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  1. When I was about 8 years old in Nor CA, Fry's was a grocery store...
  2. IDK if there is a newer/better way, but I wrap the hose with thin packing tape, then use a cutoff wheel in a die grinder. You get a perfect cut.
  3. I know a HANS type device is the best, just now sure how much my wife and daughter would hate it. Thinking about a helmet support from Necksgen. They come in various sizes and I think having one would be much better than not having one in case of a lawn dart. Any real world experience with these? FWIW, most of our time is duning in SxS's (not a rail going 120+) although I do bring the rail on some trips.
  4. If the price of ammo keeps going up, firing squad will not be economically feasible....
  5. IMO the stock tender spring is the biggest problem. On my '20 turbo S, they are completely collapsed after a couple hundred miles, so you are always on the main spring and the ride height is too low. I ordered new tenders from Xtreme RZR (easy to find on facebook). Lots of good reviews on rzrforum. They do not come with crossover rings, but for $270 i wanted to try them. Just got the new cage installed and will have the springs on for our st. Anthony's trip.
  6. Different technology but similar concept in acura's sh-awd where the outside tires spin faster when cornering.
  7. I don't think anyone has an issue with Lance's tuning skills, it is just frustrating when your car has been there since Jan 28 (4 1/2 months...) and I can't get a txt, phone call or update. I am 12 hours away from his shop so I can't stop by and check on the status. I texted him and rachel and said if he is too busy or doesn't want to deal with it, lmk and I will drive down and pick it up.
  8. Jason, I've already spoken to you about this saga and he (Lance) is not responding to dm, txt, cell, etc. Rachel did finally get back to me with somewhat of an update. My car has been there for four months; I don't think a call back is asking too much.
  9. Finally heard back from Rachel. She promised that Lance would contact me but nothing yet.
  10. 1newbie


    I have had good luck with PRP suspension seats although I have been putting Sparco type seats (non-suspension seats) in my newer builds. I also liked the Beard RX-1 (think Simpson bought them).
  11. I have three phone numbers and I have tried to call/text/dm on ig, but no response. I heard he was in Mexico with a race team, but that was a couple weeks ago..........I really need to get ahold of him.
  12. 1newbie

    Oregon Dunes

    Boxcar/Horsfall is nice and you can get full hook-ups. Good access, even with a DP. Dunes are small, scenery is amazing and you can ride on the beach. Winchester Bay is about 15 mins north of Boxcar and has some taller dunes but the overall area is small. Amazing for a SxS/quad IMO since there are lots of trails in the trees and around the sea grass. You cannot ride on the beach and sand camping is tough. We used to go every year during Dunefest (until Covid) and they allowed you to sand camp. Winchester is very small if you're in a rail. The wind blows all the time at Winchester Bay.
  13. If you are on instagram, try str8uptoytrader. Stuff sells RIDICULOUSLY fast on that site. Every day I am amazed at the stuff people buy and the prices they pay on that site.....
  14. This whole thing just smells rotten. From Obama/Fauci funding the Wuhan lab to US senators trading stocks ahead of and during the pandemic. Trump was the ONLY ONE crying foul over Fauci. That clown should be in jail. The bigger concern is if Chinese govt is working on a Covid variant that could be used in Bio warfare. Ebola is another virus in the Coronavirus family so there are truly some nasty variants of these viruses. If china could send a plane of tourists here all infected with Ebola, we would be in REAL trouble. Was this an 'accident' at the Wuhan lab? Did the US use it
  15. +2 on the suede MPI. I saw a video somewhere that showed how they are made much stronger than other wheels.

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