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  1. I used to sleep on the deck of the back window of my parents 4 door pontiac on the way back home from my grandparents house. LOL
  2. darkness, Gas, fire, glass shrapnel,& likely alcahol.. What could possibly go wrong? LOL
  3. that's what I was thinking.. And if you can't allow your friend to use your toidy while he's helping you...???What the ??
  4. It really does suck how peeps are such pigs.. I was driving up the 99 to Fresno the other day, and was just blown away by how much trash there was all the way up there along the freeway.Literally looked like the road to the heap at the landfill. Reminiscent of the landscape in Mehico..Reaally shows tourists what we think of our state.
  5. one drag and it will be sliced to pieces
  6. Better bring several 5 gallon buckets!! As IS said , you’ll be blown away by how much metal crap is in the sand..
  7. I edited the listing.. for $900, I will also include a blue tooth adapter &the needed jumper cord.. This makes it an even better smoking deal!
  8. The kit is 100% checked out from PCI ,& ready to roll for less $, with a bunch of new parts, and no sales tax.
  9. summed up nicely, ^^ that is about as accurate as you can put it.
  10. "tread" ...a "tread" is a landing on a set of stairs.. A "thread" is a conversation or topic started on a forum
  11. 4 link Pro 4 place intercom & ICOM 50watt car-to-car radio from PCI. This was an extra I-com & radio I had, and I sent everything in to PCI to have them check everything out, have a few cord repairs made, and replace any missing components to make it turnkey. I just got it back so it is ready to roll. Comes with: - (4) 12' lead headset cords with "off-road" plug ports -(2) push-to-talk (PTT).(1) for steering wheel mount with velcro loop & (1) is a dash mount for co-driver. Both have spiral flex cords. -new power cord leads with inline fuses for radio and Intercom -new molex pigtail & Cord for Music input -new antenna with spring base -new antenna cord Again this is just back from PCI with everything checked or replaced. $850 Edited 11-2-19.. for $950, I will include a blue tooth adapter and jumper cord.. Text is best 559-804-0818 Evan @ Schmidty Racing Suspensions
  12. .. Nailed it.. You just described the "millenial offroader" .. I laughed out loud at that one!!
  13. Had to get the wifes horse hay stacked inside before weather today, so I didn't get to work on mounting tires much today. And yesterday I replaced all the equalizer hardware on the flatbead as it was shot.. I also didn't have a 12point 8mm, for the beadlock rings, so I also had to make a run to Lowes fo that. I did get two tires mounted, and at first, I just set them up against the car for pics.. But I just couldn't stand it, and had to mount at least 1. They change the entire look of the car. I am pleased with my choice looks wise!! I hope they perform equally well!!

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