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  1. May be effective , but the smell is. 🤢🤮
  2. bump, I still have (1) 400 kit left, (1) 800 kit, and the one fill tool.
  3. I see a yamaha Raptor in your signature..To be where you are @ 30... This may not be what you want to hear, but I would suggest you have a real serious think about sending that thing down the road & thinking about quality of life for yourself, your mate, kids and grandkids etc when you get older. Banging around on a quad with the additional weight of a helmet whacking on already weak and damaged vertebrae is not going to do you any favors 30-40 years from now. I had a massive get off @ the drags in Glamis right @ 12 years ago and ended up with 6 fractured vertebrae (1 completely crushed) , and a fractured tailbone 7 broken rib as well . I had rode and raced quads since they came out in '86.. As hard as it was, I have given it up for a cage.Still have aches and pains, and will never be the same, but I am really fortunate to not be paralyzed.. I Hope you find the right specialist, do lots of therapy with a good therapyst. With a little sacrifice and a good plan, you can still enjoy the sport, just maybe a different way and @ a different pace, with eyes on the BIG picture which is your future. Good Luck & best wishes.
  4. I will look. I seem to recall having a couple left over.. I eliminated my covers..
  5. Seriously, it was a metaphor.anyone can move a tree , but not everyone can move one and make it survive.. even then , there’s no guarantee..
  6. On a tree that large, I am not an expert, but have been told an oak tree has a root system that nearly mirrors its size, and I would venture to say you run a high risk of killing the tree.. Again I'm not an expert, by I would asp a professional arborist , not your local Jose landscaper.
  7. ^^^^^ that aught to make the bank account look great!!
  8. yes , Chrome. Anything I can do to fix it? I use chrome for everything.
  9. Was simply asking if it was just me, or site wide. If noone else has a problem , then it's just me.. I am also amazed at how often where in life situations , & there is some issue with whatever...., and no one says anything until someone does. Then everyone replies, "yeah me -too , I thought I was the only one"
  10. Seems bad again? Just me, or is it site wide? Most posts that have a ton of pics , for me will never fully load. So you don't get to see everything that is posted , only the first couple pics.. Then a long area of blank background where pictures are supposed to be , but there is nothing there. And often the site seems to lock up when going from tab to tab, sitting there just trying to load. Been like that for several days, now it has added the super slow factor...Why?
  11. Love it there^^^ On the top of my list location wise.. Congrats to OP on getting out.. I'm a year out, but definitely out of Ca. as soon as is humanly possible.. Taking my business tax dollars elsewhere. This state will implode sooner than later.. The whole country should be on notice as to what happens when you go down the socialist demon-crat road. Just look at Kommiefornia.
  12. shame on you for bringing common sense and reason into a political discussion with Demon-crats and guns..

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