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  1. I have a stock 5.3l Iron Block (2002ish) with truck intake with a 2D and it is great. Plenty of power especially to start off with. A little Grey paint makes it look like analuminum block !!!!
  2. This is the route we went, Long Travel Rhino purchased off GD.com. Stock motor and long travel is the way to go for the hard pack. Sorry not for sale !!!
  3. Way to go Jeff glad to see you got what you were looking for. Your old Rexhall is still going strong. Thanks for the deal.
  4. We have a 1999 Rexhall Aerbus 36"ft w/ slide outs, The coach is great and very well built and we haven't had major issues for a coach that is this old. Our trips consist of my parents, wife and I, 2-3 kids WE all like the openness of the Class A. We could of used the upper sleeping bunk of a class C but we opted for a Super slide out which gives us a ton of floor space 1) for the kids (8m -7 yrs) to play 2) floor sleep space, which we bought a couple memory foam role up mats for additional guest when needed. We are having an issue with the tracking on our chassis right now which could be just worn out suspension parts. Our chassis handles (other than tracking) pretty good but could use a little TLC and some of the known up grades that are out there. Towing, I have yet to do, so no idea. Ill post up some pics when i find them. Will
  5. I remember reading a topic on RDC about a Buggy like that, If I remember right there were issues with the rear passenger getting car sick. No first hand experience just internet knowledge!!! FWIW
  6. Thanks to Done_it_Again and his Dad, my Dad was able to get his retirement ride. I was wondering if you guys can tell me which parts/sensors/belts/tools and who knows what I should start stocking up. I like to be prepared and make a good tool /spare parts kit and Pit Box for the ride. Thanks ahead of time. The new ride & Thanks again to Done_it_Again
  7. My parents are maybe looking at getting a Rhino, what are the areas to keep an eye out for??? Frame areas that crack?? or other issues. Just want to get my parents their retirement toy and not have any major surprises.
  8. A small zip tie also would be a good idea on the handle, If I recall right (L.R.S will remember) there was an issue with one of the Class 1's which had that filter/shut off and some how the valve was partially closed which caused fuel starvation during a race.
  9. A little Update, after posting I got a PM from my old pal L.R.S and he offered his Class A that he was thinking of selling. I took the more economical and practical route. We picked up his 2001 Class A Aero Bus 36 Ft w/ 2 slides and V10. This will be great for our family, I may of been dreaming a little big with the Super C's but this will gives us a great RV for a long while. Thanks L.R.S
  10. Thanks everyone for the info I do like the interior space of the Class A's and am not dead set on the Super C's or class C . Thanks for the info these are all things you just can't think of until you own or drive one for a while. JAlper -- A man can dream but that is out of the budget!!
  11. Finally looking for a new to me Motor home and after some back and forth I am leaning toward the Super C's. Were looking at a early/mid 2000 ish. My Needs- Overhead bed- 2 young kids and a teenager Tow Rating - 20 ft flat bed w/ Cherokee Prerunner & quads (upgrade later to enclosed) Gas Engine- Cant afford Diesel Large Slide What are the Pro's and Con's to these units over the typical Class C? I know the regular C's w/ V10 and 8.1 can pull my trailer but I like the idea of larger chassis and high driving position. Still trying to figure which way we are going. Thanks in advance
  12. ho, Try T & J Performance in Orange, These guys have been racing for years!!! They have built all kinds of vehicles. They rebuilt my T-case and built my Cherokee's cage/suspension/driveline years ago. If they can't do it they will tell you who the go-to person is. Will
  13. Try checking the throttle adjust on top of the carb!! I had the same problem after taking the carb a-part to clean. I put the adjust wrong after rebuild. Took me a while to figure it out!!! The generator acted like there was not enough fuel. Only ran on choke. Good luck!
  14. Just got a package from my cousin who was a Jeep mechanic for several years on just this issue. The hinges are prone to separation and cracking which was a recall from the factory. If anyone need the TSB i can scan it and send it. There is a reinforcement kit from Chrysler. On the door check you can purchase them from quadratech but they are 54-75$!!!!! Maybe find them cheaper on ebay?? Will
  15. I have a chase rack for my F-250 that i bought used and definitely comes in handy and can put tons of weight up stairs. It really helps clear the bed up. If your going the chase rack style, I would check RDC and find a used one for 500-800!! You'll probably still modify it like I have/still want to do to mine. Will

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