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  1. I’m scared to even open up that thread, fear that ROBERT L will ban me if I even think of something negative LOL
  2. Exact system I just got for my new Vortex, absolutely love it, I would never own a bumper pull again. If you do end up with a fifth wheel don't put any light cargo near the tailgate, it will get sucked right out.
  3. Welcome to Peoria, lived in Az all my life, Peoria for the last 29
  4. Man, they are already the best built car on the planet, now they are already winning races. (Once they come out of course)
  5. Last I heard he was he was in his cardboard cutout of his Speed car and it collapsed on him, still recovering. LOL
  6. I don’t recall to many guys on here saying you guys got screwed, let’s let them get to market and then start your bragging. I’ll buy one once they are out and proven to be the Ultimate UTV you say they already are.
  7. Is that the way the wheels come?
  8. Robby has been living rent free with all the deposit holders money for how long now? Sure a lot of new names popping up on this thread, everybody must think its go time!
  9. If you have done nothing wrong you don’t run and hide, that is admitting guilt in my book.
  10. Been pulling doubles for 30 years, got pulled over once as soon as I got into Cali going to the dunes, $180.00 ticket, (I’m from Az. and was at 74’) the second trailer should have been Red tagged, but he let me continue to the Dunes as is. The only thing sketchy is if you are from Cali and they require that license is if you get into an accident what will your insurance company say? even mine at 74’ the insurance company could decline if they knew I was towing illegally. .
  11. I have a 4 seat General with 30’s and ST RS2 shocks, rides like a dream, the doors are legit, I use it for hunting and trail riding.
  12. Oh boy, pull up a chair, this response won't be short
  13. His dates have been spot on so far 😂
  14. Yeah but you can drive the Can Am today, the Speed ??? Somebody will buy it.

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