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  1. You are right I'm asking for something to be built that currently does not exist. Call it a 4wd mini buggy, with a cockpit like a streetcar, good hp, to weight ratio, race ATV handling. Dreaming but this could easily exist, The parts exist, we are getting close. Similar to a formula cross kart, but with real suspension. The ultimate hual a** do it all off road machine.. It can cost more, but get it right. That Robby Gordon XX(speedcat) on a race chassis with a Yamaha sidewinder engine is awesome , but at $95k is a little steep for the average off road consumer. More we discuss it a X3 or turbo S seems more and more realistic and good enough to work well. Just don't want to get on the two year cycle of a Sxs being totally obsolete, want something I could keep for a couple of years and not feel like it's a technological dinosaur.
  2. FBT kinda echoed my thoughts exactly. The few more things we really want would not be hard to build into a sxs. All the electronics are sorta cool but, not as cool as a full size cockpit and power. . and a tuned chassis. Real cage, etc... If 1000cc is the limit that's fine just give me a triple and a turbo every time. Rotax does a good job, but other mfg's can do it too. There is enough tech out there to have 300hp reliably with a complete powerband, low mid and top. (See AC thundercat/Yamaha sidewinder). A DCT, or a torque converter auto? whatever. it's time for these things to get a little more serious since they are the life's blood of the off road industry at this point. I'll wait till they get a little closer. Hopefully in a year or two they (the MFG's) will deliver with something really interesting. A 200hp 72" talon would be enough to make me jump (dreaming out loud).
  3. Maybe I've been mislead to believe that they are that unreliable. Just some of the complaints like: Loose steering boxes, bolt holes rounded, crumpled cages on easy roll overs, let alone huge bump steer. Not even saying I don't like them. Just seems like a lot of potential stuff to fix that seem to be quality/design related. Your post outlines exactly what I mean you can have a wildcatxx built for the price of a really good sand car with no real reliability. Not saying a dct is the end all either, just there in the entire automotive engineering universe has to be other alternatives than a 2000lb machine with 170hp and a belt. The X3 two seat is the closest to the mark IMHO, just had dealers tell me of bullet proof drivelines coupled with poor chassis quality/strength. See so many the are essentially re-engineered to stay together. Not complaining, just an observation. Also heard of 4" of bump steer from the factory. Design wise there isn't a lot of excuse for that at this point in time. I'm not a Honda swinger, just their engineering is strong. But the culture is super conservative. A X3 with Honda build quality would have me sold, or a Honda with X3 performance. They are getting real close. just my opinion for the $0.000001 it's worth. I will spend $25~30k, but not to have to spend another $20k to make it right, or keep it together, that doesn't make sense to me. Makes a V8 rock/dune jeep make seem more viable, just don't want to build a car from scratch. Tis what it tis.
  4. There were pictures of prototypes of this machine out on the net years ago. Just means that they are sandbagging on the designs. BECAUSE THERE IS SO LITTLE REAL COMPETITION (sorry fat fingered caps) there is no need for a real deal game changer. It's just so disappointing that no mfg will come out with the machine people really want at this point. For the price and the weight they should be over 200 hp at this point with room to grow. Both PWC and snowmobiles have progressed with the engine tech well beyond what we are getting. Should also have a real transmission by now offered by more than just honda. I would suspect that this will be a good machine, just still seems to fall short of making me want to go out and buy one. THe honda is looking good from a quality perspective, but 100hp at this stage is kinda weak, and a $6K bolt on turbo maxed at 165hp is not inspiring either, may be adequate, but if that's as far as it can be pushed reliably(transmission) that is disappointing too. I'm in the market, just can't seem to find a vehicle. Don't want a buggy at this point & like the versatility of the karts. A 72", 200hp wildcat, with a dct, and reliable drivetrain would get me excited. Or a factory turbo Honda. The can-am in concept is great and the rotax drivetrain is awesome, but everything else seems to need upgrade. You never see a Polaris with high mileage or much age that seems to hold up to well, and owners call them $$pits. Hard for a company to improve quality it's more of a culture/business philosophy than just design improvements.
  5. that bike is a collector for sure. so few.
