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  1. Been here for close to 25 years. Wife was raised in Bellflower. My daughter has one year left in HS, and we are out of here!! Taking our business's with us.. I have been craiglisting like crazy getting rid of stuff I don't really need or want to have to move.. Honestly now that we have decided to get out, it can't happen fast enough.
  2. Which is why the left are so aggressive on the systematic process of buying the future vote by giving out free stuff to the masses. And vehemently stand against anything that slows down the flood of illegals, and again welcome them with free stuff. And now want to arm them with the right to vote even without being a citizen .. They aren’t exactly stupid, the people who are at the steering wheel of the liberal weirmacht are brilliant and determined.. If they can’t take away your guns, go after the ammo.. Now if they cannot get a candidate who actually principally wins the election, they’ll effectively use the tax dollars of the working productive sector of America to systematically buy the vote moving forward.. California is the model of what is to come for the rest of America.. Short of a coup, there is going to be no returning to conservatism here.. Libtard idealism is here to stay in kommifornia.. That is why I am planning my exodus of this state.. Not because Geographically I don’t love it, but because philosophically & for me and my family’s health and wellfare, it is hazardous to remain.. The truly sad part is the masses who are being bought, don’t even know or realize they are being used as pawns..And when the full circle of the process is completed, they will be enslaved to work for the few proletariat aristocracy.. “Hunger games”
  3. try pulling a stunt like that in Mexicali, and see how that works out for you. The court system is to blame IMHO for a lot of the woes in this country.. When the line between right and wrong began to move, or was blurred because it suited somebody or someone. The moral decline of this nation began.. and When lady justice is forced to look the other way on crime, it just breeds more crime and decay... If crimes like stealing , murder, rape had the same sentences that they did 70-100 years ago, you can bet your a$$ that peeps wouldn't be doing these crimes nearly as much.. Now,....theft pays, murders make plea deals, rapist can walk on technicalities, etc etc.. It has neutered police in many parts of the country.. And seriously, who'd want to be a cop in that hotbed?? They have to be wondering does the department or the Government have my back when I go out there and enforce the law? Or will I be left hanging out to dry when someone videos me arresting a almost guaranteed violent, non complying, suspect, get sued civilly and lose the life I worked for rightfully ???? There is so much irony in todays world .. And when the law has no teeth, it only emboldens activity like this.

    CV Grease

    The black ones? Are they better ?
  5. I brought my panels to an upholstery shop, and they lined them with vinyl with a layer of thin foam sandwiched in between. They terminated the vinyl behind the tubes. Pretty much eliminated the squeaks, & rattles.. Didn't cost that much, and made them look a lot nicer also.
  6. What OAS said about synthetics. Although I think the Lucas is as good if not better than the Amsoil. We carry Lucas Synthetic in 5wt, 7.5wt, and 10 wt in 1/2 &1 gallon jugs. Lucas with it's anti friction additives most definitely runs cooler for lower shock temps than either Fox,King, or Stay-Away, which equates into less wear on the shocks, and the oil stays remarkably cleaner than either King or Fox. We just service a set of xp900 shocks which we rebuilt,revalved and respring back in 2013, and the customer had put on over 5000 miles of hard miles since, in Mexico, mohave desert, at the river by Parker, and Gordons wells.. .. I probably could have recycled the oil as It had next to zero dirt or contamination in it.. I would/will NEVER use Fox oil, as if you have ever done a rebuild, you will see what I am talking about.. It leaves a sticky residue .. Not an attribute I want in my shock oil.
  7. If you decide to do it yourself, we carry upgraded shock rebuild seal kits with viton o-rings on the critical areas, and also Lucas synthetic shock oil by the gallon, (which is far superior to either Fox or King oil ) on our website. as well as many shock tools also
  8. I am A DD fan. I found it odd and interesting that there are not 1, but 2 Desert Dynamics front end clips; sawed off the rest of the chassis and up for sale on Race Dezert. On the one, they did a lot better job of it, and there is more to tie into, but why were they sawed off? The rest of the chassis wrecked? Upgrading the front end of the car?? I'm not in the market, and I didn't call on either , but was intrigued on the why circumstances..
  9. I would agree with Hondajimz , and several others on this. The unfortunate fact, is that the AC is just not that desirable of a model to the masses. And with the UTV market expanding new models so rapidly, it just mean older ones drop in value that much quicker with older design and technology.. Add to that yours being 10 years old, and high miles is going to be an even larger selling roadblock to overcome, irregardless of condition. There is no doubt you have a clean well cared for unit, and that is probably going to be your single best marketing point.. If you are motivated to sell it. pretty sure you will need to be south of 10K a ways to get anyone to show up.. If you do have an interested,& serious buyer ready to make the purchase, as has been said by several, you should probably close the deal . As realistically, the line of people looking for what you have for sale is going to be very very short. GLWTS.
  10. Seriously.. some good actors take notoriety as just a platform to spew their libtard agenda.. just like crappernick the used to be athlete.
  11. ^^^ was my first thought
  12. Ive built a number of rear shocks for those..

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