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  1. anyone know a Gregg / George McConnell from the Tuscon area??
  2. Just posted the best first quarter ever..Did more sales than last half of last year.. Pretty sure this quarter will be better still. Being it's a non essential sector, never would have guessed it, but apparently recreational offroading IS essential to a LOT of peeps.. Going to ride the wave while it lasts.. Just need to escape commiefornia while the market is still strong before the SHTF.. The far reaching effects of this shutdown have not hit us yet IMHO
  3. just be sure your tubes clear your chassis tubes.. You could not do that on Desert Dynamics.
  4. Once one fully understands that a lot of this virus thing is false, seeing the sheeple doing the most ridiculous stuff is rather entertaining. 99.9 of the idiots I see , If they were "actually in a contaminated environment", use their PPE in a manner that they'd either be contaminated , or contaminate someone else anyway
  5. That's just how stupid the SHEEPLE of this world are... Lets toss common sense to the wind, and just nod our head and bow down when Big Government says kneel..
  6. When the "left" , being used by the "13 Global Families", get the American population disarmed, (overturn and neutralize our 2nd amendment right to defend ourselves from all enemies both foreign and domestic)... the stage will effectively be set for 1 global government soon to follow... And your country will begin to look a lot like North Korea , and the USA as you know it, will be a distant memory..


    Its laughable and ironic that while the liberal left is "criticizing" Trump for being slow to react, they forget to mention or acknowledge or remember, that they were also crucifying him when he implemented the travel bans early on. When it comes to any sort of argument or discussion , the truth never matters with the left, only their agenda..And now even more hypocrisy when you consider their stance on the case of both Clarence Thomas & Brett Kavanaugh, & now with Biden . With the Republican conservatives, they were both considered "GUILTY" by accusation with no means to defend themselves or consider that maybe the accuser was a set-up... With Biden, they pretty much say he's innocent ,and dismiss any and all the evidence or witness's to the contrary (even though though there are smoking guns everywhere) , and have set on the trail to demonize and defame his accuser. Their irony, and duplicity is sickening.


    And if he manages to win against all the outside pressure against him.. Who is going to come after him in four years after that??, to carry on that baton of fighting the system???.. I can't imagine having to face the constant/daily besmearing of your name, being lied about , set-up, and undercut at every turn. I can't imagine anyone who has a great life, wanting to sign up for that, unless you truly had the heart of Trump .. The list of people with that kind of self worth, stamina and grit, who'd sign up to take on the "THEY" ; IMHO is probably pretty small.. Lots who'd like to get in there for the power and the money.. The rest of the political system is already rife with that mentality..

    #Stay Home

    You Think???
  10. I have (2) discounted regulator kits avail.. , both are 800 PSI output, and either one will come with an 8' rubber hose... I have two different end assemblies.. One has a dry gauge, and no bleed-off button..that one would be $195 shipped ( plus sales tax if you reside in Kommiefornia) . The other one has a bleed-off button and a glycerin filled gauge and would be $ 225 shipped ( plus sales tax if you reside in Kommiefornia) . Let me know which one you want, and I will send you a paypal invoice for it. I will need your Paypal address also. Evan @ SRS

    #Stay Home

    How about we just put the blindfold back on Lady Justice, and enforce criminal justice especially from the TOP down. Let's take the "Ritz Hotel " out of the prison system, and start putting crooked, political criminals in jail for their deeds, just like the common peeps.. And how about legislators live by , & have to live under, and abide by; the same restrictions or mandates they impose on the masses??In less than 60days America has went from a free country, to a "gestapo" like third world country.. And we arrived there without so much as a peep. When will we wake up?????????

    #Stay Home

    Leaving as soon as the repairs on the house are completed, and it is listed an sold.. Can't leave fast enough... . We have been treading water on growth, because we knew we were going to relocate..We could easily quadruple in size, but this state has dis-incentivized any business to grow, so I won't. I'll just leave...Plus for the most part, the labor pool around here is a joke.. Prior to this whole covid $hiat-$how, I have gone through an endless list of slugs, who couldn't show up : everyday, on-time, do their basic simple task without screwing it up in multiple different ways ... Growing up , if I was late, or lagging on my tasks, my dads size 13 Chippawah's were all over my hind section.. (literally).. So for the most part we have just been working longer hours getting the work done.
  13. Freedom of speech is only allowed if you are: an extreme leftist liberal, tree-hugging s"save the Planet" fanatic, pro big government with lots of "free stuff" programs,especially pro-ghay, anti fossil fuels of any kind, etc etc.. However if you are: a person of faith, promote strong family, and moral values, anti ghay, don't buy into the whole global warming BS, and the mandated widespread use of totally inefficient "renewable resources" and the total lie of how they are saving the planet, believe in your rights as laid out by our countries founding fathers, believe most current politicians are corrupt and taking advantage of you and I ,and are systematically striping your freedoms from you, etc, etc...... Yeah, if you find yourself defined in the second category; IMHO, yes, your freedom of speech is most definitely "at risk", but more accurately ,under full on assault.

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