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  1. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/2019/09/19/colt-suspends-production-ar-civilian-market/40171917/?fbclid=IwAR0RqIE09oMqvWurmO51S6t_e2-Oy-Yyr5syzWE-yIR-vC0aWsCWbdNoGSQ
  2. I hit 221 at 5’7” but that was with muscle mass from lifting. Now at 205, 3 weeks after I started MTBing again. Hope to be 190 by months’s end at 170 by end of year. MTB destroys fat like nothing else. Keep it up Timmay!
  3. Walnut Creek Ford dealership dropping off my Saleen for service. Everyone stood still as if the world was ending. Scariest moment in my life.
  4. ib4 Crusty comes in here offering his advice or giving his two cents. You know you're my day one Mac!~
  5. My wife finally came to accept my relationship with Salma last year. 😂 We had a thing since I first saw her in Desperado.
  6. Home prices are dipping again. We've been looking at homes in Valencia and Santa Clarita over the past 6 months and I've seen an obvious decline. Based on what I'm reading, it sounds like we're in for another crash which is great because I get to keep the house I'm in now as another rental without requiring to pull equity to buy the new home. By the way, risky lending is back according to several articles I've read on the WSJ, Morningstar, etc.
  7. Retired


    Why am I not surprised?
  8. In order of best... #1 Ex bro-in-law, Jim aka Bones #2 Eric aka SandRaptor #3 Bouy...have great memories chasing him in his rails #4 Crusty/Ruben
  9. Party went down Saturday, August 10, 2019. 10th anniversary of the party!
  10. The FBI are looking for this mystery man. He was last seen leaving Epstein's cell.
  11. Not yet. My dealer said not until the end of this month.

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