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  1. The wifes rhino exhaust is broken at the normal weak spot. Anyone got a take off laying around. Thanks Darin
  2. Shawn that is weird. I just sent the guy and email and told him to look into your shop. I have not heard of rzr headquarters. I have been looking at your stuff for years. pm on the way.
  3. He wants to buy the whole thing from them. He said they will ship it to him??
  4. My buddy is looking at a RZR S. He is new to side by side and told me he is buying from the RZR headquarters. Anyone one have any info. Good people? Thanks.
  5. I have a mikuni carb on my 686 rhino. Fuel pouring out the overflow at the bottom of the carb. Anyone have any tips on what to take apart and clean. I am guessing the float is sticking. Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. Fun factor: over the top. damage report: 09 long travel teryx low gear making bad sounds. Feels and sounds like a grinding / slipping on the rear passenger side in both 2 and 4wd. High gear seemed to work without hearing or feeling any issues. Tried low a couple more times and had the same issues. Front flat destroyed a rim due to not stopping for the flat in time. 07 long travel, rhino 2 flat tires. (this guy gets flats every trip.) broken rear shock. 04 long travel 686 rhino Destroyed my front bumper racing the Teryx. Running some hot laps on a little track we found. He lost it and crashed right in front of me I couldn't stop in time. sorry! His brand new fst rear bumper held up very nice. My little bumper did the job but is now going to the trash pile. Anyone have a bumper for a 04 rhino for sale. Something with a nice led light bar in it? Video is from my phone. I know it looks like crap.
  7. Thanks for the pics. Looks like a great ride. We plan on doing that one very soon. We returned last weekend and found a desert full of snow. Great trip I will post pics soon. Darin
  8. Fronts on all corners seems to work great for us in all terrains. From rock crawling to the soft sand wash we never got stuck. Only issues we had was the guy in the orange rhino driving way to fast and getting torn sidewalls. He got 4 flats in two rides.
  9. Had a couple great rides at johnson valley last weekend. Here are a few pics. If your bored and want to see more here is the link. http://gallery.me.com/dwooldridge#100389 Hope you enjoy.
  10. Thanks but I already got one. Paid about 4x what you want for yours. Yamaha finally shipped. Taking a trip to Johnson valley this weekend to test it out.
  11. That sucks. Someone in our camp at calico had the same idle issue. Very low hours. Polaris says it needs a new top end. I was told they are covering it even though it was out of warranty. I hope they help you out as well.
  12. Anyone have a rear drive shaft for a 2004 rhino?? Not the axle the drive shaft.. Yamaha is back ordered. Missed two trips already.
  13. Tried to call last week and got the old number has been disconneted. Anyone have any news?
  14. A friend took these pics at the river.

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