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  1. 2017 YXZ1000 SS SE. Love the handling. About as close to a funco as you can get in a SxS IMO. It does take some $$ to reach their full potential. Knowing what I do now; I would get a 3 pedal. Mine has the X2 shocks which are pretty amazing (for a YXZ). 2012 xp900. On tight, tight trails (oregon quad trails) in and around pines @ Winchester Bay, nothing can hang with a xp900. 2020 turbo S. Great sight lines when duning fast, reliable, fast (stage 2 pump gas tune). damn good suspension out of the box.
  2. Kind of OT, but I was shopping at Nordstrom's Rack yesterday and big sign on front door saying 'no guns allowed'. Never seen that before.
  3. Pretty sure none of those really are CVT's (can only speak about the '22 Corolla (daughter's car) and '22 Outback (son's car)) but they are normal auto transmissions and they lock/unlock the converter to seem like it is CVT. There is no way any of those transaxles will live in a sand car. A weddle 2d has a 9" ring gear and they only last so long with 500hp through them. Look at how much HP the drag guys are running through a Ford 9". You can get an auto transaxle for a sandrail if you really want one. IDK how well they work in the sand (heard they run hot), but some of the desert guys run them.
  4. Turbosmart makes a 2 stage mechanical that I really like and have run on various cars, SxS's, rails, etc. Nice to have hi/lo boost in case you want to run different fuel or need lower HP for kids/wife to drive the car.
  5. We have been reigning in on all unnecessary purchases. There are a lot of 'do you really need it?' conversations in my house......We used to get an Amazon delivery (or three) every single day. Now it is maybe two packages a week and those tend to be household necessities, cleaning products, etc. that we cannot find in local stores. Also buying more groceries at Walmart.
  6. 1newbie

    CCW folks

    At least you know one other guy in the room is sane enough to get a CCW. IDK what county you are in, but not too easy in my county.
  7. I am starting to see cracks in the economy. Housing, consumer spending, consumer savings, corporate earnings, Chrysler and GM offering 0% on some cars again, auto finance and mortgage delinquencies. IMO, we have already peaked and now it will just take time to run its' course. The economy is not nearly as strong as CPI would lead you to believe. Second half of '22 and 2023 gonna be rough IMO. Farmers are sounding the alarm that food is going to go sky high and gas could touch $10/g this summer. When demand falters (which has just started), supply chains will correct themselves. Only positive thing that I can see is that American's pain will fill congress and the WH with republicans.....
  8. Let me guess...... The left/biden/govt will say the area is radioactive and un-safe for humans. Glamis closed until further notice...... They did it with asbestos at Clear Creek when I used to race enduros........ Maybe the Osprey wasn't the best choice of aircraft to carry radioactive material...... Just sayin'....... RIP to the Marines :(
  9. Good stuff here. I wish some of my contract prices were not locked in for multiple years (I thought it was smart during covid, not so much now...) One thing that BW Billy referred to above is that Ukraine and Russia combine for about 1/3 of all wheat production. NONE of that wheat will come to market and I am pretty sure Ukraine missed their planting season this year. Wait to see what bread, cereal, pizza crust, etc prices are going to be.... FWIW, worldwide demand for oil is about 100m barrels/day. U.S. is about 10-11m. Russia is (was) around 14m. Even Iran (world's largest sponsor of terrorism) can now sell oil thanks to Obama/Biden administration....... Cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline by E.O. on his 1st day on the job will probably (because there are sooooo many other F'ups also) go down as one of F'tard biden's biggest mistakes........
  10. Looking forward to filing my 2022 corporate tax returns and hearing my friends at IRS ask 'how did you lose so much money in 2022?'....... Well, you see these payroll costs and fuel prices?.......
  11. My business uses around 300 gallons/day (mostly diesel). Under Trump that was around $1k/day. Now creeping on $2500/day (rumor is that it will continue to climb and expect it to peak around $10/g in August). Really feeling that pinch; not sure how viable my company will be if fuel hits $10/g. #FJB. I did laugh a little bit when my liberal daughter complained about her $113 oil change at Jiffy Lube yesterday........
  12. One thing to consider is the availability of parts. For me personally; the rebuild cost is irrelevant but the wait on parts is a deal breaker. Everyone knows Covid F'd up everything, but 6-12 month wait times for a particular gear or R&P do not work for me.
  13. more of a pitfall than a strategy, but: A couple years ago I sold some stock and took a big loss (thinking no big deal, it will offset the gains I had in some other stocks). Three weeks later the company that I sold for a loss hired a new CEO and I thought he could turn it around (I still kinda' liked the company) so I bought the stock back. At the end of the year, I owed an EXTRA $80k because of something called a 'Wash Sale Rule'. Basically, the IRS will not allow you to realize the loss if you buy the stock back within 30 days. Painful lesson.
  14. I 'heard' concord Polaris sold both of their Pro R 4 seat launch editions for $47k otd. Both are still in their showroom to drool over until they get picked up......
  15. I hope I'm not the only one who thought WTF when they ran the axle through the shock clevis. Seriously, all of their engineering $$ and that's what they came up with.....

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