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  1. that little thing is loud as hell. hey weaz, just get a s&w 500 and fill it with blanks, the noise and muzzle flash alone would make a perp crap themselves and run like crazy then they would probably sue you for the laundry and trauma you put them through -
  2. you might get him fired! I mean it seems like service around Yuma is SO effin bad I thought it was MANDATORY!!!
  3. kids or no kids - GOOD JOB! NOBODY likes to be wrong - or corrected - it is human nature but that was very cool of one of them ..... um ....to be "man" enought to admit that was foolish! I take it that didn't happen again? 50 ft is the thing to do right .... because that is the min set from a group of people who want us outta there anyway. the right thing to do is be smart and go where it is safe.
  4. is that picture the car? that is effing heart breaking - safety in numbers and all that jazz - GOOD LUCK and I pray for a quick recovery/return
  5. It's not a friend from here, and I'd rather not post his name on a public forum, sorry. That's quite allright. I was curious more than anything if the person was a CA or AZ resident. According to the CA DMV website, under Division 16.5, Chapter 2, Article 3, Section 38087.5 if the person is from out of state the are to pay a fee for an off-highway nonresident special operating permit which makes the said vehicle legal (as far as registration/permits) to operate in the dunes. Did your friend have an out-of-state sticker on their rail, or were they a CA resident? - I thought this is federal land and we purghased the permit to ride there = therefore we are exempt from the green sticker problem?
  6. BUMP FOR A NEW PRICE 2000.00 moving gotta sell it
  7. funny I have been doing this job for a long time and that story even got to me - alot of time we do not get to do things to help in unusual situations because of repremand from managment or if the highest ranking officer on the eng/truck says no - then that is it reguardless of how everybody else feels - I am glad you got to share this story with everyone here - that could/would even be a good news paper story - there is a lot of devestation up there and our thoughts and prayers to you all.
  8. my internet at home has been crappy - pm sent! bump bump! bump
  9. wait...... for the cars that go to slow on the highway .... do you mean the speed limit? hahahahaha
  10. awesome now we can remember things like how great our country USED to be and those pesky GUN things that because of her and the mindless media that placed the anti christ himself in office! is this her sharing her wealth??? eff oprah! oooops sorry - what I meat to say was thank you how very kind of you to share this info to us ..... guess I am still a little bitter!
  11. Funny Not funny Come on. Have you seen that movie? "Blacksploitation" at its finest in modern day America. We have to be able to laugh. Soul plane is funny as hell. I laughed out loud at the clip The watermelon and chicken comment isnt funny. I guess that is a matter of oppinion ..... cause I think it is funny -
  12. my internet at home has been crappy - pm sent! bump bump!
  13. Wow, i've heard of a sore loser but never a sore winner. Easy there bitter man, your post doesn't even make sense. This was not a win for me or the US for that matter. My post refers to Obama being a piece of crap that we lost to. The Republican constituents would do well concentrating on the failures of THEIR party. Losing the presidency to a minority speaks volumes, harping on what a POS he is speaks louder. ^^^^^^^^^ ok I am gonna have to agree with you on this part of us focusing on why we lost - but.... Obama is still in my oppinion a commie liberal - reguardless of race!
  14. responder


    this her?? ^^^^^^^ I don't care what anybody else thinks - that is hot! drags are fun to watch - I had to try them at gordons well and it was kinda cool - but my favorite thing to watch is those bad arse drag jeeps -

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