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  1. Retired

    Pellet Grill

    Have a Traeger...the expensive one. Was great the first few months but since then, it has been hit or miss with the temp controller. It detects too much heat and turns off periodically. I have to monitor it for the first hour or so to make sure it doesn't keep shutting off. I still have it but hardly use it because of this issue. Traeger sent me a couple of replacement parts- probe, controller, etc. but I've yet to replace them. I splurged last month and ordered the REC TEC RT-700 and it's been working flawless so far but time will tell how consistent it will be. https://www.rectecgrills.com/grills I picked this BBQ to replace my Char-Griller Outlaw coal/wood burner and so far it's also been awesome. Stainless > *. https://igbbq.com/?avad=160597_e18de9209
  2. The 50th Law of Power, Jack Welch- Winning (again) and Jack Welch- Straight from the gut (again).
  3. I've become much more self-aware since I quit drinking and have noticed a significant change in how I deal with conflict and drama. Whereas before I used to engage and impose my will, now I just let things roll off my back if the conflict and drama do not have an impact on my livelihood.I've been dealing with a sh1tty neighbor for 5-6 years now who has spent close to 50k+ disputing an area about 18"-20" wide and about 35' long of property. They have disputed the property line for years and I used the adverse possession argument to win twice.Earlier this year when they decided to tear down the previous wall they put up, they hired two surveyors to ensure they were assessing the line 100% accurately per original property line and put up another wall (all at their expense) along the original property line, it didn't phase me one bit. The funny thing is they're not even using the additional space.The entire neighborhood avoids them. Their son is really cool with me and even testified in my favor the first time we went to court. He's the one who told me they've spent over 50k between surveyors, lawyers, court fees, machinery, materials, labor, etc. I've spent $500 (home insurance deductible for fighting them). 😎 I could have the city come out and force them to tear down the wall but even something so easy seems petty to me so I'm not going to do anything about it and take comfort that between the wall and landscape, I won't be seeing or hearing much from them.
  4. Crazy decade for me: bought two more homes, unexpectedly had a son, achieved key career milestones, quit drinking liquor, lost a few aunts that were very special and dear to me, etc. 2020 will be the greatest decade yet: plan to buy and build off-road toys this year, accept a multi-year CIO position with a start-up affiliate, relocate and retire. With the exception of 2-3x, my top 10 new year's celebrations went down in Glamis and Dumont. I'll never forget a 2010 NY celebration with Bouy off the Washes. Good times; great times!
  5. Nice! I ordered a KR and I get it next month.
  6. Update: Ma Monster is growing fast and I'm loving every second of it!
  7. Retired

    Antifa funny!

    I’m an attorney. I passed the B.A.R. aka Bouy Assimilation [of] Retards. IMHO, the Antifa mo’ betta’ off chilling by a wood fire, in Canyon Lake, bumping NWA and Too $hort from the roof of my tri-level with 4-6 hood rats aka ‘carps’ from Corona or Hemet in “Sand ho” tees.
  8. https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2015/05/12/womens-group-chooses-harriet-tubman-to-replace-andrew-jackson-on-20-bill/?fbclid=IwAR0kADL5IRpwIsHRBw1vUr7Tnqq2-gaPPsnCPPOB2QurCx9Tet2eu4i7cSw#.ViQxyJYW0VQ.facebook
  9. My guy is coming out to give me a quote on a garage conversion and Tuff Shed conversion at my current place (we're in the process of buying another place in a different area). I was planning on selling my current place which can be rented for $3,000. Now with a garage conversion ($1,500 rental) and a 850sq Tuff Shed in the back ($1,200-$1,400 rental), it's a no brainer!
  10. https://www.curbed.com/2019/10/11/20909545/adus-development-california-real-estate-housing-shortage
  11. Only in CA. New ADU law...add 2 more unites to your R1 family lot. https://www.curbed.com/2019/10/11/20909545/adus-development-california-real-estate-housing-shortage Google it! Landlords make an EXTRA minimum 2k - $5k per month EASY PER HOME (that fit the easy requirements). Charge the same rent or higher to existing renters and add more rentable space to your land and charge the same high rent for those extra units. and... Convert that garage to a LEGAL unit living space! and no penalty or need to replace lost parking on lot, just park in the the street! Free! Drop in 2 STEEL CONTAINERS in your backyard and add 2 LEGAL rental units! You heard that right...even a weatherproofed RUBBERMAID SHACK can qualify! HOA?!?! TELL EM F YOU! ahahaha You also heard that right, all these new laws are HOA UNENFORCEABLE! Gated community? Senior plus only? F ALL THAT ADD 2 MORE UNITS! Existing renter against it ? Tell'em F YOU I'm adding 2 more units and raising your rent to boot. THEY CAN LEGALLY DO NOTHING! and it goes on... the new RENT CONTROL statewide now law!?!?!?! Which will be a HUGE money booster for landlords!!!! Democrats have ZERO clue and think all this will make housing more affordable in CA. Democrats have zero clue... Do you know who can afford to drop in 2 MORE (semi nice) rental units in their backyards on a whim? NOT the family living paycheck to paycheck (they can't even afford new iPhones). BALLER LAND OWNERS CAN AFFORD IT so they will be the ONLY ones doing it! MORE AIRBNB OR MORE RENTALS PER SQ FT. BABY!!! Thank you Democrats !!! In ONE STROKE our idiot Democrat gov just turned R1 single family zoning into R3 or better.... a "look at me bypasing the swear filter" GODSEND to land ballers that WISHED they could take Newport Beach prime and add 2 more units!?!?!? In the backyard? ahahaha The best a struggling family can do is allow one of their aging idiots kids to live in the garage without fear of code enforcement shutting it down. THEY ARE ALREADY DOING THAT though :rofl: This changes NOTHING for CA from a housing crisis perspective and only makes elites EVEN MORE money. GREAT for landlords. ABSOLUTELY BLOWS for families who now will have no place to park on neighborhood street and will see density go up drastically in some high demand areas but you know what? F'em! KEEP VOTING DEMOCRAT!
  12. Good questions I can't answer. The Democraps are ruining our country alarmingly fast. Traditional values and ethics that held people to some degree of integrity are going the way of the DoDo. Eventually, I'm going to end up isolating myself off the grid on some land in the middle of nowhere.

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