  6. Stock TRX is great till you hit the whoops , then buck city... I guess we have different tastes. I've ridden all the bikes you mentioned and don't have the same assessment. Stock front on a banshee is rough, ok super smooth until you hit bumps. YFZ is stiff, LTR is stiff but handle circles around the honda, all splitting hairs though. I'm sure the raptor is smooth but is totally outclassed by the 450's once the pace picks up. TRX and Raptor are probably better pure trail bikes, but not high performance unless you dump money into the suspension then they can catch up (honda will be possibly better than the others). I ride built Suzuki's with PEP. The ride and handling is very different than any stock bikes, much more forgiving over everything, plus precision handling. Can ride way harder, and not feel beat up when done. Really gives a higher safety threshold then it's time to do your thing. Money spent on chassis and suspension is better than motor work IMHO. preferably both.
  7. really sweet bike, hope you get what your asking. more than fair price in a horrible market. Keep it.
  8. +1 on the swirl filter, they also have a tip over switch that was known to fail from time to time. bad ground somewhere. original fuel line , unlesscan be failing from the inside (seen this happen on my LTR - was a brain twister). not as much goes wrong with them as you may think. also possible fuel pump dying/pressure regulator clogged - do homework on how to clean and dis-assemble, not for a novice mechanic or a dummy. make sure competent people are working on it if you end up taking it somewhere. Hear good things about the pro-shop in Stanton. Garret at fuel atv (fuel intakes and dyno) knows a little about this stuff and would be good for a recommendation of who to go to if he can't do it. There is a handful of guys who are good with these bikes you just have to find them. Kelly at KMS performance in AZ is the guru. Williams ATV performance in FL is supposed to be good too. good luck, not an easy bike to diagnose if its not simple like things already mentioned. whatever you do - DO NOT throw parts at it unless you have a swap doner bike. Could be a clogged injector too.
  9. Totally fair price for that sweet bike. But yeah quads are like pet rocks. I know I own two of the caliber of the bike in this add, better off holding on to it if you can. if you have to sell your gonna loose $$ for sure. Again, really nice tasteful build with all the right stuff. gotta be a great riding/running bike. I would hit the trx.net forums and look for an enthusiast to buy who knows what you have there.
  10. THIS! these are what I run on my bikes. If you are spending the money why not go with the best. really doesn't cost much more or maybe even the same as a set of Elkas. PEP is the way to go. radical improvement in both ride and handling, plus bike is more forgiving when you have an oh snap moment.
  11. I don't think it's going to have anywhere near the power potential of the YXZ, XX, or X-3. That's where they really missed the mark IMHO. Either way, a lot of cool engineering there.
  12. A lot of good features on the talon, great for folks who are looking for that type of machine. Pretty cool & I'm sure it will be a fun reliable sxs. But (always the big ole but) huge miss for those wanting a dune ripping x-3 killer. People really want a Japanese X-3. No MFG with the exception of canam and Polaris is brave enough to give the people the high performance machine they really want ( I know it's a limited market with high liability). Hoping the next evolution of machines goes a level above the current offerings as I'm waiting for something that addresses the known shortfalls in build quality, protection, comfort (cab size), along with a real power to weight ratio. Honda is closer to providing this for sure , but I really would like some real HP potential.
  13. Where did you here this info? Suzuki had to outsource chassis engineers from Honda? off by 1.5 decades too, I want to believe your story but at face value doesn't sound too accurate. I known ATV industry experts who unlike the internet believe Suzuki has some amazing engineering, especially when it comes to chassis design. I know of at least three industry experts who agree that the LTR is a marvel from a pure engineering perpective whether people want to accept that or not ant it's not a trx, no rdoes it share anything in it's design. That said maybe the z400 was different and enquiring minds would like to know.
  14. Those guys are not what I would consider an authority, just a bunch of Michigan dudes. They are pretty entertaining, but not seasoned off-roaders or experts IMHO. A lot of people love the XX. That said I would wait for the turbo, especially if they decide to use a arctic cat thundercat/Yamaha sidewinder variant - would be the best engine ever placed in a Sxs. Or wait to see what is coming from Honda (talon - possible paddle shift & turbo). ( I'm thinking about the turbo golf cart in my future too and don't want to buy junk).
  15. HARLEY is easier to sell. Bikes have now moved to the novelty phase. Unless it's rare, unmolested, and tastefully modified - not worth anything. (88`~89" 250R, 86' Tecate 3, 350X, U.S. ATC 90, etc..) are the only bikes commanding a premium at the moment and mostly by collectors. I have a high level custom zilla that I will not sell cause the market won't give $0.25 on the dollar for it vs what it cost to build.

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