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  1. This is what I found, weird that they have 2 different weights, I agree I would think the Max should be much heavier
  2. I have never seen someone so proud of something he doesn't have. You are just like RG, every episode or like you every post is something negative about other manufacturers, if your product is that good you don't have to do that.
  3. Only you would know how it's spelled on his Birth Certificate
  4. It will hit 500 before production starts on these things 😂, oh wait RG said it will be a couple of months, I think that was 3 weeks ago? Only 5 more weeks and we will see all these things smoking everybody. We will see nothing but tail lights!
  5. Ok I'm prob the one who called it "Bashing" you call it what you want, I have only watched a few episodes but on every one of them he points out how Can am and Polaris are basically junk, the one episode he shows a guy in a Can am that had the seat belt all the way up to his chest, pointing out how bad that set belt was because it allowed that to happen, well I can tell you I have watched people put on 4 point harnesses the same way, then their are the welds, gussets, bracing, on and on, at this point it's getting old and that's why people are Bashing him, or whatever you call it. Then after all that talk he brings the famous Welds and to the show and it was game on for the haters. I'm not a hater but It does turn me off that he constantly brings up the other competitors, (along with a few others on here) I can see by what he is building it is going to be nice in theory. Yore product should do most of the talking for you and maybe it will someday.
  6. I agree with you that the speed these things go they cannot withstand a roll over or blunt shot to the front end at 80 to 90 mph. Tell which manufactures build a car to be completely safe at those speeds or higher, oh wait you don’t have to answer that I think I know what your going to say.
  7. What exactly happened in that crash with that Can Am. I have never heard the story just seen you post it before, so you must know what happened, just curious what would cause damage like that.
  8. Well there you have it, game is going to change in a couple of months, another date set. Again he bashes the other manufactures, I like his Cocky/Confidence though.
  9. You haven’t got anything yet 😃
  10. Really don’t have that choice yet, except handing over money and waiting, and we will see what they cost when they hit the dealers.
  11. I might be interested but won’t have a new trailer prob until Jan. ordering today, but was curious on the turning radius as well, I have a Superglide now and love how I have no worries with a short bed when turning but I hate it in the back of the truck and it’s a tank to take out.
  12. That’s tragic, a recall. We have a big group as well and only minor issues on a couple, gonna have problems with as many are sold. Sounds like you guys don’t really want a UTV you want that Mini Trophy truck that RG is building, which is great, but don’t bust all our balls for having a great time driving a Can Am or Polaris while we wait to see how the Speed car turns out, who knows we all might have one someday.
  13. Well I meant 2 years from now. LOL they all have there problems and I’m sure Speed will too, but for now if you want to drive a SXS it’s going to be one from the big boys good or bad.

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