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  1. Hello everyone, I have a rental in Escondido with a great tenant. The Air conditioning works but getting old I would like to change it out before it starts getting hot again. Anyone know where I would get a decent price on a 4 ton install? Thx
  2. It warms the cockles of my heart when I see a little kid running Castor . There is hope…. Cr500. 40-1 Banshee 35-1 seems to work well I really like Amsoil burns very clean. It was developed to help prevent carbon buildup and seizing of power valves When I pull a head off I am always amazed how clean the piston is and no signs of poor lubrication anywhere. The bottle recommends up to 50-1 that scares me a bit. good stuff
  3. Correctly jetted you can pin it. if you can’t it was not correctly jetted 49 cc ported race engines running 13000 rpm pinned running one L shaped piston ring The more cc’s the easier it is to get it right Btw Bonneville 49 cc speed record 134 mph
  4. What is the engine size? Most of the time it comes down to correct jetting (Always just a hair “fat” for the dunes.) Look for air leaks even crank seals can be the problem
  5. A properly setup and carefully driven 091 can handle a lot more hp then you think..
  6. I would would think 12.5/15k should not be a problem
  7. I smoke a lot when I am in the dunes…
  8. RzR chatter bumps Happening in Ocotillo Wells as well
  9. S 5 for many years never had a problem and I use it often. awesome on long distance runs
  10. Up about 700% so far I am happy
  11. Indian Joe

    Air compressor

    Look at Dewalt pancake at Home Depot I think it goes to 140 psi works fine on my motorhome tires pretty small
  12. Rotella T6 Motorhome,7.3 super duty,Jeep Cherokee and fleet of yanmar boat engines. All Diesels Mostly Walmart

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