I need to install my sway bar similar to yours. What size tubing did u use to mount yours inside and where did the bushings on each end come from? Thanks and keep up the good work!
  12. 2turbofords

    Backspace used and available remaining

    Anything less than 98" with paddles is normal width. Mine is 96 and I put it in the trailer every night with paddles on before I start drinking.
  13. 2turbofords

    5 rib implements never mounted

    Size? Look like. 9.5x15 to me?
  14. 2turbofords

    2054 VW motor

    Hate to be honest, but last two years it's a dollar a cc for air cooled motors. Been trying to sell a complete running built 2276 with power steering for 2900 for a long time!

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