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    one for you ATC250R fans

    Lol.. that brought back some memories. Started out on a 200x , then to the R, then to the fleet of 250r fourtrax’s over the years..Honda power.. 👍

    The debate over abortion

    ^^^^^ I have this question For those that are for it (abortion)... Ponder or answer me this.. Exactly much would you be for it, had your "MOTHER" decided to have one on YOU???? End of discussion.. See what I did there? <<<<< I also addressed another hotbed topic.. men by nature are not capable of childbirth .... and the 3rd topic: by nature (2) men cannot procreate, nor can (2) women.. Some thing are set and designed that way by God.. Seems fairly straight forward, but this hotbed discussion has been raging since Bible times, so as Solomon stated, there is nothing new under the sun.

    Paddle clearance

    ^^^^^^^10-4 I'd recommend absolutely no less than an 1-1/2", and even with that, you'll likely see a rub spot develop over time from times when you really flex the tire. I had about 1-1/2" clearance "tire to bypass tube" on my last DD car. The outside tube of the bypass developed a small rub spot where the tire would rub when at full bottom and the tire would squat/flex and would then touch the tube.. Initially I had only had 1/2" and knew there'd be a problem, so I added 1" spacers.. It still rubbed occasionally on the hardest of hits and rubbed the zinc finish off on a small spot on both sides. but It wasn't enough to do terminal damage to anything at that point. However ,I was surprised that it still touched.. And as stated above get the ones that adapt from the micro-stub to the wide 5.
  4. I was going to ask first, as I won't  do it if will be an issue.. Occasionally in the past I listed  some scratch and dent regulator kits that had sustained cosmetic damage from shipping,etc.  In the past, I have offered these to GD exclusively, to offer them an opportunity to get a great product for less than retail.. If that will be an issue, I will list them elsewhere. Please let me know. I have a couple regulator kits.. Would not be a regular thing.

    Evan @ SRS

    1. Stugots


      Go for it, if we get a complaint then we will pull it. Thanks for asking..


    Gibson headers for LS

    sent you a text.

    S4/5D question

    I am at the point where the transaxle is the next thing I need to purchase to move forward on the build.. I have a fairly built LS1 and had picked up a Mcleod RXT dual disc and flywheel. with Chevy 1-1/8" x 26 spline. Will this clutch fit in the Weddle LS bell-housing and input shaft on the S4D? I was planning on getting a package quoted by Shawn. Was going to do rem polishing, considering cryo'ing the internals..Any one have input on whether it is worth it?

    2012 rzr xp 900. $8,500 LOWERED PRICE

    I was feeling bad for what I got for mine.. now I feel pretty good..GLWTS. Looks super clean, with lots of goodies..

    YXZ Shock re-valve

    therin lies the problem.. You just paid Eibach to replicate the OEM problem. They are a great spring MFG'r ,and I use their springs. but there is a reason I do not sell their packaged kits. As the rates they use are incorrect IMHO.

    YXZ Shock re-valve

    How much preload are you running? You never called.. GL

    Looking for a used truck.

    IDK. It was stated in the link the LRS posted as to the differences between between LLY & the LBZ, that the LBZ was better for overheating.. I haven’t ever had a overheating problem .., but then again I am not ever towing a giant toyhauler loaded with stuff either ..

    It’s Saturday 4/27/19 what’s everyone doing?

    At the Clovis Rodeo.. Watching my daughter carry sponsor flags for the Visalia Rockettes for likely the last time.Carrying the Boot-Barn flag.

    Looking for a used truck.

    Cool , thanks..I just redid the entire front end with Moog components , all new ceramic pads & Slotted rotors.. I have 5” exhaust, (soon to install down pipe), pvc reroute, LBZ intake elbow swap, and cold air intake.. would like to do EGR delete, & up-pipes, but that will have to wait till we exit kommiefornia as Long as I have to pass smog here.. is there a radiator or other upgrade to help with overheating that the LBZ is stated as better for??

    Looking for a used truck.

    I'm not a d-max expert either.. What are the differences? I have an 04&1/2 as well .. Replaced (2) injectors that were out of spec and did the harness upgrade..other than that, over 200K and runs like a top.

    FOX 3.5" x 16" 4 tube bypass's with blue ends

    bump for fresh 3.5" x 16" Foxes. Price lowered to $2300. This is a pretty good deal if you are looking to step up.

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

    This. ^^^ ........ then there is the saying that: "One man pays for them, and the next man enjoys them".

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