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  1. My County (Contra Costa) announced yesterday that they will require proof of vaccine or negative covid test to enter restaurants, gyms, etc. starting on 9/22. I love this shithole....... BTW, check if your ballot was counted. None of my families ballots (3 registered republicans) have been counted or registered yet a/o this morning. On IG, people talking about ballot boxes stuffed full of ballots that were never even picked up even on Wednesday mid-day (day after elections).......
  2. This was my last glimmer of hope for CA. I voted for Meg Whitman, John Cox, Elder, etc. Unfortunately, the best option IMO is to leave CA..... I don't know a single person that voted 'NO' on the recall...... If you look at the voting county by county, there must be areas of silicon valley and so ca where EVERY SINGLE VOTER us democrat. Mathematically, I cannot wrap my head around the huge loss....... 😞
  3. Lots of factory cars are de-rated to make them insurance friendly.............
  4. 1newbie


    LLC has a mandatory $800 fee to CA secretary of State every year. It is kind of a pain in the ass, but I prefer a C corporation. You can set your own fiscal year, separate TIN, less liability (if done correctly). If you have a big year, you can pay yourself a lot or a little depending on your tax situation (say u sell a rental house and have a large capital gain), you can choose to not take any income out of the C corp that year.
  5. Thank you. Your son actually transported it up north when I bought it in San Diego.
  6. Did you used to own it? I stole that pic off instagram when Grant posted it.
  7. I bought this in 2019 (thinking I would never sell it), then covid kicked me in the balls in march '20 and business has been miserable ever since. I used the car one time since I bought It. Now I have a choice to keep my business or the Funco so......Car is a 2007 Gen4 that was converted to G52 style by Hockhauser (maybe misspelled, but just trying to be accurate/honest). Has cammed/LS2 with S4S. Has been updated with black shocks/finned reservoirs. Opening doors with full interior, car to car and Funco billet shifter. Car is excellent condition except small scratch where it rubbed on something in my stacker. Comes with extras (not installed) including AEM-CD7 digital dash and Life racing billet bezel for CD7, SwitchPros 9100 with Life racing billet bezel, AirLift V2 controller, viair compressor, aluminum tank, etc. (99% of the stuff to complete the air ride system). Thoughts on what it's worth? only mentioning here because this crowd will appreciate it more than the facebook/ IG crowd.
  8. Billions of $$ of high tech military hardware just disappeared over the border to iran (the world's most prolific sponsor of terrorism) right before the 20 year anniversary of 9/11. BTW the leaders of the third world no longer fear and/or respect the US. Those Effing towel heads were well behaved from '16-'20 because Trump was willing to put them in their place (6 feet under), but this administration will not do that. Expect another 9/11 level of attack sooner rather than later....
  9. LOL I think the taliban got the drones too....troops, guns and military gear all headed to Iran. Executing people in the streets, freeing all the Al Queda prisoners. This is setting up as a perfect storm for terrorism.......
  10. Billions of high tech US military goods being shuffled into iran as I type this. The average biden supporter cannot comprehend the ramifications......... The is exponentially worse than biden's other failures........ 😞
  11. In 2014, i had a local CPA proceesing my payroll checks and paying the weekly IRS witholding. Except he wasn't paying the IRS and i was on the hook for about $300k of payroll taxes that i had to pay two times. Guy did it to me and a dozen other small contractors. He never did one day in jail......
  12. If you are putting a buggy up top, i would definitely do a belly lift. Pretty easy to convert a normal lift to belly style. I had to drill some holes and have two cables shortened. We run a 40' dp with 400 hp C9 cat and it is fine. 360hp is okay, but gonna struggle on long steep grades IMO. I have towed in some high winds (weekend warriors and big rigs blown over outside of California City) and it can get nerve racking. Gotta watch the tongue weight in a dp or the front end gets light in high winds.
  14. Anyone know what Funco's website is? I've been on it before, but now it will not come up in any search engine. Not sure if it is down for maintenance or the problem is with my computer/ISP......
  15. I'm not a gun fanatic, but I realize that we live in a crazy world and I just started the paper work to get my CCW in CA. I have a vacation home in a county that (I think) will make it feasible to get a CCW (we'll see). Is there reciprocity if you go to other states? Anyone else here gone down this path? Thoughts on a CCW? IDK if I will carry every day, but my wife and I do some hiking in remote areas and I will definitely carry in those scenarios. My goal is to have it, but hope to never have to use it.......I'm actually saddened that the country has digressed into a state that I feel that it is necessary for personal protection....... 😞

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