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  1. That is a LOT of motor for that car!
  2. Funny we went the opposite direction, bought a house with a couple new speed queens, wife said nope and we bought new front loaders. haven't installed yet. We have been using front loaders for years but they do require more fixes...
  3. Has he thought about maybe keeping the same career but changing settings? I have had friends experience burn out as firefighters as they became taxis in urban environments for those without cars, drug addicts and the mentally ill. Maybe transfer to a more total area or out of state? Pay is not as good but cost of living could be less...
  4. I just put the Carli Pintop kit on my 2020 f250, very impressed with it
  5. Does he have his CDL? Crane Operator, send him over
  6. Did not solo last year, wished I would have, I was coming off of a BWR and a 12hr time trial. It was a relatively very easy mountain bike loop, I'm used to a lot more vert'.
  7. Cool I may be out there as well for the Zia Dawn to Dusk again. Cool riding area (except for the cholla)
  8. I ride / race MTB, Gravel and road. Did a 12hr out your way (McDowell) a while ago with a friend, he belonged to a club (ride libre) and they seemed to be a pretty cool group based out in that area. May be a good place to start.
  9. Got rid of all personal debt, moving out of state, focused on the nest egg by working the company hard last year then did the taxes a few days ago and they literally took said nest egg back. Shoulda just dumped the money back in the company but it gave me direction going forward. Am selling to an employee (family member) he was getting a SBA loan, having the gov take 1/2 of what I built in a lump some does not sit well with me so against my better judgement I'm going to gamble and carry the note. The inflation scares me the most, changes all the math on retirement drastically. Bought some series i bonds to hedge but they really limit the amount you can purchase annually to insignificance. Tighten the belts
  10. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0821F9C6F/ref=as_li_ss_tl?SubscriptionId=AKIAJO7E5OLQ67NVPFZA&ascsubtag=597222417-2-698567536.1650930041&tag=brg_ana_mobile-20 This is what I use, had a monsoon in our Ut home last year, seen a scorpion in the garage and went into full hunt mode.. haven't found another yet but still look every once in a while. Wear some eye protection, I did not a got a decent headache as a reward.
  11. So very sad, being in the USCG stationed in Hi. in the late 80's, searching for a downed military helicopter was a much too frequent call. The osprey may have had some radioactive material in the rotors to detect cracks but nukes on a training mission.. Highly doubt it.. RIP Heros.
  12. Own a small crane company, small fries compared to most of the former examples. In addition to the fuel cost Ive noticed a change in culture. I lost an emission sensor on a 2019 kenworth, "sorry there is a six week national backorder" found one through a friend in Washington on a shelf being held for ransom (-=. I can almost name my price to do a job and no backlash but the profit margin is down. The average repair used to take a couple days, now it's a week and no intensity everyone just chalks it up to covid. Had a 2016 40 ton go down yesterday, Im expecting it to be down weeks instead of days going into our season... Super hard business environment to manage, everyone seems to be happy if employees just show up and the level of performance is suffering. There is still lots of injected cash on the sidelines so until that runs out and the demand leans out I do not see a change in the inflation / economy.
  13. I have the Turbo Levo Comp (2022), 2 carbon Trance- Es (2022), and a Haibike (5-6 years old). I bought them more for the family so they can ride with me on my regular mountain bike and gravel bike. My daughter rode one of the trances yesterday with us and after 25mi and about 3k' it still had 60% batt left. I prefer the specialized and its app features but they are changing to a direct to consumer model and I'm not a fan of that. If you can find one a YT is good a good bang for the buck.
  14. I try to not watch the news other than market updates and I really try not to worry over things of which I have absolutely zero control over. Too many media outlets feeding off of the fears of people. Hell, I even pretty much forgot about Covid until the wife came down with it 2 days ago. Be present for the loved ones around you, that's what you can control, worrying about a possible war takes time and thought away from the immediate circle. Cheers!
  15. 70 to Delta, dune the new v twin in little Sahara then rip the 50 towards home
  16. Thats perfect timing, too hot the next 3 months and let the warranty carry you through the riding season. I had the same problem with Polaris waiting for a 2021 turbo 4 s, finally cancelled and ordered a general couple delays later it finally came in. It's for mountain trails, I'm keeping the can am for the sand.
  17. Thanks Andy, CARB was the deciding factor, I for one actually love the town and area I live in, Sacramento and its no mercy left wing agenda is going to bankrupt the state (which will be a good thing in the long run)...
  18. Southern Utah, TN was on the list as well TN is by far what I'm hearing most customers / friends choosing, we still have friends and family in so cal so it swayed our decision.
  19. 5 more months... House is already sold and we negotiated a 6 month stay after close. Working on an exit strategy for the business, if that does not pan out I'll just start a new corporation in Ut.. Bye Felicia
  20. do not set a crane up on top of it
  21. My first thought is I don't even want to google "how to sell ammo in Ca"
  22. had one chipped out and repaired about 5 years ago, a couple months ago had another 10' away same line (between kitchen and bathroom #1) they just bypassed that section with pex, took a couple hours and $1300.

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