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  1. Brand-O

    Staying To The Right! Glamis Highway And Alley

    This past weekend, I was very fortunate to drive the truck that is in my avatar, but cruising down sand highway and the road to olds I felt was very unsafe especially with the 7500lb missile I was wheeling. People need to stay to the right and not dart in front of other moving vehicles to find that better/smoother line. After all, what did we learn in driving school? General rule of thumb, slower vehicles need to stay to the far right lane. There was a few instances that scared the hell out of me. Headed back to Gecko, there were a few cars that decided to hug the 78 driving toward the washes and I felt that I was playing a game of chicken fighting for my lane. This is stupid people! Please whatever you do, don't be that idiot that drives next to the highway both directions. I don't want to see you get hurt.
  2. Brand-O

    Baldwin And Gordon At The Hill

    Craig Potts, races score TT as well Craig and I were sitting at the bottom of the hill next to the prerunner. Justin Lofton was driving the TT over the jump.
  3. Brand-O

    Baldwin And Gordon At The Hill

    None of those trucks have a clutch... -TJ robby's might , i read hes running some sort of albins sequential in the tt now. Nope, he also runs a torque converter
  4. Brand-O

    Why Don't You Wear A Helmet In Your Rail?

    Helmet w/ skirt, radio, neck donut, and pumpers
  5. Brand-O

    Halloween Pics From Gordons Well

    You have any pictures of the navy blue truck?
  6. Brand-O

    Paradigm Resurrection !

    This thing still alive? :D
  7. Brand-O

    What Constitutes A "brand New Buggy"

    Lets put this in terms of logic!! 1. If a buggy is brand new then it has never been in the dirt 2. The buggy is brand new Therefore it has never been in the dirt!!!!!!! VALID ARGUMENT!! Scholars UNITE!!!
  8. Brand-O

    Anyone Feel That?

    I was camped at gordons and missed it by an hour, DANG IT!! Ive always wanted to experience one
  9. Brand-O

    Need Help On Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    Pretty amazing they decide to build three trucks at once but never finish the last two hmmmmmm..........you still work for them?
  10. Brand-O

    Paradigm Resurrection !

    I WILL NEVER LET THIS THREAD DIE. Muwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Props for a sick car ALWAYS
  11. Brand-O

    Lets See Your "bottom"

    Do you have any more pictures of the truck? It is bad to the bone. DON~~~
  12. Brand-O

    Nice Ass

    Some Trucks
  13. Brand-O

    Fire Sale.

    Let's see hummmmmm. Travis Pastrana flipped a class one car in 2006 that caught on fire. burnt to the ground, then had it delivered to his house to make one fancy BBQ I have to say I couldve picked up that car for free and made $$$ off it with scrap and whatever parts that was reusable

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