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  1. This past weekend, I was very fortunate to drive the truck that is in my avatar, but cruising down sand highway and the road to olds I felt was very unsafe especially with the 7500lb missile I was wheeling. People need to stay to the right and not dart in front of other moving vehicles to find that better/smoother line. After all, what did we learn in driving school? General rule of thumb, slower vehicles need to stay to the far right lane. There was a few instances that scared the hell out of me. Headed back to Gecko, there were a few cars that decided to hug the 78 driving toward the washes and I felt that I was playing a game of chicken fighting for my lane. This is stupid people! Please whatever you do, don't be that idiot that drives next to the highway both directions. I don't want to see you get hurt.
  2. Craig Potts, races score TT as well Craig and I were sitting at the bottom of the hill next to the prerunner. Justin Lofton was driving the TT over the jump.
  3. None of those trucks have a clutch... -TJ robby's might , i read hes running some sort of albins sequential in the tt now. Nope, he also runs a torque converter
  4. When you can say "I trust you Robby, but please don't hit me!"
  5. This is going to get interesting. Who wants to buy Robby's "Gordini" based off his HST Dakar vehicle that would make 1200hp and go 200mph?
  6. Unrestricted, Robby Gordon's Dakar Hummer could reach 160mph no problem!
  7. Helmet w/ skirt, radio, neck donut, and pumpers
  8. You have any pictures of the navy blue truck?
  9. Anything that BJ touches or designs is golden....i mean look at this his trophy truck is candy green and even all his tin work is covered in lil monster M's
  10. Lets put this in terms of logic!! 1. If a buggy is brand new then it has never been in the dirt 2. The buggy is brand new Therefore it has never been in the dirt!!!!!!! VALID ARGUMENT!! Scholars UNITE!!!
  11. I was camped at gordons and missed it by an hour, DANG IT!! Ive always wanted to experience one
  12. Pretty amazing they decide to build three trucks at once but never finish the last two hmmmmmm..........you still work for them?

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