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  1. QueenGlamis

    Do you guys like pics?

    Great shots Carl! I love when people assume why @Kevin car is on the trailer Loved my fast passes in the 1BadBeast - that car is unreal. 140 mph+ I was so thankful to Jeff for letting me hop in - WOW
  2. I don't know about "off" weekend - this one coming up is MLK and the big clean up. But I heard that the LEOs are quite as bad this season - but there are a few that are quite special - for most part they have chilled out a little bit.
  3. QueenGlamis

    It's Saturday 1/12/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Hanging out here in Glamis - absolutely STUNNING day! @Kevinfeeling little under the weathe otherwise we'd be out for a ride in the dunes - but we will have Supercross and the Cowboys/Rams game on tonight - come say hi!
  4. QueenGlamis

    I’m getting ready

    you been under a rock Mike Dee?
  5. QueenGlamis

    I’m getting ready

    wooo hoooo! Excited for this trip! Kevin and I will be there!
  6. QueenGlamis


    dang i could of ad fun with this thread over the summer
  7. QueenGlamis

    Prayers Needed for follow Duner

    Sending love and prayers to the Lewins - just saw them in Glamis a couple weeks ago. Great people for sure...
  8. QueenGlamis


    Stugots you are welcome to remove my posts my friend lets keep their conversation on topic of the racing piece. I don't care what their opinions are to be honest and didn't read their comments - I am going to Glamis ☮️
  9. QueenGlamis


    Don't get me wrong I still got mad love for GD.com and tell those that say "I lurk there or just joined and I felt it was negative" when they post just to give it time and there are some of the best people in the sand here fo sho. Its not an easy job to police it and everyone does a great job - I just think lots of assumptive posts here without the facts or being there in person that is all. I think it was good to leave the near miss in the video - its a good topic to discuss how to do it better/safer/different in the future. But people are always gonna race. And to answer Mike - I was there helping their cook this weekend. I had an amazing experience and met alot of cool duners that are normal cool people who helped out many duners over the weekend. I made some new friends and I dont see a damn thing wrong with that.
  10. QueenGlamis


    I didn't have enough tissues to hand out to all the whiners so I stopped about top of page 2. Sad that gd.com used to be THE place to send people that are new, looking for info, meet cool duners etc. Now just based on the web portion of it - I see why people say they checked it out and its so negative when I suggest it to them. What a bummer.
  11. QueenGlamis


    Amen...now I gotta go get loaded up to head back to the dunes
  12. QueenGlamis


    I did not read all 5 pages of keyboard experts but I will say alot of not nice things are being said about these folks that you don't personally know. Seems like alot of negative coments about people that would give you the shirt off their backs to help fellow duners. I camped with these people last weekend and I assure you safety and helping duners is at the very top of their minds. Not a show off thing - simply the same thing been happening for decades - build the fastest cars you can and enjoy them. Everyone should be aware of that whole finger pointing thing because theres 3 more pointing right back.
  13. QueenGlamis


    This was done where the drags take place NOT off the Pads.

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