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  1. I have (5) Tusk Terrabites tires that are 32x10r15. 1 is brand new, was going to be the spare. (4) are practically new, as they were just mounted on beadlocks, and I rode around the trees on the farm roads that border the trees a couple times. 0 trips anywhere. They probably have less than 5 miles on them. I am going to put a long travel kit on, and go with larger tires, so here is a chance to same on a new set. $675, Or make me an offer. Text is best 559-804-0818
  2. I will be shocked if Honda doesn't come out with an R 4 seat..
  3. We have set up a lot of Works Performance, TCS's, PEP's, Elkas for fronts over the years. For the rear, we do a full rebuild, 3 stage progressive revalve along with piston mods, and respring.. We have done the up under the gastank remote ressy for on the fly adjustability on compression. We have also done the mod where where we replace the OEM reservoir with a Fox clicker rezzy. Large bore shock body up grade.. Lots of options. We have done em all.
  4. I guess it really depends on your use and application. They each have their plus's and minuses. Honda is going to be down in power comparatively @110 HP or something like that.. However I feel the PWR "delivery" is torquier with the Honda, which if you watch any videos. Many show it jumping out to early leads, and then being reeled in when the higher HP of other rigs overpower it.. I love the trans, and love the ability to drive it literally 2 different ways.. In "auto" mode, where it shifts for you, or you can get aggressive with it, and paddle shift it at your own discretion. I also like that even in "auto" mode, you can paddle shift a gear up or down ; temporarily overiding the "auto" mode, and it will automatically revert back into "auto" mode.
  5. I have a 4 seat, and love it so far.. We do primarily mountains and desert, so I really don't need the turbo like you probably would if you do sand a lot. Going from 3 RZR's prior, to the DCT, & there is no way I'd ever go back.. I am currently working with a company designing a cage for it.. I am also working on a wider rear arm setup for it to widen it to R width.
  6. I believe the truck type is called Uni-Mog. Probably several different classes. Yes they are unique. Kind like racing a greyhound/dumptruck...LOL
  7. 32:1 Blendzall FTW.. Works great, and simply Love the smell. Like the smell of friday night MX at Ascot Speedway!!
  8. yes it is.. Im in central Ca. (Visalia), but I can ship it no problem. Probably best to text me, as I didn't see your response till I searched my threads. 5598040818
  9. Looking for some DWT Sector Zero, (6+1) 15 x 7 beadlocks with CanAm bolt pattern (4x136) If you have some, that you are willing to part with please let me know. Thx Evan .. text 559-804-0818
  10. Congrats' on picking up an R.. Probably the best all around well balance ATV ever made.. Give me a shout when you are ready for some shock work.. We'll make it ride like a caddy. Love the old R's..
  11. looking at your engine cage, it WILL flex when bottomed out, and if your muffler is attached to the cage, it will fatigue crack eventually.. Either need to hang off the motor ,or brace the bottom of the engine cage spars, into the front/top cross intersection of the engine compartment to the lower engine mounts, Which I see on your car are unsupported as well. May want to consider this, as it would kill 2 birds with one stone. . Effectively now, your entire engine is being pried up every time you pan the engine cage.. Hence why Dave at DD did hanging motor mounts.. eliminates the engine movement when the cage moves..
  12. Keep in mind the 3 "L's" ... And as Don said, the budget of a small country.
  13. There is a S4D on race dezert also. JUST an FYI.
  14. I.m coming next year. Like it or not.. I'll be the one helping to drive up the prices in Prescott, LOL . What I won't be bringing along is all the BS political voting power for insanity. So I will do my part to keep the state red.
  15. Bump, all of the 400's are gone. I have (1)RHP800 , that is exactly the same configuration as these,it just has 800PSI output vs 400. It will come with a 0-1000 PSI secondary gauge. $210 shipped for that kit. I also Will have a mastercool 725 one soon, that needs a gauge replaced from shipping damage..

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