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    Ok, So things have changed.

    Speaking of which, I will be posting pics of our loaded to the gills XP900 Shop RZR soon.. Just have not had time to give it a proper bath, and post pics of it.

    Ride height and the California lean

    If I misunderstood the OP. I apologize.

    Ride height and the California lean

    aka: " BRO -DOZER" ......BRO

    Ride height and the California lean

    ^^^^^false. unless you LIKE a crappy ride.. A good starting point for proper vehicle ride height is 30% ride sag. Which is 30% of total shock stroke, (inside) the shock body at ride height fully loaded. If you don't run any sag, or extremely little (5% as suggest above), there is no down travel for the shock to drop and allow the wheel to drop into any terrain lower than where it is. So a couple of negative things are going to happen. 1. you momentarily will lose ground contact. This is bad on either end of your vehicle. a). I tend to like the wheels which control where the vehicle is going to maintain contact with the ground. b) if drive wheels are loosing and then regaining contact with the ground, you are adding additional/unnecessary stress and wear to your driveline components. Also with no ride sag, the chassis must come along with the wheel when it drops into a hole, since the shock is at full extension already. This will result in a lot of unnecessary felt roughness in your ride . Again, there is room to go either way. as everyone has different preferences.. However , I just have to laugh when I see all the flat-biller rigs with their pre-load cranked to the moon, and then they bounce all over the place on even the tiniest of bumps.

    WTB 18" 3.0 600lbs springs

    I have several sets of 3" ID springs, that are repowdercoated silver.( See attached pic) I have a set in the picture that is what you are looking for. I can do $160 shipped for that set to you in PX. I also have several other sets of sizes and rates that are not in the picture. PM me if you are in need of something.

    2018 Summer upgrades on the Desert Dynamics

    I will make you a good deal on the 3.5" ones I have.. They are even Blue to match your car.

    2018 Summer upgrades on the Desert Dynamics

    Do you feel like your bumpstops are needed? I will be running 3.5" Bypasses and not sure if they are overkill.

    My new toy 2006 3D Sand Cars/Desert Dynamics

    I don't know the origination of how they arrived at the name "3D" , but there were 3 owners. They bought bare , untabbed, chassis(s) from Dave @ DD, And Bill and John @ Mosebilt. My guess is that they built around 30 cars start to finish.. Plus a couple of Sand trucks From Colorado Sand trucks.

    My new toy 2006 3D Sand Cars/Desert Dynamics

    One of them , Darren "Sammy" may still have a shop in Tulare, but I don't know for sure . However if you are looking for him to do work for you.. I would recommend talking to several past customers first... Not a guy I'd be comfortable ever recommending. ( unless you never want to see your $ , parts,or projects again)...ever.. The other two guys are long loong gone, and both had other primary jobs, and got out when the HELOC BALLER meltdown hit around 2008. Lets just say the breakup didn't go well.. Back in the day ,there were about 4 or 5 of us that would go to Pismo for a day trip every couple months or sometimes more often in the summer to get out of the valley heat. I had the grey 4 seat DD car. John had this purple 4 seat DD dual-sport, Dana had the giant 4 seat Mosebilt that was raw , Sammy had the black 2 seat Mosebilt, a friend Rodney had the Monster green and black 4 seat DD, and towards the end there was another red 4 seat DD car that came from oregon occasionally. We all parked and ran together. It was quite the spectacle at a small site like PISMO .

    White Desert Dynamics 2 Seater V8 25k

    how would a 2d compare to a 094?

    FOX 3.5" x 16" 4 tube bypass's with blue ends

    Price lowered. $2300 firm . ($100 GD discount over craiglist and RaceDezert).. Do not text me your silly lowball offer, or offer to trade these for your clapped out Kenwood stereo from 1984.. I won't even respond. If you have the $ in your hand, you can give me a call. 559-804-0818

    My new toy 2006 3D Sand Cars/Desert Dynamics

    found a shirt

    Gun control story

    Pretty simple, don't break into a house that doesn't belong to you = You don't get shot, or die. Today's PC crowd will overly complicate this simple fact. They tend to think socialism is great, and that the intruders were just seeking a better life by taking what they needed to get ahead..

    2x 35x12.5 17 Front Buffs and/or 17" Wheels

    Just an FYI, those are not Douglas wheels. They are Robby Gordon wheels.. 😉They are pretty hard to find in 17”

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